Reincarnated With A Lewd Level-Up System

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Reincarnated With A Lewd Level-Up System

By: Ruby_banks02 OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Kevin, a seventeen years old orphan dies on his way back to the orphanage where he lives. He wakes up to find himself in a fantasy world filled with super beings, superpowers, monsters, demons, creatures and all one could find in a fantasy world. Ding! «You have obtained the ultimate lewd system » «Do you wish to accept it? » With the help of this system, join Kevin as he walks on the path to greatness.


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The System
Ding!«You have obtained the ultimate lewd system »«Are you willing to accept the system?»"What's this voice in my head?!" A sleeping boy asks no one in particular as he opens his black-iris eyes and looks around him. "Hell no! How did I end up here?" Shock and fear fill his eyes as they dart around the environment.The boy is currently in the middle of some thick tall trees with dwarf grasses and some wildflowers all around him.~You are in an unfortunate yet fortunate situation, host .~An unknown voice replied again and this time, the boy abruptly stands to his feet with his hands outstretched, ready for action."If you don't show yourself, I'll have no choice but to teach you some lessons! Who are you?" Though the boy seems afraid, there in his eyes are some dots of confidence gotten from who knows where.~There you go again! I'm right inside your head, don't you get it!~"My head?" The boy yells and holds his head tight. "How are you in my head?"~Just listen carefully to all
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Lesser Demon, Kira
"What! What the hell did you just say?" The boy yells in shock as he stares at the mission box in front of his face.«Have sex with the first female you meet on your way out »«It's not hard, you know! »"Hold on! How do you expect me to give my virginity to some stranger? What if I meet her and she's not a human?" «That is left for you to figure out, you have to accomplish your mission before tomorrow or you'll have to sleep for another one week! »"Huh? Before tomorrow? What kind of system are you? So bossy and senseless!"«Your time starts now »"Argh!" The boy yells and pulls on his hair.The system was truly frustrating him but on second thought, he knew there was no other choice for him. Reluctantly, he stands to his feet and looks in all the directions, there are only two paths for him to follow and so after thinking it through, he followed the one on his left.After walking for a long time, he got to a place with three roads and followed the third one — the one in the middle
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Kira's Past
As said, Kira heated the food and served Kevin who did not hesitate to start munching the food.If there was anything Kevin was certain about, it was the fact that the little demon girl would not poison him. If she does, that means she had ultimately destroyed whatever plans she had concerning him. He rushed the food as if it's been a long time since he last tasted any food and truly, it has been up to a week since he ate something. Kira watched as he devoured the food after which he gulped down the cup of water that she gave him."Seems you've been hungry for quite a long time?" She asked while staring at him with a pitied look on her face.Kevin didn't reply to her question as there was no point in doing so, instead, he packed the plate and stood up. "Thanks for the food, where should I put them?""Oh, don't worry, I'll do it," Kira replied and stood up. She collected the food and walked to the back of the house. After a while, she returned with a piece of cloth."Here, wear this
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Completing His Mission
"Y-you want me to sleep with you?" Kira shuddered, her red eyes glowing in shock."Of course, if you want me to help you, take that as a sacrifice that has to be made. Nothing comes for free, you know?""I know," Kira replied and bit her lower lips. She knew nothing comes for free but who would have thought that the human boy before her could be so greedy! Nevertheless, she had to do it! She knew she had to do it even at the cost of losing her virginity to someone who isn't her lover."I will do it but first you have to let me feed on your blood," she said and looked at Kevin. "My blood? Why?" Kevin was slightly taken aback by what she said."If you don't want me to kill you during the stuff, I need to drink blood!"Kevin thought for a while. Her eyes were still red indicating that the curse could trigger anything time and when it does she might go berserk and hurt him."Fine! But just a little, don't drink up all my blood!" Kevin after making up his mind decided to offer her his blo
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Begging To Stay
"System, show me the rewards!" Kevin said as he sat on the bed. He glanced over at Kira who was deeply asleep and smirked. It was a hectic night for her but not for him because he was yet to get satisfied, the only reason he stopped was that she was already exhausted and also because he had completed his mission. Ding!«Mission 1 completed »«Reward:100 pointsA skill obtainedCharm: When the host uses this skill, no one will be able to hypnotize you. Skill level: 1 (Level up to use more features of this skill)Skill Points: 10/100 »"I wasn't joking when I said the system was stingy!" Kevin mumbled with a frown on his face as he stared at the window. "Nevertheless, it's pretty better than nothing. System, add 50 points to strength, 20 points to stamina, 10 points to endurance, another 10 to intelligence and the remaining 10 to charm."Ding!«Name: Kevin Woods »«Age: 17 »«Race: Human »«Level: 1»«Power level: 10»«HP: 100/100»«Strenght: 70 »«Stamina: 40»«Endurance: 30»«Intel
