Protecting the village from the militant.

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Protecting the village from the militant.

By: Professor OngoingMystery/Thriller

Language: English

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A village experienced an invasion from the militants James' ex-military officer organized and trained the villagers and armed them to protect the village against the militant. He organized young men to be trained for them to protect the community from the militant James as an ex-military officer having served in a special force identified young men with the help of Joshua the village elder they trained the soldiers and finally came up with a military force that helps to protect the village. They lacked the artillery for them to protect themselves they planned to go for ammunition and took gold to exchange for the ammunition they organized and went on the mission to bring the ammunition through the huge jungle luckily they managed to secure the ammunition and came back to protect their community. They brought the ammunition and fourth the militants despite being a small army finally they managed to secure their community and protected their communities resources from being taken by the militants, they managed to secure the funding using their quality gold and built schools and hospitals they were able to generate the electricity to the village and also built the school. The village managed to secure itself from the militant thanks to James an ex-military officer. For the first time, the community was able to become self-reliant its only source of income was secured and they acquired the artillery for their soldiers to use to protect their community they were able to do surveillance to monitor the security situation around the village with an aid of modern surveillance equipment and they combated the enemy before reaching their village. The village became a Haven for many people.


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Recruiting and training soldiers.
James and Henry identified a place for training young and energetic men, to go and bring the ammunition to the community, there was a flat area near the river surrounded by huge rocks near Kindu town."This is a perfect place for training, we can train how to shoot guns, and also how to swim across the river," Henry said."It's a perfect place for training, also you were an instructor in the army," James said"Yeah, l identified this place because it is surrounded by rocks it hard for gun sound to be heard and bullets cannot penetrate through, also the river will be a perfect place to train how to swim," Henry said.Henry planned a meeting To explain to the villagers what they were planning next, he informed Joshua, Joshua went around the village to tell the people to assemble."We are glad you all heeded the call to come here, we need a lasting solution for our problems of being attacked by militia, we want to train soldiers to defend our community, Joshua said."Let me welcome the c
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Mission to bring ammunition
The trainees completed the training they were eager to start the first mission, they secured ammunition one lorry, and one armored military carrier from the militia, after defeating them, when they invaded their village."It's time for us to go for the first mission you are now soldiers," Henry said"John can come and guide us on where to pass for us to reach where the ammunition is being sold," Henry saidJohn stood and moved in front of the soldiers."We will pass through a short cut we have dangerous wild animals on the way, and not only that we will come across many militia groups in the forest but we will not fight them but if they fight us we will fight them mercilessly," John said"By this time we already have enough guns since we secured from the militia everyone must have a gun" John added"We have to pass through a thick forest sixty kilometers away from here, it is not an easy task if you are not able to go, please you are not going to be forced," Henry said"Ten men who ha
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Thunder receiving shocking newsi
The soldiers who survived failed to the mission at kinda ran by foot back to the camp, Jacob moved to and fro from the camp waiting for the soldiers, the gate was opened soldiers came in with heavy injuries."Where are the others!" thunder roared The soldiers came towards him and fell to the ground, Jacob snatched the gun from his bodyguard wanting to shoot them, one of his commanders held him not to shoot."If you shoot them we are not going to get information about what happened. and also information about where others are. Commander advised.The other soldiers came and took those who got injured to be nursed Jacob dropped the gun on the ground angrily and went to his room.Major followed him."Treat them and asked them what happened," Jacob said.Major went to the nursing room one soldier was having minor injuries."Kelvin what happened to the rest of the soldiers " major asked"All of them were killed including our captain the villagers set a trap" Kelvin responded"How?" That vi
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James, soldiers receiving blessings from Robert.
This the following morning James and his soldiers were happy to have received a warm welcome from Robert, early in the morning he went to Robert's house, and the soldiers guarding him went inside to inform Robert that James want to see him. "Please tell him to come in," Robert told the soldier.The soldier came outside and told James to go in, he entered in."Sir thanks for your hospitality, we appreciate what you did to me and my soldiers," James said"Always you're welcome but remember, we have to come together to fight our common enemy and that is Thunder," Robert said."That is a brilliant idea the only problem is you are far from our village, we would have worked together to form the strongest army" James responded."Don't worry I will plan how I will send you my soldiers to come and stay with you for three months since I know thunder is planning a revenge mission after you defeated him when he invaded your village" Robert said."That is true Jacob's way of fighting is that he w
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Encountering heavily armed militant camp
The following day at dawn, soldiers woke up for another tiresome journey, they prepared their breakfast and ate, Lucas wanted to return to their camp after, covering almost twenty kilometers, they saw a smoke hovering from a distance."I see a smoke where we are heading to," James saidLucas looked at the smoke soldiers moved to a higher ground to see."There is a huge militia camp where we are heading to," Henry said.James scratched his head soldiers were surprised."We are passing through the same place to Kabongo," Henry said."What are we going to do?" John asked"We are trained soldiers we want to pass through this militia camp without casualties on our side," James said.Henry smiled knowing that when James says something he means it will happen that way."How are we going to pass through a heavily guarded militia camp?"Henry asked."Can you give me the binoculars" James ordered?Henry handed over the binoculars, and James observed the camp."The camp is subdivided into four su
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Passing through heavily guarded militant camp without casualties.
The soldiers were waiting for Wilson and Alfred to come from a spie mission from the heavily guarded camp, the soldiers saw them running back to their camp."Take your weapons and take your position" James bellowed.Soldiers held their guns and took their position ready to shoot.Wilson and Alfred ran faster the soldiers were ready to shoot anyone running after them they rushed into the camp." What happened?" James askedWilson and Alfred breathe heavily."We were seen by two militia men they followed us with dogs but we fought them," Wilson said."Did they realize where you are coming from" Henry asked"No, we made sure that we fought them back before running" Alfred.The soldiers relaxed and came back and composed themselves for James to give them instruction."Give intelligence information about the camp," James asked."To the right side the camp is heavily guarded left side is not heavily guarded the perimeter fence is not in good condition" Alfred reiterated."Good news," James
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