Reincarnated Blood Mage: He who sought to kill the Gods

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Reincarnated Blood Mage: He who sought to kill the Gods

By: Cody Grimsley OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Monsters, magic, and everything that has ever fallen under society's idea of mythology exists in Lorna. This includes Gods. Unfortunately for me, I was brought here from another world. In my world mythology was just that, a myth; but now here I sit the very first blood mage to ever walk the plains of Lorna. Most would think this is awesome or I hit the jack pot. That couldn't be further from the truth. I was forced into reincarnation by a goddess named Alfina. She wants me to track down and slay her six brothers and sisters because they've abandoned their duties to wreak havoc on the mortal plain. My name is Aric Crimson, and this is my story on how I became the God killer.


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Chapter 1
I sat up and found myself in a dark void. I wasn't sure how I could see when there was no light, but nonetheless, I could. It was like I was a match in a pitch-black forest. Once I finally got past the whole void thing, I began to question where precisely this void was. Something about this place was really giving me a bad feeling because the only time I hear of people ending up in a sea of nothing is when they're dead. I'm too young to be dead, right? "What the hell is going on!?" I screamed out into the darkness.My scream echoed in the nothingness somehow, and right when it faded out, a tiny speck of light shone in the distance. If it weren't for the fact everything else was so dark, I would've missed the small amount. Sighing and unsure what else I should do, I sat down. I rested my head in my hands, thinking about what my next course of action should be. The only conclusion I kept coming back to would be to talk to God. If anyone could get me out of this, he could, and maybe I c
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Chapter 2
Air was whipping around me as I fell; my heart was pounding as I saw the ground below getting closer and closer."Alfina, you bastard!" I screamed.The fall felt like it was going to go on forever, and I could see my second demise about to happen. Why she promised me another life just to kill me, I didn't understand. I was about a few hundred feet from the ground when I braced myself for impact, pulling my arms up to cover my face. Three. Two. One.My body ached as I smashed into the water. I landed on my side, and I hit the water so hard that my left arm was riddled with excruciating pain. It felt broken or dislocated, but I wasn't sure. The only thing I knew was that I had to reach the surface, but I was so deep down that it felt like being back in the void again. Kicking and pulling, even though it hurt like hell, I did my best to make my way to the surface. I was barely progressing, and my muscles burned with exhaustion while my lungs cried out for oxygen. The light was growing d
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Chapter 3
I awoke to Xela crouched in front of me, which almost caused me to scream because it was still dark. She quickly covered my mouth with a hand while simultaneously pressing her index finger to her lips. She then proceeded to point to my right. I slowly turned my head, and in the distance I could see light coming torwards us. Xela leaned closer to me."It's a group of raiders They've caught our scent, so we need to move.", she whispered so low I could barely hear.I looked at her and furrowed my brow, "Is that not dangerous? We could get killed.""We'll die if we stay. If you want to wait for them to find you so be it, that'll give me more time to get away.", Xela's spoke raising her voice some to emphasize how serious she was.I looked to the growing light and then back to Xela, "Alright lead the way."I slowly stood up, doing my best not make to much noise. Clutching my dagger in my right hand, I began to follow Xela as she turned and began to continue east. It was extremely dark, and
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chapter 4
Waking up to a woman straddling you is usually the dream for most men. I would be included in that group, but when it's the goddess who has you by the balls and is glaring at you with murderous intent, you begin to wish for eternal loneliness. I stared into her eyes for a moment before I attempted by my best smile."Alfina, hey. How are you?", I said nervously.She rolls her eyes at me, "You want to know how I am? I'm no more better than yesterday because instead of moving forward with our deal, you decided to follow a little half elf around. I was flabbergasted by Alfina. She was acting like a spoiled child mixed with a clingy girlfriend."What was I to do? You were the one who dropped me from the sky. Xela simply helped me get to Koth alive, so the question would be 'where were you'.", I said this time my eyes meeting hers, refusing to break contact.I refused to be scolded for making a decision to live and learn. Xela was my only hope for survival at the time, so Alfina was going
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