My Heart

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My Heart

By: Daoist20 OngoingYA/TEEN

Language: English

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An insight into the life of a chubby highschool girl, who gets bullied for her weight, gets heartbroken by her long term crush, and betrayed by her so called bestfreind.


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    Chloe had so badly wanted to sleep in on the first day of school..... but sadly, luck was not on her side. She woke up at 4:00am and wasn't able to sleep back even after tossing and turning on her bed for almost fifteen minutes. Frustratingly, she got up from her bed to her study table to do some sketching. Ever since she was little, Chloe had always loved art and anything related to it. From little sketches, to full drawings, to paintings... you name it, she loved them all.Her parents discovered her talent early and helped her to cultivate it. They enrolled her in one of the best art schools when she was younger until she was fifteen..........then they thought it was best for her to attend a normal highschool. And that led us to where we are right now. Chloe, now turning eighteen in a few months, is already a senior about to begin her last and final year of highschool in about four hours. "Chloe darling, it's time to get
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           " hey "     Layla greeted her with a friendly bump to the shoulder, to which she responded with a smile."good morning, are you done getting your things? " she asked when she had made sure all the things she needed were complete."yeah, you? ""I'm all done " she shut her locker and locked arms with Layla's outstretched one.  The two walked passed the crowd of students with Layla staring off anyone who was staring at Chloe. Deep down, she was amused at how these bunch of people never got tired of staring at Chloe whenever she walked in the, don't they ever get tired?They entered the class for their first period, which was English. They both settled for two conjoined seats at the back of the class. The girls always loved the privacy the back of the class had to offer, so in other words, they were indispu
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Two things Chloe loves about art class in Weston High is the art itself and Mark, her long term crush.For the past two years, she had always harboured a crush on Mark. He wasn't a jock, but he was a pretty popular guy. A charmer but not very talkative, except when amongst his group of friends. Let's not forget his hotness that has the girls in the school swarming all over him. He's a guy that has all things working out well for him.....he got the looks and he's also got the brains.Entering into the class, she immediately spots Mark in his usual seat. By the end of the first year, she had deduced that he was also a backbencher because he was always sitting beside the window at the back row. She took the empty seat beside him and sat down....she had always been sitting beside him for the past two years. She had been sitting beside Mark for the past two years, and though he had not noticed her......not even on
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The next day, Chloe didn't wake up as early as the previous day. She had slept through her alarm, only to be woken up by her mother's voice, telling her to get herself out of bed. She hurriedly took her bath and selected some random clothes to wear. Then she went down for breakfast. To avoid a repeat of yesterday, she downed down her food and took care of her dishes. "bye mom " she kissed her mother goodbye before grabbing her bag and rushing for the door. "oh honey, wait up. Let me drive you " her mother tried stopping her "don't worry mom, I'll take the bus ""are you sure about that, honey? " "yes mom, don't worry " she left before her mother could bring something else up and delay her resolve further. She walked to the bus station nearest to her house and boarded. She plugged her earphones in the moment she was seated and enjoyed the ride in solitude. As she was getting close to the school, she began to get
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The entire cafeteria watched in silence as Jennifer emptied the juice cup all over Chloe. They watched as the poor girl was drenched. They knew it was wrong...but what could they do about it?. They couldn't stand up to the queen bee of Weston High. As far as they know, Jennifer was labelled untouchable, no one can lay a finger on her head...and no one dared to.Chloe sat on her seat fuming with rage at her drenched body. This had got to stop. She couldn't keep letting Jennifer and her cronies, bully and humiliate her. Enough was enough. She took a few moments to glance round the cafeteria.........her mistake. The only expressions she could make of were expressions of pity. They pitied her and her situation but we're not going to do anything about it. It infuriated her.Standing up from her seat, she took Layla's cup of juice and emptied it on Jennifer. It was about time she stood up for herself. She couldn't let them keep trashing h
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