Rise to ultimate power; the great awesome power system

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Rise to ultimate power; the great awesome power system

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He is trampled by the school girls,mocked by the second rich generations. He didn't have a hug or a kiss with his girlfriend for three years. His girlfriend dumped him and snuggled into another rich boy in the school. He became the laughingstock and loser of the university but a system sounded silently in the depth of his heart. "The strongest great awesome power system has opened! It has detected his host!" From that day on,he began to conquer and rise to the top of the world.


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Chapter 1 The GAP system
A month ago… "Harvey,let's break up"a beautiful girl told the handsome guy dressed in shabby clothes who was beside her. "Why? Sofia Vergara,what have I done? I will change for you"Harvey asked confusedly with her sudden change. He is annoyed because he didn't know what he had done wrong. "Harvey Weinstein,I am just tired of this relationship, let's go our separate ways,"Sofia said emotionlessly.Sofia Vergara is a girl who Harvey had liked and admired for a long time. From the day he entered the university,he has fallen in love with her at first sight.In order to win the heart of his dream lover,he pursued her for three years.In the span of three years, Harvey Weinstein will send breakfast to Sofia Vergara at the girl's dormitory.Harvey will work tiredly just for sofia,when she need an iphone,Harvey had to work for four months before he was been to buy it's just to make her happy.Just a month ago,she promised Harvey to become his girlfriend. "Harvey,my ex-boyfriend came bac
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Chapter 2
"System?"Harvey wondered. He had heard about system in novels he read but a similar situation is happening to him now as he was trying to digest everything,the cold voice again in his brain. "Congratulations host on winning 17 million dollars as the starter's prize.Congratulations, your first prize is decupled. You now have 170 million dollars!" "New Quest: Go out with your sister! Finish the quest and win the reward!" Harvey halted and rubbed his forehead.He wondered whether the kids' screaming had given him hallucinations.Maybe... Suddenly, his phone beeped.A message was sent on the phone. Harvey tapped the screen and found the message was from his bank. "Dear user, deposit money into your account by transferring 170,000,000 dollars. Your current deposit:170,000,040 dollars. Helpline:12138." "Shit!" Harvey was startled when the phone slipped out of his hand. "What! Am I dreaming?" "Rest assured, the reward comes from a legal source!"The system said. Harvey's hand trembled
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Chapter 3
Superb Beef Tenderloin: 2/Gram Golden King Crab: 800/Half Cape Lobster: 750/Each … … The food on the next few pages had an even higher price.Olivia quaked. She couldn't even hold the menu steady. All of a sudden, she slapped it face down on the table. And then she swallowed with a flushed face. "Big brother, let's go to another place." Harvey blinked. "Why? Does the food not whet your appetite?" He knew Olivia was scared by the price, so he kept messing with her. "If I don't have enough money to pay the bill, you must lend me your generous hand!" Olivia almost wanted to cry. She knew that Harvey is poor so she had to use her savings! Olivia, what's wrong?" Teresa gazed at Olivia quizzically and asked. "Olivia must be famished!" Elaine explained. "Great! The hungrier we are, the better we can enjoy ourselves!" Telma added. She couldn't wait to have a feast. Olivia couldn't stop shaking. "Mel, these... food is... expensive." The waitress waited patiently but she wasn't
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Chapter 4
Harvey's sisters didn't think they could get away now.Chelsea said with a bright smile,"Sir, this is our manager and the staff who will apply the card for you!"Danny said with a smile, "Hello,Sir. I'm the manager here. My name is Danny Wilkinson. It's my pleasure to serve you!""Hello, please get my sisters and me each a Diamond VIP Card. I'll pay by credit card!" Harvey said.Harvey took out his mobile phone as he spoke. The NFC function was compatible with Harvey's phone and Harvey had connected his bank account to the phone.Danny took out the credit card machine and inputted the price:11 million dollars.Then Danny saw Harvey put his phone on the credit card machine. For a moment, time stood still.Olivia and the other sisters, together with Chelsea and Danny, got nervous."Payment successful!" the credit card machine rang."Successful!""What a fuck!"All the people present gasped and couldn't help but say dirty words!"11 million dollars!"Payment successful!" Chelsea thought.
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Chapter 5
A few moments later, Chelsea was back with a cart. She placed chowder on the table, handed the meat to the chef, and finally placed the spaghetti in front of Harvey.Harvey ate the spaghetti together with the beef and seafood salad,which was so tasty. Seeing all the food, Olivia Swallowed. She let all her doubts go and gulped the food. "We'll talk about that later," Olivia thought.Before long, Danny came in with the membership cards and gave them to Harvey.Danny said, "Mr. Weinstein, these areyour membership cards. You spent5,900 dollars this time."We have a discount now. In addition to the discount on the membership card itself, you enjoy another discount."The total cost this time is 5,021 dollars. Since it is your first time here, you'll just need to pay 5,000 dollars!"When Danny finished his words,the voice of the ASC System rang in Harvey's head."Ten times the cost of this refund!The refund is 108 million dollars!"The money which was topped up into the card was also counte
