Searching for the kidnapped detective

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Searching for the kidnapped detective

By: Professor OngoingMystery/Thriller

Language: English

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Searching for the kidnapped detective. Johnson a former detective was kidnapped at the hypermarket in Kericho town they had gone to buy the Christmas gift for their girlfriend the kidnappers kidnapped the former detective in the hypermarket on a gunpoint Derrick came back home without him wondering what to tell her girlfriend Becky but he had to break the news. Becky was shocked wondering what to do seek advice from James the former army officer the ex-military officer had to train them to use ammunition and martial art. After they went on a search mission where they searched him for several months and finally saved him


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7 chapters
Johnson kidnapped.
Derrick went to meet his brother Johnson at his home. Johnson was busy feeding his zero-grazed cow, he was still in the shade feeding the cow he liked his cow so much that Derrick looked at him and smiled."I like the way the way you look at the cow you pamper her so much," Derrick said"When we were kids we used to look after the cattle, it was a very interesting thing to do," Johnson said."We used to take them to pasture every early in the morning," Johnson said."I remember those days we used to go to the forest to gather wild fruits, and swing in the forest it was a very interesting thing to do," Derrick said."Where are Daisy and Becky I miss Daisy already?" Derrick asked."They left yesterday with my sister Silvia they have not returned up to now" Derrick responded.Then are we going to Kericho town to buy Christmas gifts without their knowledge" Johnson said."That is a good idea I think we should go now," Johnson said.Johnson left what he was doing and went to his house to c
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Kidnappers took Johnson to Nakuru
The kidnappers drove faster from Kericho to Nakuru passing through Londiani, as they approached Londiani they blindfolded, Johnson.Johnson was very cautious, he put his phone on silent mode and placed it inside his socks, they took Johnson to a room."open the door," Benjamin one of the kidnappers said."Rastro, open the door and make sure there is no one looking for us it's dangerous," Benjamin saidRastro opened the door and took Johnson inside."You sit here, and relax don't make any scene, " Rastro one of the kidnappers told Johnson.Johnson sat as he was instructed by Rastro he was nervous but because he was a trained detective he composed himself."Please can you unfold my eyes are itchy," Johnson said.Rastro didn't respond he looked at him he removed his pistol and put it into the pocket of his coat.There was a knock at the door, Rastro opened it was Benjamin."Johnson, why did you resign from the police service?" Benjamin asked.Johnson heard the voice it was very familiar.
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Derrick Daisy and Becky Undergo rigorous training
Richard took them to his house through a forest path between huge trees to the foothill in Kacheliba inside the forest, they liked the environment being the first time to travel that far for them to acquire military training, in preparation for the searching mission."This is a perfect place for training, it's hard for someone to hear the gunshot," Richard said."That is true I can see very beautiful scenery, green vegetation, birds singing happily with soothing lyrics" Daisy responded."Let me show you the room you will be spending your night in after training," Richard said."Be careful we have wild animals you should be vigilant all the time" Richard warned.Becky has a phobia of wild animals, she was very scared to hear that there were wild animals, so she rushed inside the house. "You don't have to be so scared, what you are about to pass through is more Scarry than wild animals" Richard reiterated."You mean it's Scarry than the wild animals?" Daisy asked."Yes I need to train
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Johnson was taken from Nakuru to unknown place.
Benjamin and Rastro were sitting outside the room Johnson was in, there was an incoming call from their boss Rastro received, and Johnson was in a position to hear the conversation."We are still in Nakuru and the hostage is here with us" Rastro responded to the call."What did he say?" Benjamin asked."He said we meet him with the hostage on that flyover on the highway now," Rastro saidJohnson heard the conversation he removed his phone in his socks and switched it on and texted Derrick."They are on the way taking me to an unknown destination from Nakuru, we are going to meet the people on the highway flyover Nakuru road heading to Naivasha" Johnson texted.It was approaching for the day to end Richard assembled the pistols on the training bay Derrick Daisy and Becky went to replenish as Richard took the pistols to the armory."The day was very interesting, we learn the first lesson on how to use pistols I think I like the venture," Derrick said."I don't like but I have to train h
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Derrick Daisy and Becky Second day training.
Becky returned from taking breakfast, Richard was busy directing Derrick and Daisy on how to shoot Richard discovered they were fast learners."Congratulations, you're learning fast it's good we don't have time for training the more we delay the more we risk Johnson's life," Richard said."That is true we need to train as fast as possible for us to go to the training" Becky interjected.Derrick and Daisy were done shooting the target."Becky comes you have twenty shots, if you missed eight shots out of twenty you have to repeat all over again," Richard said.Becky took position and shot the target she only missed four shots out of target out twenty."Amazing you made me proud of you, Bravo!" Richard shouted in happiness.Derrick and Daisy were very surprised."Yesterday you were not even able to hold the pistol now you are an expert," Derrick said."I am surprised too, what happened overnight?" Richard asked."What gave me hope is the tracking app it shows that Johnson is alive and it
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Third-day training.
Richard assembled objects to act as cover, he created a corridor to act as a battlefield, and he removed pistols in the armory and gave them."I want you to load the pistols in the shortest time possible" Richard instructed.They held pistols and loaded very fast with rubber bullets.Richard entered the middle of the objects he placed a plastic image for them to shoot as a target.He moved to where they are.Becky, you are the one starting to shoot take that image as if it's the enemy" Richard instructed.By using both hands with pistols he shot the image."Wonderful!" Richard shouted"Now, I want you to shoot the image and take cover on the objects," Richard said."Can you demonstrate how to do it?" Becky asked.Richard took the pistols with two hands and shot as if he was engaging a shooter."OK I see let me try," Becky said.She shot and did exactly what Richard did."Daisy it's your turn to do exactly as Becky did," Richard said.Daisy did exactly as Becky did she shot the image a
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First mission to save Johnson.
Derrick tracked the kidnappers they were heading to Solai as Johnson texted Richard looked at their position and the location kidnappers."It's barely a hundred kilometers from here," Richard said."You mean it's time for us to go for a saving mission?" Becky asked."Don't you know you are first learners imagine in three days you've mustered shooting techniques and martial art" Richard said."What is remaining now is to train you how to handle hand grenade, for you to break the wall to enter that is not accessible," Richard said."You mean we have already finished the training?" Daisy asked."Yes, I expected you to take at least one month in training, but I was very surprised you've done it in three days, the reason you are yearning to save your friend Johnson, he is in danger" Richard retorted."Now, I want to train you how to break the wall or perimeter wall using a hand grenade, we are mainly going to use pistols and hand grenades, this is the weapons easily carried in the pockets
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