Revenge On The Hemsworth Family

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Revenge On The Hemsworth Family

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Liam Carnegie was the outcast son-in-law that everyone loathed, humiliated and bullied. Now a self made billionaire, Liam wants a pound of flesh on the people who made his life miserable and he was going to begin with his ex-wife, Athena Hemsworth. When Liam re-enters into the Lives of the Hemsworth, rendering them bankrupt and taking away their fortune, he aimed for one thing; getting revenge on the Hemsworth by bedding the ice Princess, Athena Hemsworth once more. Athena is shocked Liam is even more handsome and irresistible than ever. Despite the fact she wants nothing to do with him, she desires him twice as much. But if she gives into her dangerous desires and surrenders to him, she will be at his mercy forever…


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42 chapters
The plane landed at the airport at exactly half past eight, Liam disembarked and found his newly appointed personal assistant waiting for him, holding a white cardboard with his name sprawled across it.Whoever wrote it seemed to lack precision or composure, his mother in law had always been one to nag and lecture him about how one's handwriting could be used in knowing the personality of such an individual.The man spotted him immediately as he stepped out from the arrivals gateway, he knew he stood out with his expensive clothing. The man, a short Stout man, with large bulging eyes and an oddly shaped lip that stood out as the only attractive feature on his face. His lips were set in a tight expression and he was dressed in a suit, buttoned all the way to the top."Mr Liam", he called out, extending his hand and gripping Liam's forcibly. "It's so nice to officially meet you in person". He kept his expression tight, refusing to show any signs of emotions."Nice to meet you too, Mr.
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Athena Hemsworth, the only surviving heir to the Hemsworth family wealth, strode through the sliding doors into the reception hall of the new tech company that had sprung up a few years ago and was now leading the world market. Her red heels complimented her long slender legs and her curves were further highlighted with the pleated blouse and skirt that she wore. Her hair wrapped up in a bun, presented her as professional and beautiful."Miss Athena?". The receptionist, a young blonde woman with freckles across her face, asked gently as she rose from her seat facing the entrance of the door to greet her."I'm sure you know who I am", she replied angrily, glaring at the receptionist. Offended that she had not been recognized immediately. Her personal assistant, a little fellow with pointy shoes, came out from behind her with her bag, with a pinched up expression and a sour face."I have a meeting here with your boss". Athena said."I'm sorry ma but you must at least provide a means of
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Mr Colton led Peter and Athena into a wide space that was allocated as someone's office, he shut the door the moment they were inside and at the far end of the office, behind a desk, stood a man, wearing a crisp white shirt and his arms folded across his chest as he stared outside the large window, directly above his desk."Miss Athena...", He called out jovially. "Please have a seat". He ushered her into a seat opposite his desk."Come with me". Mr Colton said to Peter and led him outside."You must be Liam", Athena said, taking her seat and smiling broadly. "You look familiar, have we met before?". She squinted her eyes at him."I don't think so, never seen you before". He reclined into his seat. "So how can I help you"."Help me?", She chuckled elegantly. "No, not at all Mr Liam, I am here to help you"."Is that so?". His eyes rested on her and at that moment he felt nothing but repulsion for the beautiful woman in front of him. He couldn't believe that he had loved her at one poin
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FLASH BACK. Thirteen years ago,Liam clutched his small leather bag at the airport as he sat at the departure lounge listening to the storm outside and the tender voice of the announcer. The leather bag was the only thing Athena and her family had allowed him take from the house before he was kicked out, at least her father had requested that he pick a destination and he would pay for his ticket, Liam, without shame had chosen China, amidst the contempt and disdainful stares from Athena.As he grovelled on the floor, pleading with the woman he had loved for years, she simply stood there grinning and then out of nowhere she tossed a few papers at him."You should sign these before you leave". Her voice was so much different from the Athena he knew. Her sisters grinned like the devil's they were as they sat there cheering her on."Our father has been generous enough, pick a place and get lost". The youngest hissed."Please... Athena... You can't do this, we're still married at least.
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THE HEMSWORTH MANSION. Liam's ex father in law had requested to see him in the same mansion that they had kicked him out of. The difference was they didn't know it was him and he wasn't going there as the Liam that grovelled at their feet but as they Liam that they would grovel at his feet.As his driver drove him through the marble covered gates into the mansion, he was reminded of the night that the chauffeur had driven him out in a similar fashion. His fiancee, Sophie, was sitting beside him, munching on a cracker biscuit. The driver pulled up to the driveway and they were ushered in by a young lad dressed in a fancy suit. He knew they were only trying to impress him as the Hemsworth were on the verge of bankruptcy and couldn't afford the flashy employees that they displayed."Good afternoon sir, right this way". Their guide, the lad dressed in the fancy suit said as he led him through the large doors into a hallway well illuminated by the large, fancy chandelier that hung
