Once Human, Now a Parasite B

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Once Human, Now a Parasite B

By: TheCrow OngoingFantasy

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Arthur Bilgart was a successful and vastly wealthy businessman on Earth. However, he was kidnapped and tortured by his wife, Claudia, who was after everything he owned. He was tortured and isolated from the world for no less than a year before miserably dying. But death wasn't end for he was reincarnated into a parasite in a foreign world. Author's note: This is the B route of the story Once Human, Now a Parasite. The events will be different but some of the characters from route A will appear in route B. For those who read the original, this story will be much more slow-paced and focus on the life of Arthur as a parasite. The story will not be rushed and- unlike route A- it'll focus more on the System Universe. Author's note 2 : Route A and B can be read separately, however, reading the first can help you understand more about the world and its characters. Like Lucy, her origin, and her story. There will not be daily updates but I plan to post regularly and take my time to thoroughly plan the story so that you can enjoy it. Author's note 3 : Route B takes place in an alternate timeline, but some plot points that are- as of yet- unexplained in route A, will be explained in route B. After making minor changes to not spoil, I will post Lore Chapters that are present in route A. They'll serve as an enrichment to the world, the Gods, and the characters.


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Death Is Not The End
The room was dimly lit and dominated by a bone-chilling coldness. It was mostly empty, except for a solitary metal chair at its center. Old and new bloodstains were on the ground and some on the old, dusty, and insect-filled walls. By no means was it a place someone could live in, yet, a man was imprisoned here for a year, or more precisely, 13 months and 21 days.The man had long and greasy raven-black hair, an unusually pale complexion, dry and scarred lips, hollow eyes, and looked unbelievably skinny. Only a bit of skin was covering his stiff bones, making him look no different than a corpse. He was breathing silently, his head dropped and his emotionless eyes were staring fixedly on the ground. This man, who was tortured and isolated by the world for more than a year, was Arthur Bilgart.He is, or used to be, a successful Businessman. An entrepreneur and the chairman of one of the biggest conglomerates in the world. Alas, his life went downhill since the second he
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Blood Parasite
Arthur didn't feel pain, no, it was a completely different feeling. An exhilarating sensation. He felt alive, for the first time in fourteen months. He thought the fall would kill him but, ironically, it did quite the opposite.He opened his mouth, desperately gasping for breathing, his arms raised upwards as he tried to feel the air. At last, his eyes fluttered then slowly opened, revealing to him the place he was at.Arthur saw the ceiling, made from unorderly stone bricks, all riddled with holes and splashed with blood, not unlike the room he was tortured in. However, as he sat up, he didn't see the rest of the room but something else, something magical.His vision was filled with translucent blue windows with thick English white letters on them. *By Fate's decree: Arthur Bilgart has been reincarnated into a Parasite.* *Parasite Race: An extinct Race, originating from Zaarae, the Parasite Empress.**Zaarae, the
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Medical Field
The corridor was narrow and with a low ceiling, almost reaching Arthur's head. It was dimly lit by old torches, separated from each other by a distance twenty to thirty meters, at the very least.While using his new and foreign dissected vampire body, Arthur gingerly marched ahead, holding the broken half of the broomstick, and kept his eyes wide open, warily scanning his front and rear. Strangely enough, he didn't feel that afraid, just slightly apprehensive of what's in store for him once he leaves this place, wherever this is. 'Voices!' After walking for no less than five minutes, Arthur could hear subtle noises, which, once he walked slightly closer, turned out to be voiced. One was shouting at the top of his lungs whereas the other was responding with unpleasant croaking or incomprehensible moaning. Like any earthling of his age, Arthur distinguished some similarity between the second voice and that of zombie
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Truthfully speaking, Arthur couldn’t feel getting stronger even though his stats increased. Latif’s elderly body felt more awkward than the dissected vampire. He was a hunchback and not even his empowered physique fixed that complication. Still, the acquisition of new skills, especially ‘Medical Field’ was a celebratory occasion. He had long forgotten about someone, his feeling remained unperturbed and, instead of remorse, he was eager to live his new life. His past experience taught him a lot, including not to trust anyone, even someone as close as his wife. True, he didn’t love her, but that didn’t mean she could do that to him. Optimistic, he vowed to himself that he’ll live freely and however he wants. If this is truly another world- and this is a fact that remains to be proved- he won’t have to worry about what he has left behind. He can go
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The Escapee
