Reluctant Villain turns Helpful Hero

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Reluctant Villain turns Helpful Hero

By: Magmatidez OngoingGames

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One of the Five Villains of the game Dimensional Odessy never wanted to be a Villain. He joined the game to have fun with his friends while maintaining his daily life. But a series of mishaps and his own twisted sense of honor prevented him from seeing the "Hero's" side of things. It does not help the game kept giving him Quests to help the story progress better. A drawback from being originally on a RP/PVE server. He did not find out till later that he was lead into the role. To take the slot of a large portion of the game. Budget cuts in the game almost ruined it. After years of fighting against the status Quo, he went full Villain. With the help of the other Four, they waged War and realigned the Game to better standards. After the scripted War ended and a truce was formed, the largest Event started in the game. The Destructive Wave arrived. Villains, Heros, and those Inbetween, had to put their differences aside and fight against it. As everyone gave their all and ended it, they were suprised when the prompt arrived. (Users have done the unthinkable. However, humanity will no survive the "Change" due to "Events." Would you like to enter + mode?) Only two Users selected it. Most just logged off to think it over. Then again, only a few wanted to keep playing. The last "Event" had caused them to be burnt out. The de facto leader of the Hero side, a User by the name Endless Rhapsody clicked yes. Number Five of the Villans also clicked yes. Both were engulfed in light and disappeared.


