Psychopath Secret

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Psychopath Secret

By: Ellie OngoingMystery/Thriller

Language: English

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Seven Augustin lives next door to a psychopath. He just can’t prove it…yet. When the most popular girl in high school is murdered at a Halloween party, Seven’s suspicions become a reality. He knows exactly who did it. But how is he supposed to prove his charming neighbor is a killer? Meanwhile, Wren Chavez is waking up with blood under her nails, and she has no idea why. Unable to remember the night before, Wren begins to suspect herself of murder. She’s relieved to find out the police have zero evidence to go on. Yet she can’t help but shake the feeling she’s being watched – very closely. And she knows why. Seven Augustin knows her secret.


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Chapter 1
“Dude.” Cassian Castro rolled his eyes. “Are we on this again?”“She’s creepy. Haven’t you noticed?” Seven looked over his shoulder nervously, hitching his backpack higher onto his shoulder. The students of Greenwitch High rushed from their first period class, the freshmen moving in packs. Seniors snickered as they passed.“Nope.” Cassian didn’t sound very concerned for his best friend’s safety. “Besides,” he added, eyeing a particularly pretty freshman girl with his greedy brown eyes. “She’s about as big as my pinky finger. I think you could take her.”Seven snapped his fingers in Cassian’s face, pulling his focus away from the girl. “Are you kidding? She’s as tall as I am.”“Nope.” Cassian didn’t sound very concerned for his best friend’s safety. “Besides,” he added, eyeing a particularly pretty freshman girl with his greedy brown eyes. “She’s about as big as my pinky finger. I think you could take her.”“You’re overreacting.”“Oh, am I? You didn’t see the look on her face when Mr.
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Chapter 2
Seven took a deep breath. He really wished he had his camera. It always felt a bit like a protective barrier when those soft leather straps were around his neck, the camera balanced between his index fingers. It was his golden pass.As long as he showed up as yearbook guy, he could get in anywhere. Otherwise, he was just Seven Augustin—and Seven Augustin had absolutely no reason to be on the threshold of Katana Zhao’s mansion.The door opened, spilling light onto the lawn behind them and washing the two boys in a wave of loud music. A girl with billowing black hair and heartbreaking eyes stared out at them, one hand on the doorknob and the other on her hip. Behind her, Seven could vaguely make out vaulted beam ceilings and a sparkling chandelier.When she saw Cassian, she grinned brilliantly. Then she glanced at Seven. Her grin faded to the kind of forced smile given to estranged relatives.“Hey, Katana.” Cassian swooped in and kissed Katana on the cheek. She shoved him away and made
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Chapter 3
Seven cleared his throat and took Aella’s hand. “Thanks, Aella. But you know what? I totally forgot my phone downstairs, I’m an idiot. I’ll go grab it.”Aella sat up, pouting. “You’re leaving me?”Seven hesitated, letting her pull him down closer to the bed. Closer. Closer. Until finally he was leaning over her, her nose an inch from his face. She reeked of alcohol. “Aella…”“Seven,” she said with a giggle, her fingers caressing his cheek.He had to be dreaming. He had to. Fate could not be so cruel as to land Aella Zhao right in the palm of his hand—only to have her be really, exceptionally drunk.Seven stammered. He had no idea what he was doing. “I’ll be quick. Y-you want me to get you another drink?” He tried to lean back, out of her reach. To take the sting out of it, he took her hand in his.Aella frowned, but the idea of another drink seemed to please her. She assessed him, trying to see what his intentions were. Trying to see if he really would come back.And do things he’d on
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Chapter 4
As predicted, all hell broke loose after the cop showed up.Seven couldn’t quite remember how it happened. Looking back, he would wonder why he went downstairs after that phone call. Why, covered in a dead girl’s blood, he sat down at the kitchen table as if it were just another day. Did Cassian come over and urge him to play a round of beer pong? He couldn’t recall.He did remember some time passing before the chaos erupted. Whoever the first responder was, they’d taken a coffee break. Of that, Seven was certain. He could drive from one end of town to the other in ten minutes flat. Maybe the poor guy on duty wasn’t in a rush to check out some bogus Halloween call.Oh, boy.Another random detail that would stick with him: Bullet Sander. Why that skinny freshman from the yearbook committee stuck out as an important memory from that night…Seven would never understand it. But even weeks after the incident, he would remember Bullet standing at the front door, his face awash in hues of red
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Chapter 5
“Good.” Sheriff Onyx kicked the door open the rest of the way. The iron swung on rusty hinges. “’Cause I didn’t much feel like telling your momma you killed that Smith girl.”“Huh?” Seven stared at the open door. “But—”“But what, Seven? Sure, it don’t look good. And we got a hell of a lot of reports to run if we’re gonna find out who did this. But if you were really with that Aella girl when you said you were…well. That helps, son.” The sheriff smiled wryly. “Now get out of the damn cell. We got actual criminals we need to hold.”It was a lie. Greenwitch County had an infamously low crime rate—hence the medieval state of their local jail. But Seven smiled nonetheless. And when he stepped out into the hall, it felt as if the weight of the world had been lifted from his shoulders. The sheriff believed him. He actually believed him.Or at least, he wanted to. And that was enough.“I do gotta ask, though.” Sheriff Onyx paused just outside the door that led back into the bullpen. The preh
