Reborn as a Noble Cat

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Reborn as a Noble Cat

By: Peter-Kun OngoingGames

Language: English

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Shiraga Toyami, a twenty-four year old developer. He is very talented that he got promoted several times in his first year in his job. He loved what he does, he always put effort in his doing that made his work very outstanding. One day, when his project with the company was beta released, a mysterious hacking incident happened. In occurrence, he also fainted and lost consciousness. The time he woke up, he got welcomed by a little girl, and surprisingly, he turned as a cat. How will he survive this world as a cat, where demons are marching through domination of the world that time. Will he be of help? Or will he become a useless spectator? Discovering the world, he knew every detail of it since he was part of making that world, the world he came to, is the game he developed. Does he have the advantage or disadvantage?

1 chapters
It was a bizarre thing for me to happen. Of all the people, I was chosen? By who? God? Does he even exist? Hi, my name is Toyami, Shiraga Toyami. I'm a twenty-four year old developer. I'm not that yet veteran when it comes to game developing, but I'm confident to say that I'm above average. I've been hired by a famous game developing company called Tetsuya Game Corps. I've been only working in the company for a year and a half but I got promoted several times in just a year. My bosses seem to acknowledge my contribution to the ongoing game we're dying to finish. I got hired in this company and assigned to this project immediately. We can say that my working age in this company is the same as the development age of the game. The game I'm talking about is Devil's Lore. To put it simply, it's a typical MMORPG that contains elements such as demon lords and heroes. But that's not all, after a year and a half of developin
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