Prince Of The Underworld

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Prince Of The Underworld

By: KazuhiroSeijuro OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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A sociopathic detective died in a terrorist extortion and transmigrated into another world, full of magic and exotic beings. At the day of his death, Axel Rodrigues found himself in the body of an excommunicated Prince with a poor attribute for mana yet blessed with an outer-worldly power. As a member of the royal family, Axel is dragged into the heir selection with his spiteful siblings while tensions brewed at the border. Axel makes use of his experience as a special force detective and his outer-worldly power against the odds. From the shadows, he plots and manipulates his enemies to the grave and unintentionally become the king of the underworld.


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13 chapters
Chapter 0
'Bang'The door swung out, he jabbed his elbow to the retaliating door and walked out with luggage huddled in his arms. A young woman leaned against the door frame, her night gown wrinkled under her crossed arms; she looked on with scorn.He grunted, dragged his feet to his old Cadillac parked under the tree. He flung his bags inside and slammed the door shut."Axel! Wait"Axel sighed, with exhaustion present in his voice. "What is it?"She ran across, her barefeet scrunched against the grass."You forgot to take it?" she heaved a breath and handed him a bind of legal papers. "And you better not forget tomorrow's hearing?"Without turning, he sneaked a glance. A breeze flirted her hem an inch. She squeezed her shivering thighs. He hid his amusement behind a solemn nod. "Hmm"Remembering her sickly consitution, Axel said. "Hon... Janice. You are cold. Do you want my coat?" he pulled his coat off a shoulder.She snuffed her smile and shifted to the side with a snort, "Hmph. I'm fine. Jus
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Chapter 0 part 2
Handguns and rifles flipped off the table. Axel armed himself with a couple of glocks and a military knife strapped to his shin."Come here"He rolled the blueprint out, they huddled around. "What's the situation? How many hostages?""Sir, two to three hundred""And the suspects?"He responded firmly. "From our surveillance, we found thirty armed men""Good" Axel muttered under his breath while his brain brewed a plan."What do you think is a good entry point?"They glanced blueprint, replied. "Backside?" "Rooftop" "Left-side window"He spared them a cold eye. "Wrong""Uh. Sir?"He leaned over the table and clicked his tongue, "It's too predictable"He clenched the marker in between his teeth and pulled it open. He circled entries on the blueprint."But sir?""No questions" he grunted."Yes... Sir""Hmm, though it would be better if I had a catalyst" he scanned his surroundings, before his eyes lit up. He noticed a cargo truck parked next to the convienence store."Hehe... This might
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Chapter 0 part 3
"Ah! Screw this shit" He cluched his rifle and jammed the butt agaisnt the glass.*Bong* *Bong*The glass shattered, wind whiffed his blonde hair up. He nicked the rifle out and widend the hole to the size of a human. Axel rolled out the buliding blueprint and He pulled a knot of rope from his duffle bag and tied the end around his waist and secured it around a curtain hook. He flipped his gloves on and carefully stepped outside. With one hand, he gripped the granite wall and swung the loop around his hand, and released it. The rope touched the flag host and slipped down. Axe spun the rope and tossed it with a grunt. The rope hooked the host. His biceps bulged through his sleeves as he tugged the rope for a strenght test.Axel cleneched his dagger between his teeth. He kicked the wall and slowly pulled himself up to the second floor. He glanced down the street, and with a grunt, he muscled all the way to the flag host.With a loud gasp his chest puffed in and out, he rested against
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Chapter 1
The night sky rumbled, rain poured over the city. Candle lamps flickered to the wind, peddlers and holduppers roamed and dealt in the forsaken streets.Heels clicked the carpeted floor, the maid walked down the hall with a tray.Rats squeezed and took shelter in a tatch roof. "Sheesh. Disgusting" she skipped back and glanced at the ceiling, the teacup slid out of the tray."Oh" she whispered a chant and waved her finger. A blue light converged around the teacup and paused an inch above the surface. The tea floated back on her tray before she sauntered to the bedroom. Her cold hands pressed against the brass knob and peered the door open. Her trecherous eyes scanned the dark room. Her young master's snore resonated with the thunder.The ends of her mouth curled "It seems it worked" she eyed the incense stand on the side drawer.The door creaked, she walked in and laid the tray on the simple table. Her hands skirted below her aproned skirt and brushed up her stockings held by a gather b
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Chapter 2
"Would you run into battle? Would you fight for me?"They both paused in the middle of the Victorian styled-hallway. "Why, your highness? Of course, it's our...""Duty? Please continue""Yes..." Understanding his intention, they both provided support until he reached the washroom.Axel said. "I knew from day one, I would always be under the watchful eye of my father""But with the succession ceremony approaching close. I believe my brothers would rather weed out the weaklink... first" Axel studied their dark expressions."So you can quit if you want..."Met with their silence, Axel sighed. 'It seems even the dogs don't belong to me. Man, Prince Crass sure had it tough"Because, when the time comes, I will have no use for dull swords.Are you thinking of fighting?""Why not?" Axel relaxed his grip and limped a step forward.They spread their arms behind his back while they protested. "But your highness, your sickness... That's crazy your highness, please think carefully"Axel held the
