Rise Of The Frost Demon

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Rise Of The Frost Demon

By: Mystic_dark OngoingSystem

Language: English

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After being transmigrated into another world, Zack thought he finally have a second chance to live his life in peace, until he was almost killed by his younger brother so he swore to him self that he shall become the greatest demon monarch that the demon realm have ever seen.

1 chapters
The beginning.
CHAPTER ONEZack woke up with a splitting headache that threatened to split his head into two, he felt a bone chilling cold invading his body but instead of shivering he felt comfortableIt was as if just inhaling the cold air in the environment was good for him" ohh you are awake now!" Zack turned his head to the right to look at the direction of where the voice came from and he was flabbergasted at what he saw" hope you didn't lost your memories along the way cause that would make my work much more harder, young master " Zack heard the voice continue but the moment he heard that statementIt was like a pandora box was open as alot of memories was being sent into his head, memories he was sure didn't belong to him, he quickly held on to his head in painsAs he muffled a groan, it was clear that what ever it was that was happening to him was having a big effect considering he was in so much painIt took over three minutes before he realised the pain he felt reducing now feeling like
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