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Guild Ranks
Kevin watched as Kira happily ran into the room, out of curiosity, he decided to follow to see what she was up to. Upon entering the room, he saw her stuffing some of her clothes inside a backpack. "Are you sure about this, Kira?" He asked as he stared at her."I've made up my mind and I won't change it. I'll go wherever you go and stand by your side," Kira replied without turning to look at Kevin. "You are making it sound like a life commitment, or. . . are you indirectly saying you want to marry me?" Kevin teased with a chuckle.Kira blushed a little but did not say a word. After packing the things she deemed important, they left the house into the road.Kevin had no idea where he was going but he needed to find a better place to stay and a chance to get stronger.While they were walking, he noticed that there were not many people around such as young boys and girls like them, the ones he was seeing were old men and women and kids who were playing around. If it were to be in his
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Ambushed By E-Rank Monsters
To leave the town, the people had to board a bus and so Kira and Kevin boarded one of the hundred busses that were lined up. Once they entered, they settled down and waited for it to get filled, no bus could leave the town without getting filled.Some minutes later, the bus was filled and it took off. Kevin stared out of the window, he was mesmerized by the beauty of the town, it looked different from where Kira was staying. "That was the only place I could afford, I'm not rich!" Kira as if reading his mind said without looking at him."You don't need to explain, I understand perfectly!" Kevin replied still looking out of the window.If he had that kind of apartment in his previous world, he would have left the orphanage to live there. Though the orphanage was a nice place, it had so many rules that he hated. For example, the boys could not date the girls, no one is allowed to work and do other things.Those rules bored and provoked him, it was because of these rules that he had to d
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Fighting The E-Rank Monsters
On a closer look, the lizard-looking monsters had large red eyes, thick-yellow scales and razor-like tails, they were also larger than a crocodile. They menacingly stared at the group of humans who they had surrounded.Kira saw the serious look on Kevin's face and didn't try to object, since she had made a promise to him that she was going to fight alongside him. She took out the two daggers and gave one to Kevin who smiled and collected it. Tightly grasping the dagger in his hand, Kevin turned to Kira. "Are you ready?""Ready when you are!" Kira replied like an assistant soldier. She firmly held the dagger in her hand, waiting for Kevin to give out instructions."I'll take the lead, you watch my back! Don't too worry about me, make sure to stay safe!" Kira reluctantly nodded at the order given to her by Kevin, she would have loved to take the lead because she is a demon but Kevin wouldn't allow it. Nevertheless, she was going to protect him from behind, at least, it's all she could
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Being In Control
Kevin felt a hot sensation fill his blood, a new form of energy flowed into his veins as the system was helping him level up.Ding!«Level up complete!»«Name: Kevin Woods »«Age: 17 »«Race: Human »«Level: 2»«Power level: 100»«HP: 200/200»«Strength: 100 » «Stamina: 100»«Endurance: 100»«Intelligence: 100»«Skills: «Charm: When the host uses this skill, no one will be able to hypnotize you »«Skills level: 2»«Level 2 Charm: The user can control other people's minds to a certain extent »«Skills point: 50/100»------------"This is so good! I feel so strong right now," Kevin said with a smile plastered on his face.Kira ran up to him happily and suddenly hugged him from behind, pressing her two fully grown bounties against his back. Kevin felt quite shocked by her audacity but after thinking it through, he smiled because he loved it."We did it!" She said as she tightened the hug."Yes, we did but can you let me go? You are increasing the pains in my body," Kevin replied and ge
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Bathroom Play
"W-what!" Kevin could not help but yell out in shock."Do you want to bathe me? But what for?""You are injured so I need to help you bathe," Kira replied and began to unbutton his shirt."But I can do that myself! Besides, I still got my hands which are very much okay," Kevin said trying to peel off her hands."Can you just shut up for once!" Kira yelled. Surprisingly, Kevin nodded awkwardly and stopped trying to remove her hands.She successfully unbuttoned the shirt and then moved down to his pants which she carefully removed. After taking off his clothes, she dragged him with the way he was butt naked into the bathroom and placed him inside the bathtub. "Wait for me here, I'm coming!" She said to him and left the bathroom."What the hell is suddenly wrong with her tonight? Did she kill too many monsters that it affected her thinking? I guess not because she didn't even kill a single one, I did the whole killing so why is she behaving li. . . Holy shit! Kira!"Kevin's eyes widened
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