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On the Buddhist planet of Penglai, Chen lived on a farm in the foothills above the Shentong Temple.Chen was a team leader on Coyote teams, and his deployment rotation required him to take six months off from combat operations every five years.Because he was raised in a university town, the farm was his choice.He thought that going back to the land in a fundamental way was important for both his mental health and spiritual development. Four guiding principles guided the farm:no cultivation, no use of chemical fertilizers, no tillage for weeding, no use of chemical herbicides, and no reliance on any kind of chemical. White clover and winter grains were spread among the growing rice fields toward the end of the fall, prior to the rice harvest.The seeds were crushed into the ground during rice harvest.To protect the clover and grain seeds from birds and rodents, the rice straw was scattered around the fields at random after being thrashed. Wrapped in mud balls, the rice was sown in the winter or early spring to ward off birds and other pests.It was sown alongside the ground-breaking winter crop.Additionally, a thin layer of chicken manure was applied. The winter grain was manually harvested by late spring, and the straw was spread across the fields.Before being drained in the middle of the summer, rain was allowed to stand for about a week, which helped the rice grow.


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Chapter 1
In meditation, there are various plateaus at which various powers are accessible.These plateaus were discovered by Buddhist, Hindu, and Shamanic ancient meditation systems.Actually, Taoism began as a shamanic system, and the Chinese's irrational need to push boundaries led to the Tao Te Ching, the Art of War, and the Celestial Masters.Acupuncture, qigong, and taijiquan originated in Taoism.The spiral of Zen philosophy was created when Taoism and Buddhism, a cyclical system with a hierarchical structure, combined.Simplicity also emerged at that point:The moon or the finger pointing to the moon is more significant.Vol. 58, Tract1, Warrior Chronicles The simulation practice and briefing failed as usual.The four members of the extraction team came face-to-face with a potential ambush in an area where nothing was supposed to be.River was moving through the trees to construct a sniper's nest because they hadn't yet sprung it.Lin was getting closer to the left flank of the enemy.They were s
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Chapter 2
Lin asked, "Mind if I check something out?" as he moved to sit next to the girl.The girl put her MRE down and shrugged.Lin lowered his gaze and placed one hand on each of her shoulders.He observed Raina's qi flow as he scanned her from head to toe.After that, he focused on her brain and let his presence touch her thoughts.It had the impression of his presence expanding or flowing out.He exhaled, and the girl was surrounded by him.[What brought you here?]The AI asked with a harsh question, "I'm here to help."[Nobody can assist us.Like Siamese twins, we are connected.]Lin knew there was a connection.The AI's description was accurate.In the same consciousness field, space was shared by two distinct beings.[That can be seen.Would you like to split up?][Never again.][Then assist me in going further.You can be more than you think, according to our elders.]Lin fell deeper into relaxation.He let his mind downshift from the qi-permeated Nature realm to the archetypal realm that ruled F
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Chapter 3
Tenant farmers established orchards and a variety of crops on the slopes of the plateau that led to a valley in the shape of a U.The most notable of these were vineyards that produced world-renowned wines.The team quickly adapted to the house's daily routine:two hours of meditation in the early morning, breakfast, eight hours of training, a meal in the evening, and socializing until the sun sets.Master Lu called the team into his office after a week.It was on the admin wing's third floor, with a view of the valley.The decor was simple, but the furniture was made of finely crafted wood.As the team came in, Lu got up from his desk and led them to couches and chairs by a bay window.Age and laugh lines had creased Lu's round, hairless face.He sat in an overstuffed chair and arranged his summer robe."Just to be clear.She is the tulku.She will need some time to find her way and adjust to the violent changes in her life.River extended her head.And her loved ones?The father is an expert
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Chapter 4
Lin established himself in a dimly lit corner after sneaking by the Jumping Kangaroo bar's bouncer.A dance floor-fronted stage dominated the far corner of the warehouse-sized room.The remainder of the room was occupied by chairs and tables, and a long bar ran parallel to the wall to his right.Two-thirds of the area was occupied by a diverse crowd that included locals, bar girls, spacers, and slumming rich kids.Bartenders made their way through them to take and fulfill orders.The nightly live show had not yet begun, though the sound system was blasting with music.Lin was given a blank space in the qi-field to finish his reconnaissance when he projected his "presence" onto the bar.He had not yet recognized anyone in the crowd.He stopped actively sweeping the crowd and waited for his internal radar to ping on the target he was looking for.It pinged on one of the faces he had memorized, a thin, nervous man with a pinched face, just before midnight.As he made his way to the cramped back
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Chapter 5