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Time Bend Start from the Beginning
Countless individuals laid out across the battlefield. Beaten weary and overall tired. The ground was unrecognizable from all the destructive spells and devasting explosions that took place.The Users Endless Abyss, Burning Requiem, Killing Softly, and Burp Burp stared in awe, as the last of the enemy burned away. The large amount of experience was then shifted around to the various leaders.One Leader, in particular, changed the Experience Share to the "Partyless People" at one point. It was only 30% overall. Enough to make it more than worthwhile for them. Coupled with the title "Coach Thy Enemy," the other Users received a multiplier of 3x. He stared at the title for a bit. It was so odd to have received it for a quest reward at the time. But then, when he came across those he fought with just moments before during the quest, it made sense.The Individuals turned from "Yellow Ring" and "Green Ring" to "Red Ring" and attacked. Killing them was not
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Chapter 1 Beginning Need To Wrap My head Around This
Logging On, brought a rollercoaster of information. The User spent hour after digital hour reliving memories that felt foreign at first. Slowly he accepted them to be his own after several sensations forced that it was all real and that this had taken place. The headache was almost unbearable.  Once it finished, he realized the Game had done the impossible and disrupted "time" for the conscious mind. Both he and someone named Endless Rhapsody were brought back. The problem with that was her name. It was her "Martial Name" derived from what she had done. With know way to find her, he put it to the back of his mind. (Mental Note: Rember something called Endless Rhapsody) No point in wasting time anyway. For all he knew, she was not even playing after that rush of information he received. She could have had more than him and worse since she belonged to the Hero * Heroine Faction Party. The problem with all that information received, he neede
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Chapter 2 Beginning Again: Wanderer Guild troubles and helping out
- 5 hours later- . The Game really went the distance in some instances. Making the wait for walk-ins the same as it would be in real life. The Wanderer Guild was still packed over time. But one thing was for sure, the Users were merrily enjoying themselves. Only a few used outside game terms and mannerisms. (Sub Stat Up: Finger Strength + 1) (Through continuous movement and exercising, the User has increased sub-stat. Additional strength and damage output to hand-based movements.) The entire time waiting, Vladis was tapping his fingers in a rhythm. A social tick under most eyes but training really for himself. He also looked at each person over in front of him. First by individual subrace then back to the individual gender and aesthetics of them. Thinking over each standard characteristic they had in detail. His aim was to force skills and stat increases out from memory. (Skill: Evaluation I Acquired) (Through continuou
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Chapter 3 Beginning Again: Library Visit
"Thanks. Hope things go better for you all." Vladis received everything and left. Stepping outside the moonlight caught him and the fairies. "Ahh fresh night air." Slowly the natural essences from the surroundings wrapped around him. A reflex of his pulling it into his body mentally out of habit. "Oops!" Cutting the flow off, he relaxed. The magical cultivation technique he started to use would cause problems in this time frame. It was not released in-game until a few years from now. Even more so, he wished to head to the library to get a few more things under his built to help explain things. No need to get held up on matters from a developer or the Help Desk. The fairies' eyes lit up in understanding. They were sure that Vladis was a User to pay attention to even more so now. The first fairy, Noin thought knowingly about some things. Her eyes flashing as she made sure the Game Logs recorded nothing unusual. 'It is good I made contact so soon. I will
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Chapter 4 Beginning Again: A little trouble
It was not long before the black fairy stopped him on a page. She was reading the same books he was reading from the location of his pocket. Weird but not to much so. She defintely was able to read things faster than him. "That is your subrace. No reason to try and hide it anymore. We have been with you long enough." The black fairy spoke plainly without a hint of malice. "We will not say anything. Also, we can not anyway." "Yeah, your alright Vladis. You havent tried to take advantage of us for quests or information. We are Help from the game you know?" Green Fairy said. The fairies were pretty lax in the room. They had been talking telepathically with each other the entire time. "Did you get permission to talk about it then?" The Red fairy asked. She received a nod and they all relaxed visibly. "That is great." "So Vladis to be real with you, we may come to you for help in the future. You will receive.." "Um no." Vladis answered waving his h
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Chapter 5 Beginning Again Quest Part 1
-Next Day Real Time- . A notification went out to inform Users of how much game time was safe for them and how much was not. Vladis was cleared for four days in real-time safely with the current setup. Receiving that information, he ordered a few more parts to allow him to play longer. But also spent time writing bits of coded words in an offline tablet. It was written in Creole since only 1% of the population could read it successfully. Key phrases that would help remind him of places in case he forgot.  A few phone calls and text messages to family members to keep them from coming to bother him. He didn't quit his job still. The memory of money wasting away made sure he didn't. The lawsuit money could run out if he does something stupid and needs to bail himself out. Steady income from his job could not be ignored. "Ok, time to plan for the future. I know the names of a few people who need sponsors. However, a little discretion is neede
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Chapter 6 Beginning Quest Part 2 Training The Populace
Vladis ran through the crowd weaving and pivoting on his toes at the last second. He now had an excuse to train openly. The timer on the quest. If anyone stopped him of course. Even Help can't say anything about it. He shot right past the alley where the thieves were waiting. "Our target just ran past." The middle thief said. They stared at their sister who stood mouth agape. It was her job after all to make the first move. "You can get him another time." "What rush is he in?" The eldest thief asked. Vladis wrapped his feet in telekinetic energy. He was using them as push platforms while running along the side of the building. Seeing a few others doing slides with water and ice it was safe to do so already. He was just better at it than some. He couldn't beat the speed of the person on ice, but he didn't have to worry about someone breaking his footholds. 'Need to get my control up faster. My own body weight is a pain to push off from!
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Chapter 7 Beginner Quest Part 3 Anger slipping out
'But it might change for me when I visit him. I started before the others after all. If my rewards become lower... I might get angry.' Vladis slid underneath a melon cart instead of going around. On the other side was Rhino beastfolk. 'Shift!' *Glow!* Dense mana formed around Vladis and forced his body around the man. From the amount of effort he put in, Vladis could feel his bones and muscles tear. "Sorry!" the Rhino beastfolk said. He looked at his belly and was expecting to see a crushed Vladis. "We didn't collide!?" With a swivel, he spotted Vladis already running away. "Well.. that was something else." As the large beastfolk turned back, he was met with a bunch of others sliding underneath the cart.  few were not fast enough and had various parts of their bodies ran over. One unlucky Elf female smashed into his knee cap. *Crack!* An audible sickening sound rang throughout the area. This did not stop the others from continuing on their way.Read more