Mystic Doctor

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Mystic Doctor

By: Half A Summer OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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A flourishing and prosperous city changed from the actions of one man. Six years ago, he left without a trace; six years later, he returned and transformed the world. With his outstanding medical skills, not even the world’s top organization dared to take his request. He was a ruthless man with amazing talents yet all of that was hidden under his plain and boring disguise.


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30 chapters
Chapter 1
At the bustling Southern Square of Waterbanks City Train Station was a man squatting by the roadside with a burning cigarette clipped in between his fingers. Isaiah was covered in dirt from top to bottom. The Matthew & Bond shirt, his pants and shoes, everything was stained. Besides his slightly cleaner face, he was practically a walking bag of dirt. However, he was not the only dirty man at the train station. In fact, there were a lot of them and all of them were farmers from rural areas who came to the city to make a living. The only difference between Isaiah and the farmers was that he dressed up like this on purpose. “Where are you? My ETA is ten minutes.” “Opposite Southern Square. There’s a signboard…” Isaiah was talking into the phone, but before he could finish, a frosty voice of a woman stopped him from the other end by saying, “Go wait for me at the right wing. The road is wider there and we don’t have to go through the terrible traffic.”“Alright. Madam!” Isai
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Chapter 2
Looking at the surprised expression on the rest of their faces, Isaiah curled his lips into a ridiculing smile. He tapped his hands, seemingly handling the situation with ease. “Girl, go tell Asmodeus that I am not leaving Waterbanks anytime soon. If he wants to have tea with me, tell him to come see me himself.” Isaiah lit another cigarette as he grumbled softly, “Why did the old geezer send a girl to invite me for tea? Doesn’t he feel ashamed?” He then headed toward the street. A few steps later, he came back and said to Candice, “Don’t follow me, or I will not hold back anymore, even if you are a girl.” Candice failed to recover her composure even after Isaiah had left. The exchange was but a few seconds yet five of her men, who were martial artists, were beaten to the ground. Candice practiced martial arts since she was young. To her, those who could be considered an expert were her uncles. However, the man before her eyes successfully toppled her worldview. The man w
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Chapter 3
Meanwhile at the management center in Riverdale Corporation, an elderly man with a dragon-headed walking stick sat stiffly on the couch inside a spacious office and was looking at the girl and her men before him. “Grandfather, that guy… He called you an old geezer…” Candice spoke carefully in front of her grandfather. “Hahaha!” Asmodeus was not angry, but amused. “He never changes. Fine, if you can’t get him here, let him be. Given his current status, I believe he’s here in Waterbanks for something big…” “I want you to send some men to keep an eye on him. If he runs into any trouble, let me know at once,” Asmodeus said. “I understand, Grandfather.” Candice nodded. “And, if you run into him next time, try to be polite. Even I have to mind my words in front of him, let alone you, little girl.” “Why?! Grandfather, you are a respectable man, and he’s just a guy…” Candice argued but was stopped by her grandfather. “That’s because he’s the one who helped the Riverdales become w
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Chapter 4
After putting his phone away, Isaiah lay down on his bed. “Purchase the company? With what? I don’t have money now…” Isaiah grumbled. He worked hard abroad for six years and finally achieved his dreams of being as rich as a country, yet everything went down the drain because of his master’s phone call. Isaiah was depressed. Those five old geezers stayed in the mountains for twenty-odd years, yet it took them one phone call to freeze all his assets. How did they do it? Fortunately, his business abroad was still operating and the people he trained were still with him. Otherwise, he would be alone and helpless and it would take him years to deal with the Hightowers’ internal conflict. “Here.” Claire’s voice suddenly came from the door. Isaiah looked up and saw a stack of money tossed at his face. “This is your one month’s pay. Go buy some clean clothes later and come with me to my grandfather’s place to have dinner tonight,” Claire said coldly. “Alright!” Isaiah grinne
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Chapter 5
Right after Isaiah left, Hank picked up his desk phone and made a call. “Carter, get the hell here! Someone just beat me!” Ten minutes later, Carter arrived at Hank’s office. “What? The surveillance camera didn’t pick up any intruders? What about the camera in the office area?” Hank’s eyes widened out of anger. Carter timidly answered, “Sir, that’s where I checked…” “F*ck!” “Sir, what happened?” Carter asked carefully. “That Hightower bitch got someone to beat me up and forced me to sign the contract! That piece of sh*t even told me to send the contract to her myself!” Hank grabbed the signed contract and tossed it away. “Go check the surveillance footage again! I want that piece of sh*t found! Disable my company? I’ll disable you myself when I find you!” Hank even kicked the desk to vent his anger. Carter nodded and wiped the sweat off his forehead. “Yes, sir. I’m on it.” Just when he was about to leave the office, a woman entered in a hurry. “Sir, this is ba