Lin yelled, "Focus on me," his words infused with compassion.They did, in the end, but it was evidently overwhelming to suddenly find themselves in the middle of nowhere.The karmic debts were due.The path you take from here will be determined by what you bring with you.There are heavens, hells, the asura realm, the realm of the hungry ghost, the incarnation of animals, and the incarnation of humans.Some roads will be blocked by your karma, but you can steer clear of the more difficult ones.“What are we bringing with us that we need to get rid of?” asked one of the men.Lin replied, "Guilt for what you've done."You were being reminded of your own and their atonement by the faces that attacked you."Screw that!"A person yelled.Lin said, "Then go your own way."As best you can, follow the light and let the wonder of creation flow through you.Do not grasp at anything out of fear, lust, or resentment.He flew off and vanished in the mist, surrounded by other images and faces as he ran a
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Chapter 6
Fang replied, "Yeah, I know about that."Monks were used in the majority of the most successful first contact missions.“Yes.In the qi-field, they might meet the local shamans and figure things out.The Native American shamans were aware of a location they referred to as "near entity communication," where they were able to communicate with plants, trees, or any other living thing.Fang stated, "So the sharing paid off."Was there additional cross-pollination from alien species?"Not a lot.In fact, they gained knowledge from us,” Lin responded.The good news, I suppose, was that none of those races wanted to conquer anyone.Fang prompted, "Then the Corporate Wars happened, and Penglai got sucked into it.""And the Coyote Project was born on Penglai as a result."“So, do you guys get all the augments our special forces get?” Fang asked with a nod.“No.On scans of spaceports, we want to appear normal.We do receive high-end nanos, AI assistants, and other devices, but not enough to raise alar
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Chapter 7
Julius Caesar The empire's home world was a pristine garden world known as Primus.On massive stations, commerce was in high orbit.The area above and around Primus was bustling with shipbuilding, foundries, support businesses, and massive stations for workers and their families.However, the emperor lived in a 100-acre complex on the planet.Genetic manipulation ensured that the emperor commanded respect.He strode into his throne room, tall, imposing, with steel-blue eyes, blond wavy hair, and impressive intelligence to match.Staff and a few of his councilors were seated at long tables in the ornate conference hall.The windows in the dormer let in light.The walls and columns with wood faces were supported by a polished wood floor."All rise and bear homage to Cedric the First, Emperor of the Kronos Worlds in the Empire of Man," a guard said as the emperor arrived.As they made their way in, the emperor and his bodyguards' cadence footsteps could be heard echoing off the hardwood floor.S
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Chapter 8
Both visible and invisible forces are represented by the wind and the waves.The seen and unseen aspects of one's life are the same for everyone:free will and bad luck.How are you going to deal with what you have? That's the question.The wind can change because you are riding the karmic wave underneath.Everyone must deal with the unseen and take into account what they see.The Coyote teams returned to Penglai, reviewed their findings, and quickly settled into monastic routine.Before dawn, River began her routine.She rolled off the firm bed in her four-by-eight-foot cell and opened the drawers beneath the bed to get her combat boots and soft ankle boots.She then went to the restroom for the group.Everyone on the team was working on the same thing, but no one spoke.The silence persisted until breakfast.They made their morning deeds and made their way to a nearby meditation hall after finishing.River arranged herself into a full lotus position in front of a dais-mounted Buddha statue a
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Chapter 9
They moved on to training for offensive weapons after the weapons defense was finished.The final portion was comparable to the initial training routine.They then took a brief break for a snack and water before going to the firing range outside.There were stations with a variety of weapons, targets at predetermined distances, and a range master overseeing the process, just like at a typical firing range.River started out working with the other people using their standard handguns and long guns.The handgun had both a stun gun and a plasma blaster in one.Pulse-laser, grenade launcher, or rail gun combo were included in the rifle.For specific missions, there were additional rifle and pistol combinations:the stun option for pistol or rifle, the needle pistol, and others.She moved to the sniper station and practiced at much greater distances with that rifle, a scoped rail gun, once she was satisfied with her target groupings.They practiced for a few hours before returning to their room
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Chapter 10
As a result, the Coyotes did not bow, kneel, or prostrate themselves in front of anyone.There would be no bowing or scraping when Quinn and his team were presented to presidents, kings, queens, or prime ministers, though he might dip his head in a sort of bow to salute soldiers or show his Masters true respect.Men and women in a variety of military uniforms, as well as a few well-dressed civilians, hustled by, suggesting that the hallway they marched down was within a secure zone.The walls were a plain beige color with occasional portraits or flowering plant-filled recessed niches.They eventually came to double doors that slid open to lead them into a large room full of monarchy business.Nearby walls were lined with computer stations.There were fewer large desks behind those.There were a few smaller, larger desks behind those.A number of people wearing scarlet and gray uniforms manned each one.A raised platform, twelve desks, two ornate chairs, and a semicircle of ten desks that fac
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