Raised By Gods

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Raised By Gods

By: Ellie Lowsin OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Aria wakes up one morning to her parents fighting about her, again. Little does she know that this fight will change the course of her life forever. In a world where most the Myths are real, Aria will find love, heartbreak, adventure, and the power of a new goddess.


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54 chapters
Aria's Family Tree
Eros(Great Grandfather)Primordial Deity: God of Sex, Lust, Universal LoveAlso known as Cupid. Eros, Chaos, and Gaia are said to be responsible for The CreationGrace(Great Grandmother)Human: Intelligent and KindDoctor of Gynecology and ObstetricsPioneer in Women’s HealthKayson(Grandfather)Demi-God: Son of Eros and GracePowers are Love and Knowledge in the Healing FieldsLeto(Grandmother)Titanides(Female Titan): Mother of Apollo and ArtemisGoddess of Motherhood, Protector of the young, Modesty and WomanlyDemureDimitri(Father)More God then Human:Son of Kayson and Leto
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            Aria is a 21-year-old woman who is struggling with who she really is. She’s 5’3”, 140lbs, has Hazel eyes with a sapphire ring around the outside, porcelain skin, mahogany red hair a round face with full lips, a perfectly proportioned nose that’s slightly turned down and a cleft chin. Her body is toned with an hourglass figure that is slightly larger in the bottom. She cares a great deal about her health without making it an obsession. She loves reading, writing, and being outdoors. She has no problem staying in and enjoying a home cooked meal by the fireplace. She hasn’t been very lucky in love and she suspects that it has to do with whatever her family seems to be hiding from her.“No, Gaia, we are not going to tell her.” Dimitri said.“She’s an adult. You can’t keep this from her forever Dimitri.” Gaia spits back.“You don&
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A New Beginning
“You have no idea what it’s like to grow up like this.” He said.“But you do, and you could have taught me. Mom and Rhea could have still bound my powers and the three of you could have taught and shown me that legends were real and not to be frightened of or disrespected. Instead, you chose to keep me in the dark and hope it never came out. Did you really think you could keep this from me? Were you going to try and bind me again?” I asked him, my voice shifting from low and broken to a yell and back down again.“Your mother said she wouldn’t bind you again.” Was all he said.“Are you fucking kidding me!!” I shouted at him. “Why were you so determined to keep this from me? To not let me be whole?” I asked.“You are whole. You are a whole human. That’s all you need to be.” He said.“She is NOT only human!!” My mother screams at him. We all flinched
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God's Angels
Emerial's Family Tree ArchangelJophiel – Great GrandmotherAngel of Justice, Wisdom, Understanding Human – Age 408Edward – Great GrandfatherVeteran of Northern Wars Nephelium – Age 388Joseph – GrandfatherVeteran of Thirty Years WarAngel Powers - Justice and Wisdom ArchangelCamael – GrandmotherAngel of Leader of the PowersStrength, Courage, War ArchangelMichael – FatherGeneral in Gods ArmyAngel of DeathGo between for God and HadesRead more
            I had taken out my pocket-sized notebook and was writing lyrics when I noticed that my cousin Shadriel was looking down. We were up too far to be able to see what was happening on the ground. I went back to writing and ignored Shad.“Hey Em, are you seeing this?” Shad asked.“No.” I answered. We had been sitting up here waiting for my dad to contact us about a new assignment when we heard a bunch of growling. Growling that loud could only mean one thing, werewolves.“Come on man. A new goddess is down there. She just put Selene in her place.” Shad said.“I don’t care. It’s none of our business.” I said.“It’s my business.” Shad said.“No, it’s not Shad. Did your parents or the Big Guy tell you to look out for her?” I asked.“No. But my she wolf is down there.” Sh
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          I wasn’t sure what to do. When Emerial lifted my face to his so he could look into my eyes I was embarrassed. I had looked down because he caught me checking him out. It was because most of my family was standing around watching us. It was a private moment on full display. I’ve never been one for PDA, small, light kisses sure but anything more has always made me uncomfortable.“Thank you. But I’ve never been comfortable with PDA and most of my family is watching us.” I said.“Are you sure that’s all it was?” Emerial asked.            I looked him straight in the eye, not sure what he was getting at. Then I looked at my mom and great grandpa. I raised my eyebrow in question to them. I know they heard everything he said to me. It was Hades who spoke up.“I think Emerial is asking if you have ever had a man demand y
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The Would Be King
            Aria sighed with happiness as she took her first sip. Emerial gave her a goofy smile as Rhea put a plate of bacon and chocolate chip waffles in front of her. She turned around and made a plate for Emerial, and then brought them both bowls of fruit. Shad and Ebony had a platter of sausage in front of them. Rhea grabbed some of the sausages before Shad and Ebony could eat them all. They were all happily eating when the sliding doors opened. All of them stopped and turned to see who it was.“Are we interrupting?” Eros asked with an odd look on his face.“No, we just had a long night last night.” Aria told him.“What happened?” Gaia asked walking into the house.“Did another of your powers unlock?” A woman behind Gaia asked. She was tall and thin, with hair that was white on top ombre style to black tips that blended seamlessly into the silk of h
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            I couldn’t believe my eyes. Lucifer had just walked into my backyard with Michael, Selene, Craig, and a woman I hadn’t met yet. By the looks of the way Craig and the woman were together I was sure she was Paisley, his mate and Luna. I could feel my anger boiling to the surface. He should have stayed away.“I brought him here Aria.” Michael said before I could speak.“Why?” Emerial asked crossing his arms.“I think that Lucifer should be the one to explain himself.” Michael said. Everyone waited for Lucifer to talk. I stared at him, he didn’t speak, he wouldn’t even look at anyone.“Look at me.” I finally said. He looked up and I saw the flash of fear in his eyes before he wiped all emotions from his face. “I’m listening.” I said softer than before.“I came to you last night because I to f
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Marks and Training
“Our Marks are more on the soul than on the surface. You will have a Mark similar to Ebony’s. Probably the same color but I’m not sure what the design will be. It all has to do with our bloodlines and what we mean to each other.” Emerial explained. “Do gods/goddesses have marks that we give?” I asked.“We do. Though they are rarely given. Hades and Persephone are the only gods I know of that have them. Once a god or goddess gives their mark they are with that induvial for this life and the next.” Gaia explained.“I gave my mark to your great grandmother Grace, she couldn’t mark me, but I wanted to ensure that we would find each other again.” Eros said thoughtfully.“Have you?” I asked him.“Not yet. I am hoping it will be soon though. I miss her.” Eros said.“It will be Eros. She is making her way to the River Lethe.” Hades sai
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Aria            I woke up that morning feeling so strange. It was like I hadn’t slept but I wasn’t tired, and everything was too light. My desk, the door, my bed, I broke everything that morning. And I had the dirtiest thoughts running through my head. I couldn’t stop them, I was sure it was a hormonal thing, I thought I was getting my period early. It was a really weird day.I got dressed, ate, and left the house for school before Rhea was up so she didn’t know anything was going on.“I would have made her stay home if I had.” Rhea interjected.            Before I got out of the car, I took a few calming breathes and I grabbed my backpack and locked the doors behind me. Everyone was pretty nice to me. I had only been at the school for a week now. But again, today was stra
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