No Named Son-In-Law

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No Named Son-In-Law

By: Vell Devaras OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Though an orphan, Kasper was raised in a wealthy and prominent family by the grace of the patriarch, Rick Alberto. However, he had to live being bullied and looked down upon by the other members of the family as a price for the well-off life that he experienced. And it was not all that. When he thought that he could finally remove himself from the family, the patriarch himself married him off to another family that would make him feel miserable for the rest of his life. But what if there was a reason why he was married off to the flower of the Cruz Family who was known to be the most sought bride in their generation? What if after a few years of suffering, he would realize that he was not an orphan, but the one and only son of Rick Alberto?


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“Stupid orphan! Just how many times do I have to tell you not to show yourself in front of me?” Clarissa, the niece of the patriarch pushed the dirty-looking boy in a disgusted manner. “Nanny! Why is this kid even loitering around here?”Kasper, the eight-year-old dirty-looking boy who just came out of the garage after helping with fixing the cars, trembled as he fell on the floor. He coiled from where he fell and did not even think of getting back up. Instead, he waited for Clarissa to be guided by her nanny away from where he was.“Look, it’s the patriarch’s pet again!” The boys who were students of the North’s Training Hall came running towards him and started beating him up while laughing their hearts out.For them, it was a part of their routine to beat him up every time they see him and Kasper had no choice but to endure.It took them almost half an hour before they got tired and they were reprimanded by the guards after they saw that there was no room for bruises and wounds in
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Chapter 1: Embarrassment of the Family
The large party hall was brightly lit as the lively background music was being played by a well-known orchestra. The people attending were categorized in circles according to their ages, interests, and statuses.It was the most awaited and biggest gathering for the members of the Cruz family. Everyone connected to them, even their subordinates and business partners were invited to celebrate the birthday of their Patriarch’s mother—the person that holds the most power and influence among the elders of the Cruz Family.“Grandmother, we have come to greet you with a happy birthday.” Calix, the eldest son of the Cruz Patriarch, said with a wide smile on his face as his wife handed the old lady an expensive wine.“This wine had been aged for 60 years, Grandmother,” Reema, Calix’s wife said proudly before she looked at her son and gently pushed him towards his great-grandmother. “Conrad, go and greet your great-grandmother.”The kid smiled confidently and bowed his head. “Happy birthday, gr
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