Revenge on the Billionaire

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Revenge on the Billionaire

By: Kaiser Ken OngoingMystery/Thriller

Language: English

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“Jake! You forced yourself on me! Used me as your punching bag for years! You enjoyed it, didn’t you! Now I want a divorce!” Fairy tales exist only in books and movies. Ashley’s story took a dark turn before her engagement to billionaire Jake Grayson. She was attacked, mutilated, left for dead. “Ashley? That ghoul! She’ll scare away children!” “God knows how the ugly hag seduced Jake!” She was framed for murder, married to the man who sought revenge on her. “You killed my sister, you pig! Now I will make you pay!” Ashley thought things couldn't get any worse. Little did she know, the suffering had just begun...


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Girl on an Island
     Ashley Palmer stepped out of the shower in a robe and walked into her sprawling master suite. It was perched on the fifty-first floor of Malory Towers, the tallest building in Norwich city. The room had designer club chairs and sofas upholstered in cocktail tables; a stylish credenza and tripod floor lamp stood beside an anthracite side table. A side of the room faced east and was made entirely of Saint-Gobain glass. Custom-made rugs covered the floor space. The extravagance did not bring Ashley any delight. Nor did being the wife of Jake Grayson, Chairman, and CEO of Grayson Entertainment, the largest television production company in the state.       An expansive mirror covered the wall near the changing room. Ashley examined herself in the mirror. A natural strawberry blonde, her hair used to be the cause of envy. She went for a jog every morni
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Goodbye Jake
      Ashley dressed up in a dark blue skirt suit, sheer stockings, and purple pump heels. She added to that a Philip Treacy fascinator hat that had a face net. Ashley loved the public attention that her luscious body drew. She equally despised the gasps that her damaged face induced. And hence, occult fashion wear suited her best.    As she walked out of the suite, a butler, two footmen, and three maids-in-waiting surrounded her, asking for orders. She dismissed them all. There were two Master Suites and twelve bedrooms in Malory Towers. But she did not have to go through all of them to leave the building. The Billionaire’s wife took a private turbo elevator next to her bedroom door, with fingerprint security. Only Jake, Ashley, and the Head Butler had access to it. She reached the ground floor within a minute. &n
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Mystery Solved
      Ashley abandoned the Grayson household car and took an Uber to Macintosh Square, where the private detective she hired- Harry Doyle, was waiting for her. The location was a more serene part of the city with parks and fountains and greenery. It was the perfect site for clandestine meetings. On the way, Ashley texted her stepsister Scarlet.   Ashley << I served Jake divorce papers! Scarlet << Go go, girl power! Ashley << Coming back home today. Scarlet << Woohoo, I’ll arrange a party! Ashley << nothing over the top, please! Scarlet << I promise (l
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Ashes to Ashes
      Palmer Estate was a sprawling property over 3000 acres in area. Palmer House, the main residence, was a Chateauesque-style mansion built between 1856 and 1892 by Reginald Palmer, the late founder of the Palmer family. It was the largest privately-owned house in the city, with over 50,000 square feet of floor space. Jake and the Graysons were undoubtedly the wealthiest in the city, but the Palmer family was royalty.       Ashley was ushered into the house by a Head Butler who she did not recognize.  “Who are you? Where is Marvin?” Marvin had been Head-butler even before Ashley was born. He had practically raised her after her mother passed away.”       The servant trie
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In the Prick of Time
      Ashley woke up with a start. Her heart was thumping like a hammer inside her chest. She remembered being cold and near-death, and now she was suddenly warm and flushed. As her eyes adjusted to the light, she realized she was sitting on a toilet commode with her trousers and panties down. Did she fall asleep while taking a leak? That’s ridiculous- what happened was too real to be a nightmare.       She pulled up her lowers, flushed, and left the cubicle. It was the executive washroom of the Grayson building.       I’ll splash some water on my face. That should get my bearings in place.       &
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Tooth and Nail
      After they were sorted again, Jake expressed how different Ashley was that day.      "I am just excited about our engagement tomorrow. That is all," she lied.     "We will be under the spotlight. The entire city will be there. Our families, friends, well-wishers. Senators, the Mayor, judges, movie stars, ambassadors, competitors. Watching us. Judging us. Being jealous of us. Wishing us dead." "I thought you enjoyed being in the spotlight? A beauty like you- I cannot help but show off to the world. And heck yeah, they will be jealous! Even so, Jake Grayson will set fire to the entire world before he lets anybody harm Ashley Palmer."       Ashley loved it when
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Avengers Assemble
    "Let me get this straight. You woke up in THE PAST, THREE YEARS EARLIER after your stepmother KILLED you?" Tessa asked, over the bubbling noises of the jacuzzi. "That is AMAZING! Like a sci-fi story!"      She was literally bobbing up and down in the bathtub. "I mean, of course, what happened to you was tragic," she trailed off.     After escaping from the hotel, the girls retreated to Malory Towers, the tallest skyscraper in the city, owned by the Graysons.      Their first stop was Tessa's master bathroom on the forty-fifth floor. The girls felt they deserved a break after the horrors encountered earlier that day.      The bathroom had a glass-bott
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Friendly Neighborhood Lawyer
"You are on the board of directors of Grayson enterprises, right, Tess?" "Uh-huh. Doesn't this room look like a director's home office?" the girl asked smugly. "And might I say, it is second-best to Jake's, in case you get jealous." "Director's office? It looks more like the inside of a spaceship." Ashley and Tessa sat behind the latter's desk. It was not a regular piece of furniture. The desk was futuristic, with smart features like led panels, carbon fiber surfaces, and dimension change. "Where did you get this from?" Ashley inquired, examining the marvel of technology. "Herman Miller? Steelcase?" "Um, first of all, it is not a desk," Tessa said, narrowing her eyes and shaking her head. "It is a workstation. To answer
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The Frenchman
    Chevalier de Guiscard hated Billionaires. They were pompous, egotistical, and believed they could purchase everything with money.     'Well, the last part is not entirely wrong,' he thought, checking the time on his Cartier watch.      Guiscard's services did not come cheap. Even a half-day of enlisting his skills cost a small fortune to the client. Almost every billionaire in Norwich had partaken of his resources at some point in time. He was an ace in the security industry.      The elite bodyguard had a professional résumé that shamed the best in the industry.       Read more
To Kingdom Come
      Waiters arrived on the deck with plates and platters of finger foods. Tea sandwiches, fish sticks, mini quiche, breadsticks, pigs in a blanket, Gougères, pinwheels, crostini, stuffed peppers, bruschetta, mini tartlets.        The young security guards rushed to indulge themselves.        The Baroness was gliding at an appreciable distance from the land.        For the young bodyguards, it was an easy gig. They were to stay at sea until the end of the day. That was the plan. It was more like a vacation with the underway party and the feast.       The waiters finished their chores and started leaving
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