Regret Of The Living

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Regret Of The Living

By: Finn OngoingMystery/Thriller

Language: English

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Hateshi Yamito and Hikari Kanae got caught into a very strange phenomenon called "Grievers Case". Ever since their encounter with one of the Grievers, their life started to change. Their daily life is now ruined with the sight of a dark figure in their surroundings. The Grievers will target someone that sees them and hunt that person to the end of Earth. Yamito and Kanae also went through some changes. They were able to solve the case caused by Grievers and were able to use some of the power related to them.


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Prologue–the Day Of Doing Nothing
'Just how many times I've been here?' That question stuck in my head after I'm tired of the same scenery that I saw everyday. The regular tree, regular street, people and animal. Sometimes, the same thing just keep happening over and over again. Each scenery registered itself into my retinas with a different twist each time. Let's see. One of it must be that old man that I saw two days ago. He was walking his dog at the time and then yesterday, I saw him walking alone. What happened you asked? As an outsider, there's no way I would know that. The time comes. 3 in the evening. The same time that old man always taking a walk and yet I didn't see him today. Why am I waiting? Because there's nothing for me to do. I wake up, go outside, walk around, go home and sleep. Not a healthy life but at least I'm happy with it. "That old man didn't come huh?" I rest my hand on the bench, claiming it's availability only just for me. I look up to the orange sky and let out a deep sigh. "s
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Chapter 1:The Encounter
"Hwaaaah"I let out a huge yawn as I woke up from my deep sleep. "Another day, another life"I talk to myself as I make my way towards the bathroom.As usual, I wash my face and brush my teeth like any other morning.So far, I have no destination in my life. I wake up in the morning, do nothing all day and sleep at night. it's not a healthy lifestyle but I'm fine with it. I should be entering highschool and should be on my senior year but thanks to an accident, I lose my will to study. At least I still got my will to live so that's all that matters. Right now, I'm trying to go on adventure to find my lost energy. That's the way I would put it but in reality, I'm just passing time until I'm ready to stand on my own two feet.My mother is living with her family due to her divorce with my father. My father on the other hand, died on that accident. *It's all started 3 years ago on his day off. we were thinking of visiting his hometown and the sky is not clear as what the weather fo
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Chapter 2:Grievers
The black silhouette sway from left to right as it make way towards the bench. The girl from earlier cover her mouth with her hand as if she was trying to cover her scream just now. Her scream can't be undone and it's only a matter of time before the creature approach her. The dark-looking creature walk unsteadily as it passes her. I could only sit quietly as I watch it moving. The silhouette sit on the bench and black liquid start dripping from it's seat. 'just what is this creature?' I thought to myself. It's body were made purely out of black material. I mean like literally. It was so dark yet somehow transparent. I could see the girl on the other side just by watching it from my side. It was a bit dark but still visible. Talking about the girl, she was trembling for a while now. She still covered her mouth and I could see that she was sweating bullet. The color drained from her face and it's look like she was about to faint. knowing that she won't make it for long, I de
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Chapter 3:Silhouette Under The Sun
"Guuuuuuh" I tried to reach for my phone after waking up in rather peculiar situation. My pillow who supposed to be a mark for where my head supposed to be is now underneath one of my leg. My other leg were stuck underneath the pillow. The reason for my pillow to change position is not because I tossed it around but I'm the one who is spinning in my sleep. One of my hand is hugging my suppose-to-be blanket and my other hand is placed underneath my head as a replacement for a pillow. "...." I look at the time alongside it's date. 6 in the morning on march 10. It's saturday. I sit on the side of my bed, a single bed that bigger than the usual and stretch my hand upward. "ngghhhh" I groan as I waited for few of my bone to crack. I twisted my body left to right and heard a few cracking bones on my back before finally stopped. "I'm getting old..." I talk to myself before standing on my feet. I'm still a 17 years old teenager so saying that I'm old at this age is a bit exag
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Chapter 4:Walking Figure
The sound of my alarm clock wake me up from my sleep.I hit the top of the clock and get away from the bed. I'm sure that I will sleep again if I stay laying on it. Today is Saturday after all so most people will sleep until afternoon. My name is Hikari Kanae. I'm a junior of Izakawa High.I exited my room and walk to the living room."Morning dad, morning mom""Morning""Morning sweetie"I greet both my parents and proceed to the bathroom.I apply some lotion on my skin and brush my teeth while waiting for the lotion to take effect.Once it's start to get cold, I wash my face and dried it using a towel."fuuuh, refreshing."I walk out from the bathroom and join my family on their breakfast.While I was eating, my father suddenly speaks to me."So, how was highschool?".He asked.His sudden and hoarse voice almost make me choke on my food."Mhmm? It's pretty great. I make new friends"I said on which he replied with 'good to know' before continue eating his own breakfast.
