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By: Abd el-nasser OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Life began at the beginning of the appearance of sea creatures and monsters in the twentieth century in the year 1880 when Tom began to sail to get the treasure of the priest who ordered him to take it for himself, but it is not easy to live......


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Who is tom?
"The first prisoner is considered a dangerous man.” The prison director replied, “He is a prisoner of the king’s followers, we have orders to isolate him completely from the restprisoners.""- How long has he been a prisoner?” asked the prison director - “He spent almost a year. The jailer threatened to kill and became unable to control his actions, so we put him in a cell by himself." The guard replied." - This is better for him, he will not harm himself and others. “The prison director answered him.” - You are right, sir, the guard told him "We also have a prisoner under this cell about ten meters away, an old priest. He was brought in twenty years before him, and after three years of imprisonment he became completely insane "The guard asked him ". Would you like to see him?"“I will see them together.” The prison director replied Reluctantly, this did not bother memorizing the names of the prisoners. So the young prisoner called out the number 34.Dantes demanded that he be imp
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It all started When the monsters started
Tom, the captain of the ship, said, "Our journey from Italy to reach Egypt is almost over, let's go, men." . . . . . . . The Mediterranean campaign of 1798 was a series of major naval operations surrounding a French expeditionary force sent to Egypt under Napoleon Bonaparte during the French Revolutionary Wars. The French Republic sought to capture Egypt as the first stage in an effort to threaten British India and support Tipu Sultan, and thus force Great Britain to make peace. Departing Toulon in May 1798 with over 40,000 troops and hundreds of ships, Bonaparte's fleet sailed southeastwards across the Mediterranean Sea. They were followed by a small British squadron under Rear-Admiral Sir Horatio Nelson, later reinforced to 13 ships of the line, whose pursuit was hampered by a lack of scouting frigates and reliable information. Bonaparte's first target was the island of Malta, which was under the government of the Knights of St. John and theoretically granted its owner control o
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little Tom
Reaching our school is about to reach, and the monster is only less than five hundred meters away from themSuddenly a man shouted, "Here's the Scottish flag, we're almost there at last." Tom looked from the boat in the same direction, maybe only six hundred meters leftBut things didn't last long and the monster started to speed up more and more This was really strange. After five minutes, the difference between him and the ship became two hundred meters, with three hundred meters left to reach Scotland. After another five minutes, he had already reached the ship. Then with a movement from his long tail he hit the deck of the ship, which moved and shook from the severity of the blow, some men died, but the ship is still in progress . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Several people say these words easily.If I could meet and talk to these optimists, I would say that there are a lot of events that happened in people's past that are insurmountable..What if your mom was a human pie
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