Pathless Origins: Bane of The Gods

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Pathless Origins: Bane of The Gods

By: Theonionjunktion OngoingFantasy

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Artillian learns that he was given a second chance at life by the goddess Hestia. She had used the last of her divine essence to save him. So he makes it his life's mission to restore her to her former glory, however to do that he needs to gain strength from cultivation of magic and martial arts. For her, if Buddhas come he will slay budhas. If deities come he will slay deities. If demons come he will slay them all to the very end. From the highest level of the nine heavens to the lowest level of the 18 underworlds, Artillian will fight for Hestia. For she had given him something no one could. A reason to live. One that strengthened his resolve to unseen limits. Join us on this journey across time, space and reality as we walk the line between mortality and divinity


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No god can save you from you from my wrath
Prologue...Within a mediaeval looking stadium, made of brick, were a group of people, all of which were dressed in fancy uniform. The girls wore plain blue tops and plain white skirts, the boys wore plain blue tops and plain white trousers, all of the tops were long sleeved. Most of the people looked like teenagers, some being in their early twenties.Standing in front of the young adults, was a young woman, she too wore a uniform, hers however was different; her top was white, abundant with blue pattern, whilst her skirt was blue with a corresponding white pattern, on the left breast of her shirt she had five stars displayed. She was viewed with admiration and envy by the majority of the students.Behind her stood three other people, two female and one male, they also wore the fancy uniform. The male, and one of the females, displayed three stars on their chests, whil
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Life is a Choice, and Death is a Decision.
 On top of a tall building in a certain city, stood a teenage boy, he was wearing torn clothes, his face, normally handsome, was strained with fatigue, his eyes were red (due to countless hours spent crying), dried blood covered his body in patches.His white hair, displayed a red hue, due to the blood. His red eyes appeared determined, as though he had made a decision. His bare feet started creeping towards the edge, each step heavier than the last.Upon reaching the edge he stopped, to take one last look at his bloodied hands, regret filling his heart, never in his entire life, had he felt such misery. Never had he thought that he could do something so terrible, so vile, with his own hands.The blood on his hands flared up at him, as if it was reminding him that even in death his deeds would follow him. The boy looked up, toward the horizon, one last time, so he could see the sun
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 Sentries were busy shouting and waking up soldiers, in a futile attempt to fight the invaders.Artillian saw the chaos around him. Tents were on fire, thousands of men were battling everywhere. The sounds of metal clashing were reverberating in the boy's ears.He got up as fast as he could and put on his armor. As soon as he was prepared, he looked up and saw one of his comrades being beheaded. It was the soldier who had talked about the wandering rumor.His head rolled on the ground and stopped near Artillian, the look of disbelief still in his eyes.Fear immediately gripped Artillian. He realized that he was too frightened to do anything. His shield suddenly felt unbearable and his spear felt heavy. He was rooted to his spot, completely unable to move.The enemy who had beheaded the talkative soldier then put Artillian into his sights. H
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Do You Know What A Survivor Is?
 Artillian was in a state of shock after hearing these words. He kept opening and closing his mouth as if wanting to say something to no word comes out from his throat. He sat there silently for a couple of minutes digesting the words that had entered his ears, and at this moment he didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Then he finally spoke in a low but harsh voice."So you're telling me if it wasn't for you I would've died and been reincarnated without any knowledge of my previous life?""No, what happened wa-""Who the F*ck asked you to save me, you're nothing to me and I'm nothing to you, so why would you do something like that?""........."Artillian was not willing to let Hestia continue, he couldn't care less why she had done what she did, all he cared about was him. As he realized that fact, it only served to further anger him. Hesti
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Live to Die
  "Do you wish to die, or do you want to live...?" When Artillian heard the question, he felt as if he was stuck between a rock and a hard place. " The answer to this question is nonsensical. But I can't find myself saying that I want to die, neither can I say that I really do want to live. Be it I live or be it I die does it really change a thing?" "Well then, I guess its best I tell you this now before you make a decision....." "........" This stupid b*tch! I mean honestly why can't women just blurt everything out at the same time? So now what, is she going to tell me that I can't die? "So the thing is, you can't really die..." Sweet mother of all that's good, like I don't even..... Like.... How..... Shit!&
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The Young General
 Hestia then went on to say, "Good, there is something else that I left out that you should most probably know..."Now I just feel like death is much better than staying with this forgetful woman for 300 years. But then again I can't die."...the war might start in the next 10 to 20 years""Ah......." Artillian couldn't help but gasp at this new information."I'll explain everything later, right now there are people approaching. They don't seem to be hostile but they are searching for something, so be careful." said Hestia."Ok but.......I can't fight if they are here to capture me..." said Artillian in a rather meek tone."Do not worry I doubt they'll be hostile towards you, two of them are already near the entrance, do not mention nor attempt to talk to me. I'll go recover some of my power so you'll be alone for some
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 "Would you like to be my first student young man?"This statement left Artillian gobsmacked. He was surprised because the so called general in front of him looked no more than 20, just 4 years older than Artillian.Yet this boy general was actually asking such a question. Artillian fell to the floor laughing, he did not know whether to laugh or cry at this question.As he laughed he answered Eden in a rather mocking tone. "Hahahaha, who do you think you are to be asking such a question? You are nothing but a boy, just a few years older than me. How can you teach me ANYTHING?"Just like how Artillian was surprised by Eden's question, Eden was just as flabbergasted by Artillian's reaction. He was the youngest ever general in the Kingdom's history.This alone made him one of the most respected people in the Kingdom. Even the king himself had
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