Perfect Murder

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Perfect Murder

By: Favyhm23 OngoingMystery/Thriller

Language: English

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After the death Of Ashley Young, the President's daughter, in her school, a group of investigators were given a mission to work on the case due to her sudden and her mysterious death. In the course of the investigation, some suspects were fished out. Her boyfriend who has always had a bad temper issue, her bestfriend, her school child, her cousin who have never been in good terms with her and her school child. One amongst these is conceived in this perfect murder. But who? And what was the reason for the murderer murdering her? The mysteries behind Ashley's death was something the investigators had to dig deeper. Will they be able to find out the murderer even when things look top notch impossible? Find out on this mysterious and suspenseful drama as we unveil who the murderer is on 'Perfect Murder'.

1 chapters
The loud sirens playing out from both the police vehicle and the ambulance kept ringing non-stop outside the building. The barricade tape sealed the entrance of the school building."I heard it's Ashley." A student murmured."Who might have done this to her?" Another spoke."Oh God. This is bad."The students were all murmuring at each other as the lifeless body that was covered in white cloth was being rolled out."Gosh..." Unable to withhold what was playing before their eyes, some started tearing up."Ashley." They cried on each other's shoulders.Cars of all different sizes drove in with speed. They screeched to a halt a few meters away from the police cars. Ashley's mother hurriedly got out of the vehicle, not waiting a mini-second for her bodyguards to do so, as always. She halted her speedy steps as she stood before the corpse. Her whole body was shivering and trembling, and hot tears hung on her eyes. She swallowed and shut her eyes tight, as if telling herself inwardly that n
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