SE7EN: Descending Darkness

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SE7EN: Descending Darkness

By: Grant D Koeneke OngoingSci-Fi

Language: English

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Michael and Delilah are working to find and bring together the SE7EN while something else is making moves in the Darkness. Deep in the shadows of the world, a being is turning the World’s dependance is firmly on their own shoulders while preparing to kill the people that have been chosen to stop him. Michael finally comes face to face with his enemy……..the enemy of the entire world!


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3 chapters
The Beginning of the End or the Beginning
Unforgiving heat beat down its rays onto the sidewalk pavement of downtown Dallas, Texas. Not a cloud was in the beautiful blue sky overhead as Harold C. Clintock’s Versace wingtips hit the gray cerement leading to the black Lincoln limousine parked on the curb. Across the traffic laden street was a man standing in a very commonplace black suit with a royal blue shirt underneath and a yellow tie. One thing that was unusual on such a warm day was the New York style full length black dress coat over the suit. Blacked out sunglasses hid his eyes from everyone passing by but went unnoticed with the sun blaring down. Harold stood just over six feet and is overweight distinguishable by his large round stomach sticking out several inches from his body and the extra fat and skin hanging down from under his chin line. Considerable effort was made to successfully move his body mass around at this weight. Behind him he left a board meeting for one of
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Dark Nights with Dark Purpose
Moonlight burned through the eternal darkness of night, flooding the black ocean with light that made it shimmer on the tranquil waves. Sand led up to a bamboo bungalow two hundred yards from the ominous shoreline. Standing in the dark shadows of the moonlight was a figure, fifty feet from the water, facing the front windows of the oversized two-bedroom house. His tall thin figure, carefully placed out of the light, to obscure his face. Glimmering, with the faintest bit of light, was the man’s satin white tie. Bursting up from his back in the blackness, Michael leapt to a seated position with only a sheet covering his mid-section. His chest heaving from loss of breath as he tried to catch it while looking at the wall. Air forced its way in and out of his burning lungs as he tried to figure out where he was. His mind was trapped in a dream he could not remember and a location he had no recollection of. As Michael desperately
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Vice In Miami
Pink glow washed over the shoreline from the half set sun. Day was becoming night in the city of Miami. From a typical office building window, the draw of a gorgeously exquisite sight like this made it difficult to concentrate on working at a desk. A 6’2” shaved headed well built black man stood at a twelfth floor window and looked out passed the city wishing he was in his shorts down on the beach instead of stuck at his desk working on numbers for some company he knew little about. Thinking back to the last time he left Cape Town for Cambridge, Lucas remembered what the ocean in South Africa looked like. South Florida beaches, in all of their splendor, would never be home. Still, it was beautiful to him with the fine sand beaches and the lovely American women that loved to run around half naked. Lucas was raised in South Africa as the son of a very prominent and wealthy politician. His father decided his son would be educated a
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