My Video Game System

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My Video Game System

By: Zuxian OngoingSystem

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Update: Monday and Friday (for now) Welcome to the future where interacting with your neighbors or having anything to do with them, is an offense punishable by death; Your head ripped off, neurons donated to the government. You only have your life in a video game. |____________________________________________________| A story of a genius teenage born into a strange world that consumed his mother and left him lost in the mystery of his surrounding... All he could find was eveyone hardly living on earth, everyone enrolled in the video game. His curiosity and revenge seeking quest, helped him to discover the dark plots of the elites; ~ Lock all humans in the video game. ~ Build robots with neurons from eliminated players and replace humans with them. ~ Invade space, capture aliens, import them to earth. But how much can a fifteen years old do?


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Seven years ago, a pregnant lady couldn't help herself to her car. She was all alone, and her water already broken. She was a single mother for a reason, and the distance between her car and herself was tantamount to that between herself and her love life. Unreachable. Almost a mirage of realism!All of the passersby would not tend to her need, could not give a helping hand. Everyone just went on on their daily activities. Even when her cry for help became too loud, a healthy lady who used to be a nurse, that was walking by, clipped in her chips, flipping her finger across her wrist to increase the volume of the music she started bopping her head to.But a man, a neighbor next door, peeping through the window, had been watching the incident for a while now. He did want to help her, but momentarily he would look back at his cute daughter and review the urge to go help the woman. And no sooner he looked away from his girl to the woman, he saw the woman fall on her back,
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Blue Trench
8 years later. 3020."Huh?"Fifteen years old Drake raised his head. After he'd sat in that gaming chair and had been strapped in, he had closed his eyes, felt gloom and then opened them eyes to this new place. A blueish spherical viewed place. It looked circular, standing in the middle, but walking to the end, there's a borderline.And for hours he had screamed on top of his voice for help but had got nothing in return. Not even the echo of his own voice. He had no idea where he was. 'Twas a timeless space, with no sound or frequency. Only light. He couldn't even be sure whether he's spent hours in there or not.And after that endless search and inaudible cry, he'd gotten wearied of it all and decided to walk back to the spot he'd dropped on after he was teleported from the game room.Drake had paced and paced till he got tired and then walked back to that spot and sat down, with his head buried between his thighs, as he tried to keep himself occu
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Drake and the black Jaguar
~ Somewhere in the simulation ~"Help---"Drake knew he was trying to shout on top of his voice, but he couldn't even hear himself. At first he thought he was sent back into the BLUE TRENCH. That was the only explanation that was relevant to that situation, but unlike when he was in the BLUE TRENCH, whenever he opened his mouth to shout, he felt some great force of liquid coursing through his nostrils and mouth. He opened his eyes. Hell. He was submerged, drowning inside a large body of water.The question at that moment wasn't how he got there. What mattered was getting himself out of the shithole. He started fighting, pushing his body violently against the body of water.Wouldn't it had been fair if he knew how to swim? But growing up, he didn't have such luxury. His young years were spent learning and trying to figure out what the hell was happening in the world he had been born into.Too quick to dismiss those odd thoughts timed wrongly, he kep
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Drake and the Cane Corso
~A street in the New World.~"Wooo, damn!!!"Drake exclaimed, adding an "i" between "a" and "m", while enunciating the word, "damn", like a four years old struggling to put up with the phonetic brouhaha.He was standing in a street of what should had been the real world. The street was marbled and there were golden streetlights at intervals, lining up the edges of the street.He couldn't keep his eyes on the huge rows of grocery stores and malls to his left and right. There was no order to the manner at which people went in and came out. He saw a boy run out of the store with a doll in his hand. For a few seconds, the boy was pursued by some random kids, but they let him go.Drake heard the repeated honking of cars and unusual noise from behind him. Enthusiasm got a best of him and he turned."What an Express road."He swallowed as he watched different brands of exotic cars he had never seen in his life drove by. Even the logo of the
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Earth. Drake's Duplex."Enough of this bullshit."Drake tossed the tablet aside and thrusted his frame off the couch to his feet. He had been reading through the tab and arriving at new discoveries since the past twenty minutes he'd returned to Earth.He walked straight up towards the wall as he called,"Window mode."And the wall was magically tucked in to reveal a four layer window frame. The panel curtain rolled itself up as he looked through to the duplex neighboring his."Why didn't I think of her while I was in the game?"He remonstrated. Then his eyes bulged like he saw something move through the window of Chloe's duplex.After remaining there for like several moments with no success, he decided to go petty. He began to scream on top of his voice,"Chloe. Hey, Chloe. It's me, Drake, your neighbor."He kept on doing that like a freak. But then he saw a figure move behind her window again."Oh, shit it
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~Somewhere In The Video Game System~"Not everyone or everything are what they seem to be in the new world."Drake said to himself repeatedly as he walked along the pedestrian bridge by the road side. He was headed to a public Playground fair for everyone. He already has a mission.Oh, you wanna know what happened between him and the hotheaded Chloe after he'd mistakenly open the door again. Well, sorry to break your heart, I don't think that it's really important. Soon enough you'll figure out for yourself."Hey handsome, wanna fuck?!"A slender, but hot lady in pink tight gown stopped by the other end of the bridge, leaning and cutting eyes for him in erotic sequence.He swallowed a lump and shook his head quickly, tucking his neck in as he hurried on."Awwn... such a cute innocent pie."The lady chuckled behind him and walked on in another direction. Drake muttered as he turned at the place where the pedestrian cut through t
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Chloe's Father?
In the Simulation. "I don't see her around."Drake muttered to himself. His back to the lofty gate to Chloe's father's house in the video game. He had learnt before clipping the chip in again that every player has three chances everyday, to go off and on the game. And now, he'd promised himself to maximize the time. After all, he had a long way to go. And he was back again at the gate of Chloe's father's house. He'd looked around for a while and couldn't find the Cane Corso. Oops sorry, Chloe. The thankful surprise had nudged those few words. "Let's see what we can do."He sighed, having turned to face the gate of the large mansion. For a fact, he didn't know the criteria for having different structures of building in the video game. Back on earth, everyone is entitled to a duplex with a super lawn and Crystal clear pool. But here, there were different kinds of buildings. Of course he knew that there would be some rules
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