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FLASH BACK. The First Night in China.Liam slept all through the flight, snoring lightly besides the old man who didn't seem to mind. The air hostess had gone round earlier, taking orders of what everyone would eat but the elderly man had only asked for crackers and a glass of water. As he munched on it, the pilot informed everyone to buckle up their seat belts, the old man nudged Liam awake and they joined the other passengers to obey the pilot.Few minutes later the plane touched down in Beijing airport, China. The old man had been oddly quiet since they boarded and as they headed to the check out point, where they picked up their bags and headed out he still remained quiet. "Is anyone coming for you?". Liam asked as they approached the handful of people waiting for their loved ones at the exit. The weather was a bit chilly as it was the early hours of the morning, and most looked tired."No, I called an Uber. What about you?"."I don't know yet, I would look around for a hotel
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A few days after Liam's encounter with the Hemsworth family at the mansion, he sat outside a cafe enjoying a cup of coffee, black with a little bit of whip cream just the way he liked it while his fiancee, Sophie used the boutique opposite the cafe. She had an appointment with a customer as she was a well know fashion designer. He could see her through the glass window, as both the cafe and the boutique were similar in structure.Liam always admired Sophie, a brilliant business woman, a heiress to a family fortune and yet she choose such a humble occupation of designing outfits for women. Her father had rebuked her at first when he found out that she had opened the store without his approval but had gone ahead with it boldly and at the end of it, the store was successful, even more than the fashion brand her father's company ran.He smiled to himself when she looked out the glass window and saw him, she blew him a kiss and he blew one back unabashed."Married yet?". The waite
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Mr Colton led Liam into a walk in closet in the penthouse that the old man had led him to. He gaped in awe at the rows and rows of suits and outfit for all kinds of occasions. Mr Colton walked into the closet and came out with a brand new suit and a black pair of shoes."First thing you should know, always dress to impress. This is Beijing, if you want their money you need to make an impression that you are "money". Liam nodded automatically, looking around the closet even Mr Hemsworth's closet couldn't match up to this."I don't care who you were before, forget everything you once knew, you'll learn how to always appear rich". He pinned Liam with a cold stare. "Do you understand?"."Yes Sir". Liam nodded without a clue about what was happening."Now put these on and meet me outside". He handed the clothes and the shoes to Liam and headed out. Liam dressed up as quickly as he could and looked at himself at the full length mirror attached to the closet. It was surprising how
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Liam had spent the whole week avoiding the Hemsworth family by simply throwing himself into his work, he spent his leisure time following Sophie around yo prepare for the wedding. For some reason he couldn't possibly understand, he was troubled about what Athena had said to him that day in Sophie's store. He knew it was impossible and she was only trying to threaten him into signing the papers but for now, he was planning to burn their empire down without having to come in contact with them, especially Athena Hemsworth.Today, he was at the new hotel his partner company had just opened. He was immediately checked into a VIP lounge. Mr Colton stood in front of him, presenting the papers for the launch when the door bell rang."Get the door". He said authoritatively."Yes Sir". Mr Colton opened the door to find Athena standing in front of him, impatiently tapping her heels on the tiled floor. "Mr Liam", he called out and when Liam came to the door, he was startled to find her but he qu
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Liam was already done with Athena who laid on the bed breathing heavily. As he stared her succulent breasts and her ass which was covered by nothing. His mind flashed back to the past. Liam walked into their bedroom only to see Athena sitting on the bed with just a towel on her body. The moment she saw him, she gave out a mischievous smile and Liam wondered what he did this time around. "Stop staring like an idiot, come over here!" She barked and he immediately rushed to her, withstanding the ferocity of been insulted by his so called wife. What could he do? Obviously nothing! He was the outcast son in law after all, no one was gonna side with him if he made a fuss out of this. "Kneel in front of me," Athena ordered and Liam furrowed his brows, this was too much for him to take in at the moment. What does she take him for? A slave? Perhaps her lackey? This was what she was making him seem like. "I don't understand Athena, what do you mean?" He asked but she smirked. "Oh really
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