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Chapter 6
There was blood under Wren Chavez’s fingernails. Blood and dirt.She stared down at the water rushing down the sink, expressionless. Her skin burned with the intensity with which she scrubbed her hands. If she scrubbed hard enough, maybe she would break skin. Then she could pretend the blood was her own.Yes. She could pretend. But that wouldn’t make her reality any less sinister.She’d known the moment she ran her hands under the sink that the blood didn’t belong to her. She’d already double-checked her body for injuries. Even a papercut would have sufficed. But just as she’d thought, there were none. She didn’t have so much as a bruise.Her eyes flashed from the bathroom to her purple bedspread, combing the space for any indication of wrong. A ruffled curtain. A misplaced shoe. Something that would explain the filth on her hands.Her clothes from the night before—why had she dressed as a witch, of all things?—were in a pile at the foot of her bed. Odd, perhaps. She wasn’t normally s
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Chapter 7
“Yeah. He was kinda sweet. I guess. I don’t know.” Aella paused, and her voice became melancholy again. “I can’t believe she’s gone, Wren.”This again. Wren sighed into the phone. “Me either.” A respectful pause. Then: “Do you remember seeing her? At all?”“Well, obviously. She met us at the door.” Aella sounded uncertain. “And we took a few shots together. I have a picture of us on my phone…”Wren let Aella reminisce. It was a few seconds before she spoke again, and when she did, she sounded weary.“I saw her go upstairs. I saw her. But I didn’t think anything of it. I didn’t—”“It’s okay, Aella.” Wren knew she had gotten all she could from her. At least for now. “We can talk about it later.”Aella heaved a great, shuddering sigh. “Thanks for calling, Cal. You’re a good friend.” Her voice wavered. “You’re like a sister too, you know that?”Wren said nothing. She could picture Aella perfectly, sitting on the edge of her bed as Wren was, a box of tissues on her huge body pillow. Her no
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Chapter 8
He pulled out the polaroid and examined the four lines on the vomit-ridden page. Grimacing, he used his phone to type in a quick search for the first line.After what felt like an eternity, the results popped up. He clicked on the first link.Grimm’s Complete Fairy TalesEncouraged, Seven began roaming the aisles, searching first by genre and then, when he didn’t find what he was looking for, by author. And still he came up empty-handed.Leave it to Greenwitch High’s ramshackle library to let him down.Undeterred, Seven braced himself against one of the shelves and pulled his phone back out. He scrolled until he found a promising article on one fairytale in particular, The Queen Bee; but his head quickly shot up when the bell rang, piercing through the silence.I’m dead if I miss third period, he thought, scooping his textbook off the floor and booking it out of the library. He’d only just shouldered his way out into the hall when he froze.A pair of dark eyes stared at him from the o
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Chapter 9
Her eyes strayed to the open window. At the edge of her vision, a large oak tree—technically on their property, though its branches extended into county land—provided the only cover between her house and the apartment complex next door. The field stood between them, dead grass stretching to the distant tree line.“Wren!” her mother called. “Can you come set the table?”She cursed, glaring at the boots on her bed.Time. She needed more time.“Wren.” A warning.“Sorry,” she called, hurrying out of the bedroom and into the kitchen. She brushed past her mother, trying to channel the same melancholy she’d been working so hard to perfect all day. “Was just packing a bag.”From the living room, Wren could hear the low hum of the local news station. She pretended not to take much interest—pretended, and failed. Her hands were in the sink, cleaning plates. But her eyes were on the TV, trying to make sense of what she was seeing.“You can go turn that up,” her mother offered quietly. “I know yo
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Chapter 10
“No problem.” Wren stood and readjusted the hem of her dress. She gave her mother a one second gesture before squeezing through the crowd that had gathered around Katana’s coffin. She reappeared on the other side, unscathed. Clover flagged her down, standing to grab her attention.Wren approached and allowed Clover to pull her into a hug. “Hey.”“This is awful. Awful.” Clover stepped back. Axelle took her place, pulling Wren into a stiff, awkward embrace.“Aella is upset.” Wren wasted no words. “She wanted to come over, but…”“We get it.” Axelle gave Wren a superficial smile. Something in her expression made Wren think she was trying to come across as sympathetic.Her efforts were wasted.“We can grab coffee or something after practice one day. That’ll cheer her up,” Axelle went on, oblivious to the somber atmosphere hanging about the church like a wet blanket. “Ugh. But your practice runs so late, Cal Gal. I guess we can always wait,” she added, as if this simple act of decency was w
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