Reincarnated and Become King

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Reincarnated and Become King

By: Adi Gm OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Arga moved from Earth to another world, he thought he would live a normal life but in reality, the new world he was in was swallowed up by a black hole that appeared in the sky, since then a life he never expected to happen, the world of the kingdom with whom the strong he reigns. Plus the elements of magic and all kinds of magic that he could only find in novels, all of which he could find in the new world, especially when he became a noble he became more mentally aware that the modern world couldn't be used in a world that had slaves as a matter of course. Studying, fighting and war now is something Arga has to do, to make his life's just that his life story is not destined to be smooth, a former lover who becomes a rival, a greedy noble, a world full of power, plus all the mysteries that exist waiting for Arga to make him fail, in the end where will Arga survive???.


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New Continent
In the depths of a very large forest on a new continent, hundreds of people with various clothes are seen waiting around a waterfall area, not without reason hundreds of people gathered there, it happened because of their King and Queen, who is currently behind a waterfall or rather a room that is there.There are 7 Major Sovereigns on the Continent with the most powerful King and Queen, now the Seventh is in the room behind the waterfall, this King and Queen are representatives of the most influential and powerful great empire in the new continent, the new Continent is the name of the great continent that has thousands of times the area of ​​Earth, which also has Hundreds of Human kingdoms in it with the seven great kingdoms as the undisputed rulers of the new continent, which has stood for more than Thousands of years.In the room behind the waterfall, 7 figures are standing in front of a stone pulpit in the form of a big book that reads about the Ancient Secret, the seven kings, an
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"ahhhh....where is this????" Arga was confused by the environment he saw, he who fell asleep after coming home from work in his room now woke up in an empty classroom, saw a dark room and the moon shining outside the window, Arga knew that it was nighttime, only he didn't know exactly what time it was. "Ughhhh.Arga saw that his whole body looked bruised, not to mention when he touched his face, there was a feeling of pain that he felt when his hand touched the skin of his cheek, but the pain that came from his body was suddenly added by the pain that came from his head. A memory that does not belong to him now appears one by one filling his head, until a few minutes after Arga endured the pain from the memory that appeared in his head, only then did he feel relieved that all these memories had been successfully added to his brain. But then a very surprising thing happened, even though his name and physique were the same as his own, the Arga he currently resided in was not himself, i
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Black Hole
Feeling tired of what happened today Arga then cleaned himself up, while making a simple dinner with only bread and eggs, Arga then went straight to bed to rest. The night just passed and the next day Arga woke up from his sleep in a better state. "Ahhhh.....sleep is indeed the most relax, but this pain can't be allowed to continue, it seems I have to go to the pharmacy to buy bruise medicine," Arga thought after he felt much better, but still having trouble doing normal activities. "It's the same price as the previous world" Arga commented when he came out of a pharmacy and found the prices sold there for drugs that were as effective as the earth were not much different.A little explanation this time Arga was reborn as a citizen of a country called Negara Jaya, a country with a parliamentary government system led by the president, Jaya is a country with hundreds of millions of people whose main income comes from technology and mining. If Arga has to equate the country he is in no
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"Why the longer the walk, the harder it is??? Is this a legendary challenge like the one in the novels" Arga said excitedly?"So then, isn't this a good thing, because in the end it's enough to just climb the ladder and with a strong determination without giving up, the results will come soon enough," Arga said again very happily after he realized the workings of the stairs he was currently going through.But what Arga never thought was that even though the ladder seemed easy, it had many experiments that Arga could never have imagined, for example at this time when all of humanity is experiencing the same thing as Arga.They are tested by climbing stairs which are getting harder and harder, it doesn't matter if they continue on their way and don't stop at certain stairs, because if they stop at certain stairs and they sit down Then next is the illusion of what is in their mind will be displayed soon. ######A 30-year-old man who currently looks tired chooses to sit on the stairs, fr
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Furthermore, Arga gradually became more and more accustomed to all the things that prevented him from getting to the top of this ladder, although he did not know what was at the end of it, Arga always believed that whatever it was must be the thing that was most desired by humans.So in this case even though he was tired he still kept trying even though he had to take step by step, "let's go....go on....a little bit more....take some charts" Arga encouraged himself when he was almost passed out to climb the stairsAria's unyielding state can't be separated from the burning feelings inside him, more precisely the hatred and revenge that Arga has inherited from his predecessors, became his fuel for him to continue to go further in the hope of getting something better if he could go further.If the real Arga had to face this, he might have given up early, how could he not do this he has little ambition, for himself as long as he has a good life, then other things like big ambition, such