From dawn to dusk, Arthur explored the forest and tried to find some sort of a road. Unfortunately, there was no such a thing, he only stumbled upon a small river, from which he drank from, and some animals. The interesting thing was the animals, or better call them beasts. They were not dangerous as all of them scurried away when they heard or saw him. More or less, they were the same as the one usually found on Earth, in forests… Deers, wild boars, birds, and some strange-looking lizards. The deers were identical to the ones on Earth, in appearance and behavior. They hastily fled when they heard a barely audible sound from a distance away, hopping soundlessly and soon disappearing from the parasite's sight. The wild boars, on the other hand, were much burlier than normal and had a purple horn protruding from the top of their heads. Unlike the deers, they didn't run immediately, most would stare at the old man for a couple of seconds
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The Militant Syndicate
The place was relaxing and satisfyingly quiet, as expected from a library. Although it wasn't the biggest library Arthur had ever been seen, it was nonetheless peaceful and a fitting place to educate himself and learn about different cultures and the world in general, which was exactly what he came here to do.The old library, smelling of old books and parchments, had a few tall walls of ancient volumes and dusty disorderly books, though most had become some sort of a decoration to set the scene. The broad morning light did not reach the room. Instead, it was the hanging magical lanterns that illuminated the two-tired walls- making the atmosphere cozy and suitable for prolonged reading.Arthur, still possessing the hunchback old man, came to the library at the break of dawn. He ate some tasteless bread and rushed here, eager to finally educate himself. He just could not continue living h
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Elemental Division
Unwittingly, Arthur ended up visiting Wilden's slave market, which was as unpleasant as one might expect. The place was clustered with cages and reeked of piss. Arthur didn't stay there for too long, but his brief visit there was enough to give him a general idea about the procedure of acquiring a slave. Admittedly, there were more females than males, and the reason was obvious and simple. As an underdeveloped world, lacking basic laws and human rights, the wealthy have nothing particular to do, hence they buy slaves to satisfy their twisted desires. As cliché as it looked for Arthur, it nevertheless remained a reality in Astria, and he was in no position to object to their 'traditions'. It was crystal clear that not all races were equal… Heck! Not even all humans were equal. The nobles were superior to the peasants and they are the de facto rulers. Just because they had golden hair and more wealth than the rest, it gives them
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Baron Lernon
It was a dreamless night for Arthur, full of naught but absolute darkness that shrouded his mind, even after he woke up. Latif's impractical body made things worse as his back was aching and his movements were slightly stiff. Nevertheless, at the crack of dawn, Arthur went downstairs and ate breakfast composed of several crusty but expensive bread and a cup of heated milk. By the time he left the inn and was heading back to the library, most of the inhabitants of Wilsden were awake. The merchants were selling their wares, the shops were opened, and the guards were lazily patrolling the Commercial District. Just when everything seemed to be proceeding peacefully, as usual, Arthur was suddenly stopped by a pair of what seemed to be the Baron's personal knights. They looked different than the usual guards; Wearing a full set of shiny silver armor along with an eye-catching dark red cape that almost reached the ground. There
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Feylord Lernon
Not long after Fernon made his flashy appearance, the Baron retreated to his office, where his shady-looking guest, Arthur, or rather, Latif, was waiting. In more than a way, Baron Lernon moved and acted like how nobles are perceived in fantasy stories back on Earth. He was elegant, dressed from head to toe in luxurious clothes, and bore himself with over-the-top arrogance, especially when he met Arthur. Contempt and disapproval lingered in his eyes as he silently walked to his desk and slowly sat down. "Do I have to ask for you everytime in order to meet you?" Although Arthur didn't know what was the relationship between Latif and the Baron, it wasn't difficult to come up with a couple of plausible speculations. Furthermore, from the way he was treated right now, it was crystal clear that Latif was some sort of an employee or an underling. Since he didn't know how exactly Latif
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The Hideout
Not the entirety of the following day was spent reading books. Arthur thoroughly and carefully thought and speculated about what had happened last night, his interactions with the father-son duo and what his plans were going to be. The baron gave him a week, so, within that time frame, he must find a target and take over his or her body. Of course, it would be foolish and suicidal to attack any random noble and hope to possess his body without getting seen. Worst case scenario would be dying by the hands of town guards or the knights. If there was one good thing from unofficially attending yesterday's banquet then it had got to be the money received from Baron and his friendly son. The Baron was rather stingy and only provided Arthur with five Blakin Gold Coins, which were a lot for a commoner, but nothing to a noble. The head of the Lernon family, however, did not forget to warn 'Latif' that the money was to be used for
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