Mythical Hunter

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Mythical Hunter

By: Le_Rex OngoingSystem

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A single man faced on Demi-gods. These Demi-Gods fired their attacks that a single one of it was enough to destroy a planet. He was unscathed from their powerful attacks and once he performed his own attack, it was the end of the Demi-gods. A staff the reached the heavens and beat up these Demi-Gods into a pulp and in matter of seconds, the demi-gods couldn't even put up a fight as they died in his hands. But the man wasn't omnipotent as he soon felt an immeasurable pain in his body as he immediately unequipped his items back to his spatial inventory. He groaned as he watch his health drop to zero. His consciousness faded and a window panel appeared in his view. Ting~ [YOU HAVE DIED] [YOUR FINAL LIFE PACKET HAS BEEN USED UP, YOU HAVE BEEN FORCIBLY REMOVED FROM GOD'S DOMAIN] Ting~ [YOU HAVE REVIVED]


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9 chapters
Chapter 0: Prologue
[Ancient DragonRank: Demi-GodLevel: 900HP: 200,000,000/200,000,000State: Aggressive][Mountain GodRank: Demi-GodLevel: 900HP: 250,000,000/200,000,000State: Furious][Eye of CthulhuRank: Demi-GodLevel: 900HP: 150,000,000,/150,000,000State: Murderous]Three god-like entities face a human in a desolate land where space had been distorted. Just being near one was enough to kill any living organisms much enough to face one. This mysterious man didn't look pressured as he was enveloped in a white transparent orb that nullified the distorting space."Let's end this madness and go home."The man summoned a steel staff in his hand. One diagonal wave, the steel staff expanded into the length of a skyscraper as it radiated the heat of the sun. The entities let out a wild roar as they fired an attack. The Ancient dragon r
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Chapter 1: Evolution Timeline
In the year 2022, the pandemic outbreak had come to an end as everything finally returned to normal. One night, a floating blue light appeared above the Empire State building causing everyone to panic as they watch the blue light with curious eyes.Believed to be an extraterrestrial-related phenomenon that caused the citizens to be alert but neither one of them left as they record it with their phones.Something came out from the blue light that flew from the night sky. Thinking it was a big bird of some sort, the creature latched on to a civilian and ripped it in half as it ate it with a single gulp. Everyone started to panic and flee from the scene and more birds flew out of the blue light and began slaughtering everyone on sight.Guns didn't work on the birds as their hide was as hard as steel but the military manage to defend with ballistic weapons that showed an effective response.This didn't last long as more and more blue
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Chapter 2: Trapped In Another World
Xerel is a 17-year-old Filipino boy who currently lives in the suburbs parts of New York. His mother and sister are now in Mega Earth. Although he could've joined them, Xerel declined as he wants to pursue his dream as a hunter.Xerel is a smart person and loves reading documentaries about dungeons and monsters. He aced in his university and had a bright future ahead of him but when his family left, Xerel realized that they were not rich and were just barely hanging on, that's why they left Earth.Having no money, Xerel had to find a job. Fortunately, he found one but on the downside, it was a shady job. He was given a contract of 5 years as a sewer cleaner which he is paid $200 an hour and although that sounded rich in modern times, today that money is enough to buy food to eat for the day.Everything was more expensive. He lived in the smallest apartment in the city and the monthly payment was $12,000. His dream of becoming a hunter was turning bl
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Chapter 3: A Weak Man In A Powerful World
Xerel was ecstatic. It's as if he was only in a dream that he wished to not leave but everything was real. He pinched himself countless times, he bit his tongue to the point that it was bleeding but everything was legit real. "So I have become those main characters in generic manhwas! How is this real? Am I now a hunter? But isn't it supposed to be a voice you want to hear? All I hear is a ringtone." Xerel touched the window panel and his hands went through it. He was confused if he was hallucinating or not so he wanted to see if the effects of the system were working. "If this tree breaks or even shows cracks around the bark, then the power of the system is working and this is not just a hallucination." Xerel threw a sloppy punch at the bark of the tree. The tree rumbled and shook, the bark that was hit with his punch cleared out. His face immediately brightened. "It did work! I'm pretty sure this tree is sturdier than any other tree since I
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Chapter 4: Rewards