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Chapter 6
Isaiah returned to the house. He contacted his acting chairman to deal with Hank; albeit being overkill, it was super effective. Hank would no longer dare to challenge or threaten Claire after this. He leaned on the couch and checked the information he got from Shadow. The Hightowers rose to power from the generation of Brook, Claire’s grandfather. The family started with one heavy machinery factory and developed into a dozen through the years. They were no longer the same family from decades ago. The Hightowers’ businesses had rooted deeply in the city. Other than the heavy machinery factories, the Hightowers also had four sales and marketing companies, which were located in the east, central, south, and north. The names of the sales and marketing companies in the east, central, south, and north were Castlerock, Fortress Stone, Stronghold’s Pass, and Fort Cornwallis, respectively. Claire took over Castlerock, while her father, Donald, took over Fort Cornwallis. Donald ha
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Chapter 7
As soon as Isaiah shouted those words, the leading doctor’s hand froze. The doctor was wearing a mask but when he looked at Isaiah, Isaiah could see the anxiety and nervousness in him. “What are you doing? This is the emergency room! Who let you in?!” shouted one of the doctors who ran up to Isaiah. The Hightowers outside the emergency room were stunned as well. They did not expect Isaiah to kick so strongly that the doors were dented. “What the hell are you doing, Isaiah?” Claire rushed to Isaiah and looked at him in disbelief. “Come out!” She grabbed Isaiah’s wrist and wanted to drag him outside, but Isaiah refused to move. No matter how hard she pulled, Isaiah did not budge. “What are you doing here? Can’t you see we’re trying to save Master Hightower?” yelled the doctor as he pushed Isaiah. Isaiah scoffed. “Saving Master Hightower? Using acupuncture to treat a hemorrhagic stroke?” The doctor removed his mask and looked at Isaiah in shock. “How did you know it's
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Chapter 8
“Sounds like a good idea, but how should I say it?” Jerome had hesitance flashing in his eyes. Dr. Oakland pursed his lips, seemingly pondering a solution. Seconds later, he said with gritted teeth, “The kid wants us to go out because he claims he can save your father. He’s eager, so let him have his way.” It was then someone came into the emergency room. “Jerome, how’s father?” Donald came in, looking nervous. Dr. Oakland snuck a glance at Jersome, hinting at him. Jerome feigned grievance and sighed. He wore a sorrowful look on his face and said, “Maybe he’s done for this time. Dr. Oakland is Master Franklin’s student, a specialist of the brain, but even if he could not do anything, then I’m afraid…” “There must be a way! Judging from the patient’s current condition, he should be able to hold on for a little longer. I can go bring my master here. If my master is here, there might still be hope for the patient,” Dr. Oakland said loudly. He intentionally raised his voice f
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Chapter 9
Several minutes later, a couple of doctors arrived at the emergency room. The Hightowers were anxious and restless. Isaiah must be trying to do something to Master Hightower, or else why would he stay inside alone and lock the door? “The kid broke the lock with his kick earlier. The keys aren’t working,” the doctor said. “What are we going to do now? If we can’t open the door, the patient might be at risk!” The doctors were anxious as it was their first time encountering a situation like this. “Call the security! We must open the door no matter what!” shouted one of the doctors. Claire’s mind went blank. She could not hear the shouts of the doctors or the anxious thumping of her family. She had lost the ability to shout or be anxious. She had no idea what Isaiah was trying to do but with her grandfather’s life on the line. Isaiah must be trying to hurt her grandfather. Suddenly, her phone buzzed. She pulled it out from her pocket and saw a text. “Master Hightower is
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Chapter 10
Claire was stunned by the elderly man running out of the emergency room. She could not believe her eyes. There was a moment when she thought she was hallucinating. Her grandfather came from the surgery bed! “Claire! Why did you slap Isaiah? Hurry up and apologize to him!” Master Hightower narrowed his eyes on Claire. “I…” The excitement robbed her of her speech. Her eyes automatically disregarded Isaiah and were fixated on her grandfather. “Father, you’re alright?!” Donald was thrilled as well. He went up and held his father’s hand. Master Hightower said, “What do you think would happen to me? What are you guys doing here?” Isaiah then quietly walked past Claire and exited the crowd’s attention while they were looking at Master Hightower. No one realized Isaiah had left. “H-How is this possible?!” Dr. Oakland was stunned. He was a neurosurgeon who had quite the influence on the medical field and he strongly believed Master Hightower could never make it out of the em
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