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Chapter 6
Harvey opened his mouth. "Do you think you can hurt her because you're rich?" The woman looked at his shaddy clothes with disdain. "Yes! So what? I can even pay for her life!" Harvey narrowed his eyes with a touch of a smile. He turned to the hall manager. "How much will it cost to have comprehensive dental treatments?". The manager said, "More than 30,000 dollars, I guess." Harvey nodded and said to his sisters, "Close your eyes,girls,Olivia, you too." They closed their eyes.After that, Harvey slapped the Woman. A slap sounded. The woman was caught unaware and fell. Harvey was strong. He is good at sports in high school. And he worked out regularly every week in college. He slapped the woman hard. The woman screamed and fell with blood coming out of her mouth. She got up and scolded, "How dare you hit me! How dare you! She got up and scolded, "How dare you hit me! How dare you! You..." People looked at them with curiosity.Harvey slapped her again. "How dare you hurt my
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Chapter 7
Harvey played hide-and-seek with twelve sisters. They hid in several yards and played for a long time. It was late, but Harvey's parents, uncles, and aunts hadn't come home.Lately, on busy nights, they usually worked till midnight. And among the elders in the Weinstein family, there were only Harvey'sgrandparents who were still alive.Harvey's grandparents had fallen asleep at this time."It's dark. Let's get into the house. Be careful. Watch your feet."Harvey let his sisters go back into the house. The children often fell over and got hurt if they jumped and danced in the yard in the dark."Alright! Let's watch TV. The cartoon is about to start!"Nina ran into the living room happily.Her sisters followed up."The quest finished. Congratulations! You are rewarded with the skill of Eight-Element Moving Palms. Are you going to learn it now?""Yes!"Harvey immediately used this skill.Instantly, Harvey could feel a warm current running through his body, just like the incredible interna
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Chapter 8
Lucia glanced at Harvey. Then Lucia closed the file and opened handcuffs for Harvey."You're good to go. I can't believe that you're a billionaire. You're young and promising!"Lucia praised Harvey but she still kept a straight face. Lucia took Harvey out of the jail. Olivia was waiting outside. Olivia came over to Lucia and Harvey when Olivia saw them."Big brother!"Lucia took a sigh and said, "Girl, your brother is innocent. Next time you have to figure it out by yourself then call the police if you need. Don't waste time!""Melvin is innocent."Olivia looked at Harvey with confusion.Olivia thought, "Is money clean?Is Harvey a billionaire? How could it be possible?""Madam, did you make it wrong?How could brother Harvey be innocent? Don't you need to investigate him again? He couldn't be innocent!"Olivia said in disbelief."Shit! Olivia, do you think I'm a bad man? And are you going to send me to jail?" Harvey said.No, big brother. Are you really a billionaire? I don't believe th
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Chapter 9
When Harvey hit the fifth person, he couldn't control his hand and beat the man on Adam's apple. Eight-Element Moving Palms was a traditional martial art used to kill people. So, it didn't look fancy but was very practical. Harvey used his palm, adding internal energy, and hit the fifth person on his neck. The man's neck was broken. He fell to the ground and covered his throat with his hands, constantly struggling,gasping for breath. Not long after, the man didn't move anymore. The policemen ran over with weapons. Six people had fallen to the ground, and five of them were struggling painfully. All the police were stunned. They couldn't believe that one person could knock down six armedWas that a human? Lucia looked at Harvey in a daze. In Harvey's eyes, she could see the murderous, which could only be seen in a desperado. She had experienced many arrests and contacted several outlaws. She was familiar with that look. The police handeuffed the five struggling people. When they went
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Chapter 10
It's late. Let's go back!" Harvey grabbed Olivia's arm and walked out with their relatives. He said goodbye to Lucia before he left. The whole world seemed to get quiet.But it felt like it was calm only because the storm was coming Back home, the clan hall was ablaze with lights. The eight brothers of the older generation were all there, as well as the thirteen brothers and sisters of the younger generation. Harvey was kneeling in the middle of the clan hall, the rest of them watching nearby."We're here for your explanation. You can start now!" Mathew said, sitting in the front.Harvey told the story that he madeup earlier. More than ten minutes passed."Is what you said true?" Mathew asked."I swear, otherwise, no more toilet paper for me!" Harvey said.Mathew looked at his brothers, then at his wife."Fine, get up," Mathew said."Can I go back to sleep?" Harvey asked after standing up."Go get some sleep. You must be terrified," Aidyn said.Harvey's uncles all treated him well as
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