Signing into an Immortal Martial World

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Signing into an Immortal Martial World

By: Loner Hades OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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During one of Liam's science experiments, an explosion occurred in which he died in. But the next second when he thought he was in heaven, he was suprised to to know that he was in a fantasy world, a world full of hidden mysteries and lurking evils. Just when he thought he could live his life free from science technology, he was shocked to know that he is a prince, a prince with loads of responsibility and restrictions. Just when he started to enjoy being a prince, "Young prince, the prime minister's family were all massacred overnight, there were no suspect and no survivor" More cases like this were repeatedly reported to the palace Will Liam be able to save his kingdom, will he be able to save himself or his family? Just start reading to know the answer


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6 chapters
New Life
BOOM The roof blew up high in the air and fire started on the top floor of the building. Police siren was heard from afar and in a few minutes, the ambulance was there and the fire was put out. When the fire fighters were finally able to enter the top floor, they saw a burnt body before a robot. The robot was the cause of the explosion and the burnt body is that of the CEO of Poplar's Technology; Liam Poplars Carefully the body was lifted and after it was confirmed dead, it was taken out of the building. ….. Cold wind whipped around like blades and the snow fell around, falling to the ground. Liam opened his eyes and found himself sitting in a black horse carriage with white stripes in some of its parts which shook left and right. He could hear a young girl speak in a soft and gentle voice beside him Outside the carriage is a crowd making commotion and side talks, Hawkers were trying to sell their goods, people were yelling and others were exclaiming. Children were making a di
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Alternate Universe
Liam was still fantasizing his hatred for the prime minister's children when Sara entered this time with one of the men that accompanied them on the carriage, one of the palace guards. Surely, Sara has explained what he is here to do so she just poured a glass of osmanthus brew in a cup, gave it to the guard who drank it without hesitation. The guard didn't care about the fact that he was used to testing if the drink contained poison, this is their own chance to have a taste of expensive drinks like osmanthus brew. The guard waited a few minutes and after his well being was confirmed, he was dismissed. Finally, Liam has his chance to taste the zi called newly refined taste of the osmanthus brew. His sense of smell has been suppressed for a long time and when he poured the drink in his mouth, he felt great satisfaction. A satisfaction that he can only express with a smile. Not long after, the waiter brought food, Liam grabbed some stir fried meat slices with lettuce and started e
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Chapter 3
"You kept that necklace without telling me, you…" The second brother scolded and hit the younger brother for his secrecy "Don't blame me, you have done the same thing to me before" And that ended their fight. "Please keep your necklace to yourself, it's just a necklace that has been stained by blood, you can keep the necklace for your own fortune" The older brother advised. His words proved his unbelief in their story Liam on the other hand was quite interested especially when the Grand Demonic Pentagram picture is in the necklace, he suspected something mysterious must be going on in this world that he is. He quickly stood from his seat and walked up to the brothers before the younger brother kept the necklace. "Hey brothers, can you show me that thing" he said with a smile on his face and his eyes swept across the necklace. "Your highness, young prince, we didn't notice you earlier" The older brother greeted Liam on seeing him by bowing low, his brothers were reluctant at f
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Out of the World System
Liam has no choice but to believe that the demons exist in this world. He rode a carriage back to the palace and sat in his room, thinking of the necklace. He took the necklace and burned it then threw it away, out of the palace, he is now living with the fear that he might get killed any moment without him being able to do anything. Liam thought if the brothers didn't have anything to do with the village that was massacred, they might not face their doom like this. He remembered the message that the demon left, that they will destroy the whole kingdom. Lots of thoughts were going on in his mind.In actuality, Liam had only spent few hours in this new world and had a moment with the prime minister's children so what he is feeling niw isn't pain, rather he is feeling regret and shock at the moment. However, he did not feel the grief others would have expected him to feel. He was scared, not because he had never seen corpses before, lots have scientist have end theur own life during
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Predating World
"Uh-uh…" the young servant stammered, he felt like he was accused for having a connection with the demons. "My mother slept on me and she was killed, the demons didn't notice me, they thought everyone was dead" he said and sighed With the corner of his eyes, Liam looked at the servant suspiciously as he moved away from him. Without a pause in his steps, he quickly walked up to his father; His Majesty Guan, King of Kinland, the father of Liam's present self. Of course his real father on real earth should be home weeping for the loss of his son "Is there a way I can get home or am I stuck to the predating world?" Liam thought to himself, when he thought about how happy it would be if he ever got back home, hus heart took a leap. His Majesty Guan was one of the most famous in the Empire, news that the Royal Family and the prime minister's family are going to be joined by marriage already spread across the empire. In fact, people from other kingdoms have started to bring gifts and p
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Many more mysterious incidents followed the last one and there were many more before the first one which Liam didn't bother reading. It was at this point that he jbew what kind of world he his in. Lian opened more leaves of the book and jeot reading, he found mire mysterious cases like the ones he'd read. He sighed and closed the book he is currently reading and took another. Having reading to this stage, he is quite sure that this world he is in contains supernaturals; the existence of mysterious humans and evil monsters. The other book that he took to read consist of common records and mortal crime acts of the empire, reading more books, he understood how the empire and the kingdoms under it works, the battle record of the empire and quarrels between the kingdoms. The sun deemed down a bit and the light that steamed in from the window was greatly reduced, the light in the library was too deem for him to read so he lit a torch in the library. The yellow light from the torch cast
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