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Chapter 5:The Chase
I found her.I was lucky enough to quickly enter the train from my station. A second late and I would missed it.After running through one alley into another and running through the street and almost got his by a car, I finally found her. She was attack by two of the Grievers."Not on my watch!!"I didn't take any delay and deliver a punch towards the creature.The creature have the size of a child so as logic apply to it, the child flew backwards after got hit by my fist."huh?"I could hear a gasped from her that make me look at her. When I saw her, I also saw the second creature that's been holding her down.I stepped on the creature from the floor and hold out my hand towards her. "You alright!?" with a ragged breathing and feeling a bit panic, I accidentally raise my voice towards her.she was hesitantly hold out her hand but I have no time to wait. Another dark puddle have appears around our feet and the child-looking Grievers is starting to get back on his feet.I quickly take
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Chapter 6:Two People,one Fate
*slurp~*"...."*slurp~~*"..."*SLURP~~~!*"! FINE!! FINE!! I understand okay!! so stop drinking from that empty glass!!""Pwaah, you should said that earlier"We were now sitting in a restaurant not so far from the staircase we were sitting.It's already noon so I brought her to eat lunch.We were talking about who should pay and almost made a ruckus at the counter. I insisted on paying while she insisted on paying me back for bothering me.I take out my money before her and pay our order. I take her hand and bring her to the very back of the restaurant.We talked about how's all of this is not her fault but she keep insisting.When our drink arrived, I finished mine quickly and keep annoying her so that she listens to my word.Which brought us to where we were now."So? would you listen to my word again?" I said to her."Yes–" She replied but before she could finish, I cut her off."Without interfering?"She jolt a bit before glaring at me."guh.....F..fine....I won't" she replied,
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Chapter 7: Somehow Peaceful
Weird....It's so~ weird....It's been a week since that incident and nothing had happened. I always in touch with Kanae to know if something happens to her but she had nothing on her side as well.We always talk at night–Wait...No, we always talk apparently.She messaged me in the morning, on her school recess, on her way home and at night. She always talk about how her day went like how her friend ask her to go shopping with them or doing class duty after school. It's pain me to write it but I have to lie about how my day went. I told her how I was in class which I said that I sleep all the way until school end. I'm felt really sorry for her but there's no way I would tell her about my problem.Right now, it's Friday, and I lied about how I was bedridden and told to go home early.She give a panic phonecall on which I'm able to calm her down. She keep insisting about taking care of me but I refuse. My house is clean but I don't have any text book or even regular book in my room.
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Chapter 8: From Now On
".....For real?"Kanae who was looking through all the paper that I brought with me have her mouth agape as she shuffle through all of the sheet."You...did all of this in a day?""Yup"We were now at the small coffee shop near her house.I sent her a message last night about something that we need to talk about. I was planning to invite her to my house at first but then realized that I should not do that."You got to be kidding me....How can you make it so detail?" You even mark my house correctly" She continue looking at the paper as I drink the coffee that I had ordered."I'm an expert in area expedition so it's natural for me to memorize the area I've been to" I said so while pointing my thumb towards myself after putting my cup on the table."That's.... impressive..."She was still loss for word apparently.I decided to stay silent and take out my phone from my pocket."Hey, have you seen that blogger?"After feeling the phone in my hand, the video from the other day resurface
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Chapter 9:Time is Moving
It's been few days since my meeting with Hikari. 5 days to be exact.Today is 23 of March. Judging from the timetable used by each school, an exam should take place today. It's should last for a week and based on what Hikari told me, they already had an exam the day I asked her to meet me.Now I feel guilty. I wonder if she can focus on her exam with all the Grievers thing on her mind. It's impossible for me. I would take a day off and pretend that I have a very severe cold. I have average results back in middle school but with the Grievers thing taking place, I won't be able to concentrate on any subject."haaaaaah"I let out a sigh as I lean my head on the balcony.The weather were so nice today unlike the day we encountered the Griever. 'Maybe I should take a walk...', is what I thought at first but then I just throw myself on the bed with my face buried in the pillow."Not good...this feeling of loneliness is not good if I let it overflow."I said to myself even though all I hear
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