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Chapter 3
"Ka-raah karrah" Axel rolled on the floor. The bird's cold beak grazed his sensitive ears. "Please! Please.. stop! "Ka-raah karrah" Almost understanding the beast's speech, Axel lifted his brow in humor and laughed for the first time in ages. "Haha, you cheeky bird!" "Okay! I will say it"Axel covered his ears, shouted. "Uncle! Uncle I surrender!" The raven cracked a laugh and perched itself on the ledge. Axel rose to his feet, and faked a snare "Little fellow, keep this up and I'll grill you" Yet, the dominance overtook his breathy voice, chilled the raven quiet. Even though, the strength of Axel wasn't even close to a fraction of the bird. Axel tied his shirt and straighten his tie. "Now what brings you here? You should be with your owner." "Cah-rah ro-ka" "Eh? So, you are saying you have no owner?" "Kaat" The raven shook his head. Axel pursed a hand under his chin and thought in silence while the raven continued talking. 'Hmm, interesting. It can display great amount of
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Chapter 4
"What do you think of the terms?""Well, it is... overly generous of you but... I can't promise you anything""Hmm" he tilted his head from the side, indirectly posing a question."But the reasons for your condition...are many. The causes can be generalized into three types" she said, lifting three fingers in the air."Oh""It could be the cause from long-term prescrption of faulty drugs or poison, natal disturbances or an anomaly""So, you have a way?""Not really..." from her face, her confidence took a dip. "I see" Axel lowered his head in thought, whispered. "I understand the difficulty""Well, I could try to reach out to some of my associates""But there is no guarantee. They are all a bit of a wack job"Axel chuckled. "Which genius isn't an enigma""Enigma or not. It doesn't matter" Charlotte held her breath, as dominance glimmered in his gray irises."As long as they possess emotions" He grinned, anticipating his first case study. He lifted his palm, "It won't be a problem" a
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Water dripped from the ceiling. Rodents scampered in the shadows, heavy footsteps beat against the stoned stairs with a gloom drag. While the guard polished his scabbard under the dim candle light. He cranked his neck up to the visitor, shouted "Who goes there?""At ease" His gloves latched onto the rails, and firmly grounded his cane into basement floor and stepped into the light with a friendly smile. "it's just me"The guard sheathed his sword and bowed his head. "Your highness""What brings you here?"He hoisted the cane in front of his body, replied. "I'm here to visit the prisoner""But, your highness aren't you..."He striked his cane, said. "Sick?"Sweat slid down his brow, he quickly explained "No, I meant recovering, your highness" and rubbed the back of his neck."It won't take long, I just want to ask her a few questions"Feeling his penetrating stare, he stuttered "Your... highness... I think you should just let us..."Axel looked elsewhere, commented. "This place stinks"
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Slowly Claire face turned black-purple, she screamed. "Destroy that dump! Hahaha" 'Is this a psychological trick or... something sinister?' Axel thought, staring into Claire's feral eyes, as she hissed and scratched the metal cuff like a deranged animal. Axel pulled out his dagger. "Charlotte, what is happening?" Charlotte pinched and rubbed her forehead back and forth. "Why does it have to be..." her mumble faded into the background. The chains rattled, as the beast woman trashed her body around. "Is she possessed?" Axel unwinded the bandages around his arms.Charlotte replied. "Her body is reacting against the Submricum but also a curse""Okay. Anything else""The reason she is like this is because the mind control potion contains high amounts of the Gretchen herb and the controller's essence...""Okay. How to stop it?" "I can create an antidote but... it will take too long" "How much time do you need?" Axel asked. "15 mins" the shriken head purse opened it's mouth and spat
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A hand nudged the book between the gap. Feet rapped bounced against the carpeted floor. "Your highness, what is your request?""I want to leave a few hours before noon"He rubbed his neck, replied "But sir, the driver is scheduled at thirty minutes past three in the noon""Doesn't matter, just hire a normal carriage.""And I mean the carriage for peasants"His facial muscles froze, Benedict countered "What! Your highness, that's unacceptable""You are a Prince. If a rumor spreads, it will reflect the royal family poorly and undermine your honor""Honor?""Tell me Benedict, what do you think is more important than honor? Than reputation?""Fame... maybe power or wealth""No" Axel's shout echoed within the room. "Time, love and your life""I would rather keep my life as a beggar than die as an extravagant fool" He raised a kerchief across his forehead. "I see, your highness" "You may depart" Axel waved his hand. "Yes, your highness" Benedict bowed and walked out. Axel snapped his fi
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