Countless window panels blocked Xerel's view. A wide grin etched on his face. He couldn't be any happier as he jumped in joy. As a result of killing the turtle, he earned 145 levels, 3 titles, 2 items, and 2 scrolls which he didn't know what it was yet. "Holy shit, I'm already level 146!? So this is the effect of an experience booster! With this, I should be as strong as S-rank hunters! No, I'm stronger than that, maybe I could reach the Overlord rank!" Xerel jumped in joy but briefly stopped in his celebration. He looked at the dead turtle, it's had deep holes in every part of its body, its shell was cracked and its brown rough hide had gone gray. "It's monster core should be worth a lot. No, selling it would cause a worldwide alert, I might get investigated in the process. I may be strong but I'm not strong enough to protect my family. Let's see if I can pierce its hide since it's a turtle-type monster, its monster core should be right under its nam
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Chapter 5: Roasted Chicken
With the title in effect, finding monsters barefoot proved useless. Xerel sat down on the ground and examined the ward. It was an eyeball the size of a baseball, he held it into his hand and threw it in the air.The eyeball ward then stopped mid-air and Xerel's left pupil changed in the color of the eyeball's pupil; black. "Holy crap, I can see in a 360 view! I thought it'd be nauseating when having 2 visions at once but there's no discomfort at all! Let's make it fly."Using his mind, Xerel controlled the eyeball to move in the direction he wished. The eyeball began floating around and flew just as fast as Xerel's speed.The eyeball started moving in the direction of the sun. Xerel sat down and began scanning the surroundings, all he could see was forests and land but not one monster in sight.Suddenly, a spark began to flicker in his vision, Xerel averted the eyeball to look at the sky and there he saw a giant bird engulf in flames.
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Chapter 6: An Invitation
The teleportation effect was still in cooldown so Xerel had to run on foot. He dashed through the direction of the eyeball and as he ran, he could see a glimpse of monsters running away from him.He wanted to kill the monsters running away but the system had specifically told him about the world tree so he didn't waste any time as he hasten to the location of the world tree.Finally, Xerel arrived after a few minutes of running. As he looked up in the sky, all he could see was the trunk of the tree using his naked eye as it was covered by a mist of clouds."How tall is this tree?"Xerel started walking around the tree as he tried to find monsters below. He could not find a single monster but what he found was interesting. There was a gate flourished with a white portal and with its vibrant glow, it didn't look dangerous Xerel was drawn nearer to the gate."Something's telling me that I can find something good inside."As soon as
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Chapter 7: Trial Speedrun
Ting~[Skeleton KingRank: AncientLevel: 380HP: 10,000,000/10,000,000State: Abiding, Murderous]'It's an ancient rank yet its level is only in the 300s. I thought ancient ranks are on the levels of 400~500 but it seems that ranks and levels are different categories. Its health is the same as the Flame Mingo but since it can revive seven times, its health is at the very least 70 million.'The skeleton slashed his rusty sword at Xerel vertically which he dodged easily by moving a few steps sideways.'I should at least learn how to dodge if I get to face enemies stronger than me without depending on the invulnerability too much. Since it will disappear in a few hours, at very least in this way, I can learn safely.'With the help of Heavenly Footwork, Xerel was able to evade the sword strikes coming at him with precision. As he stared at the Skeleton King's joints, he could see after image of probable prediction on where
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Chapter 8: Solo Leveling
"Good choice!""I'll return after I become stronger. But before I leave, what kind of world am I on?"Estophel smiled at Xerel. With a flick of his hand the wood on the ground formed into a small table. In the center of the table was a green crystal.The green crystal let off a beam of light then a 3D hologram appeared with planets moving circularly as it revolved around the sun like a ring."This is the multi-world map. As you can see, 8 worlds revolve around the sun. Just right above the sun is another world but half the size of the 8 worlds, this is God's Domain. The Utopia of entities whether good or evil. When this world was formed, the first-ever seed that grew to existence was the World Tree. For entities, the fruit of the world tree serves as the tool for reincarnation and everlasting youth and since the tree had grown so big that it reached higher than the skies, many entities wish to travel to the top of the tree but with
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