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By: tobih daniels OngoingSci-Fi

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Blaze Hunter is a high school teenager who through an event became the impossible. His exit from star city to a town along America's borders was the beginning of his awesomeness. He came in contact with a special artifacts which made him so popular that the government recognized him, even big firms all over the world. But it got to a point, he experienced betrayal, even from those who supported him, down to his loved ones. He became a threat to his city and the world at large. All he had to do was to save himself. But the question is, who betrayed him and why? And what did BLAZE HUNTER become?


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How it started
BLÃZE~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Let me briefly tell you a story, a story that involves pain, happiness, love, hatred, betrayal, anger and any other emotional tie you can think of but firstly, i'll like to introduce myself.I'm Blaze Hunter just like everyone had called me, I remember my love for comics, I remember being called "Blaze the haunted kid" which I grew fond of even though it sounds weird.I also could recollect, yeah vividly... I once attended a popular high school in the popular Star City. That was where I lived. The name I could not recall but what I still pictured about the school was that almost all rich kids attended the school. Yeah, I know what you'd be thinking but no, my family was not that rich, though my dad was a scientist while my mom was a banker. They got little pay from their occupations and other kinds of stuff.Speaking of my father, he was the coolest person I had ever known. Now don't get me wrong, not the cool type like dressing, looks and all o
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#Chapter2 #TroubleMr Hunter packed his stuff into a brown box and took it out of Grantscom Industries. While placing the box inside his booth, he stared at the Grantscom building for some seconds with a deep sigh and repeated nod before entering his car.Driving off, Mr Hunter thinks about how greedy and selfish Grantscom Industries had become. He realized that Dr Cross-town is just trying not only to be famous for his invention but also to cut side him on pay.Instead of heading home, he decided to branch at a bar in other to take some cups of strong wine to ease himself. He parked his car at the entrance of a building which had an inscription, wines and dines at the top. Mr Hunter held his steering with his eyes closed. He made a deep breath before coming out of his car. The sound of a bell was heard as soon as he entered the bar. The bar somewhat looked like a restaurant, with chairs and tables arranged in the shape of a circle. "Hello, Mike" he greeted the bartender who was cle
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My coolest MOM ever is gone
#Chapter3 #mycoolestmomeverisgone~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~All this while; I just finished cutting the rope I was tied with but rather I stayed on the seat, pretending to be tied to a rope Dad looked at mom who tried to buy him out of the idea with her facial expression but no! Dad knew what he was doing. Daddy blurted "Okay- it's a deal but on one condition" "And what's that?""We can't discuss this here; let's move to the other room. You know" dad said trying to refer to mom. He does not want mom to know about the signing of the deal"Oh! yeah, women” Philip nodded before turning to one of his men. “Uhhh you follow me and you stay with them" he instructed."Yes, boss" The two replied and immediately Dad, Philip and one of his men walked towards the dining which was in the other room.Meanwhile, I thought of an idea to get out of this mess knowing full well that it won't be long before they knew that I was loose.I immediately moved my chair to create a distraction. The
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Chased back to HOMETOWN
#Chapter4 #Chasedbacktohometown~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~"Abort abort, they're coming" I yelled like a soldier. Dad still carrying mom on his shoulder turned and together we took the back exit.Still chased we got out and instead of dad, I took the driver's seat and drove away.Luckily for us, we escaped the cops but I know you're wondering where did I learn how to drive?One of the pieces of training I had from my dad was, he taught me how to ride a car when I clocked 15. It was his birthday gift for me and it was quite fun, not for him.I maintained a straight driving position if there's something called that, drove straight to our family house somewhere in Sedona city, also maintained a non-silence mode between me and dad.It was a long drive. I made many thoughts, many decisions, and lots of inward crying and anger.Exactly 30 minutes, we got to the streets of lake road which was very dark and quiet. I drove slowly with my eyes glaring and glancing at both sides for any
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Welcome to Carlsville Academy
#Chapter5 #WelcometocarlsvilleacademyBLÃZE~~~~~Six Months Later~~~~~Six months after mom's death, I had to get back to school. It had to be six months later because of what happened back in Star City. Dad was wanted for a crime he didn't commit. Actually, he did do it. He killed one of Philip's men while trying to save me. That was the reason why I forgave him.Though I did not forget.Within those six months, dad got a new job. He started working as a bartender. That was the only job he could find in the city but that didn't stop him from searching for jobs online that were related to his profession. As for me, I worked 8hrs shifts in a mini groceries shop, attending to customers. I became familiar with quite a few people, especially the old ones. So exactly six months, dad and I saved enough cash to enrol me at Carlsville academy. I had to work on a different shift, 8hrs to 4hrs after school, because I had a dream which was to be a neurologist. Yeah, dad was not happy about it.
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Carlsville Bitches
#Chapter6 #CarlsvilleBitches After some hours of learning which almost bored most of the students, the bell was rung. You could see the sign of relief on their faces. Without waiting for a soothsayer, they trooped out one after the other, heading towards the cafeteria that was created beside the basketball court. Each clique had their table most especially the cheerleaders.After grabbing the served food at the stand, I scanned for a place to sit as many were already occupied. Still glancing around, I bumped into this group of jocks, thank God my food was safe. It was actually Jackson and some other guys."Hey watch it pretty face" tossing a ball he was holding, Jackson said with disdain which made me dislike him. His friends including Gibby snorted into laughter.I was about to utter a word when I heard a voice"Yo! Todd, You stay away from him "Turning to see who it was, I saw Alex walking into the cafeteria with his lips thinned and his nostrils flared up. I quickly approached h
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