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New World
After Arga received all the gifts, the mysterious voice again said [ "Prepare yourselves because this time you will be sent to a new world, for those who have their ruler tokens have the opportunity to choose where they will stand, while for those who don't have ruler tokens, they will be sent to big cities From all the kingdoms in the new world, close your eyes and when you hear the voice of the command to open your eyes then you can open your eyes"] the mysterious voice said to all mankind to give instructions to them.From there, Arga, who was included in it, followed what was said, while then he began to look forward to what the new world he would come to would be like. "Tring... Please open your eyes, and in this world, you will live from now on" the mysterious voice sounded again and suddenly disappeared.For the humans who were transferred to the big cities of the kingdoms that exist in this new world, they then realized that they were currently in a medieval city and on the ot
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After Arga releases his ruler token, and the Token shines brightly a miraculous scene ensues, where the token's rays that illuminate the surrounding area of ​​Arga, now suddenly turn into a small residential area in the middle of the Padang grass on the hill.This time in front of Arga there is a simple wooden fence more than 1 meter high, which wants to surround the simple residential complex that has appeared in front of Arga, Price who saw this was so excited that he then said. "This is great, like a scene in a movie but when you see it for yourself it's much more spectacular, now let's explore what's in this simple settlement," said Agra excitedly as he started to enter the modest settlement he owned.Entering a simple settlement, beside the fence guarding the entrance there are two simple guard posts made of wooden planks, going deeper into Agra see a simple item that can accommodate dozens of soldiers, on the other side of the simple soldier barracks, there is a building marked
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After seeing the status displayed in front of his eyes, Arga was amazed "Wowwww....look at this status, very similar to games, amazing it seems the future is very bright" Arga said excitedly as he started to imagine his village would become more and more crowded and full of people.The thought of building a civilization on his own with his abilities Arga was very happy, but just when he was just happy he heard a voice [ The first test will come 1 month later, it is hoped that all village owners will be able to survive the test, if they fail the village lord's qualifications are revoked and lives may be lost, as long as This 1 month the protection system will be activated throughout the village, from any threat] the mysterious voice immediately sounded again in Arga's mind.And Arga was just happy to be ugly because he realized that now isn't just a race against time to save his life, luckily there is 1 month of protection time given to the village so that at least Arga can breathe for
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After Arga got the answer from the system then he realized that everything is always related to him in other words the progress of his innate depends on the leadership he has, so in this case of course Arga feels that he must try harder to make himself stronger and automatically his subordinates will also become strong."Since the summoning card has been used, then let's use the bronze lottery, and see what we get," said Arga then after he realized that there were still many prizes he had not used, so he had an interest in using it." system I want to use the bronze lottery," said Arga.(Okay, let the host say stop anywhere when the spin is playing) the system replies to Arga.And not long after, a spinning lottery appeared in front of Arga, the lottery only showed numbers from 1-10 and there was no information, but this made Arga even more curious and itchy, wanting to see what prize he would receive."Turn...." Arga shouted full of anticipation.Until then the lottery slowed down sl
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New Title
Alright, let's skip that part, then let's see the price of slaves" Arga said back and then focus back on slaves. Slave price: Man 1. Adult Male under 40 years old in good health and farmer qualification = 2 gold coins. 2. Adult male under 40 years old with disability = 1 silver coin. 3. Healthy adult male over 40 years old in good health and farmer qualification = 1 gold coin. 4. Young men under the age of 18 and healthy = 1 gold coin. 5. Young men under the age of 18 with disabilities = 1 silver. Those with skills have various prices ranging from 2-5 times the price of normal adult men (jobs such as craftsmen, soldiers, scholars, and others) Woman 1. Healthy adult women under 30 years = 3 gold coins. 2. Healthy adult women over 30 years = 2 gold coins. 3. Adult women under 30 years old with disabilities = 1 gold coin. 4. Healthy under 18 years old = 5 gold coins. 5. Youth under 18 with disabilities = 1 gold coin Those with higher-priced skills reached 3-10 times the no
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