Simulation: The fall of the rising.

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Simulation: The fall of the rising.

By: Peter-Kun OngoingSci-Fi

Language: English

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Our planet, Earth, inhabited by humans, animals, plants and microorganisms. This planet is enriched by various minerals, resources and richness its inhabitants could use. As the science implies, everything started from atoms, and then it formed protein, which is used for the creation of various parts of the human and animal body such as eyes, skin, bones and muscle tissues. All of these were studied for not a small amount of time, scientists who discovered this gave their whole life in the discovery of the happenings before, which is, all lie. You might think otherwise, is it because of religious beliefs? You're thinking it all wrong. Everything, all of things lying down in this planet is purely just a show for those who created it. Creatures that we could compare to these gods but not quite like that. They are not too far from being monsters for making such horrible way of having fun. Is it confusing, certainly it is. I didn't believe it all at first, I was a wholeheartedly devoted to science that I couldn't believe illogical things and most of the time, laugh at them. It all changed, when I found a glitch in this world. Glitches are supposed to be inside computerized machines and cannot be and not supposed to be inside the real world. But that is not the case. The world might be perfect you can say, but out of the gazillions of creation here, there is a single spot where you can find its flaws. Everything isn't perfect, there should be a small hole in every perfection we can see. What was this glitch? It's hard to believe but, you'll see it and discover it with me as I start my story, of the end.

1 chapters
Chapter 1
(Anomaly)    "Dave, are you done?" Mia gestured her hand as if she's asking for an immediate response. "Two minutes." I replied and then continued my work in my computer. She look quite pissed for my slowness. I can't blame her though. This task can be made at maximum of two hours and I'm here, still doing the thing after four hours has passed. I have to admit that I'm very, very slow when it comes to computer works. But I'm sure I'm doing my best to do it. It wasn't really my responsibility to do her a favour but I have to somehow repay my debt to her. She is a very short tempered lady that if you can be killed by sight, you would definitely fall down dead when she look at you. No man have ever tried to court her or to confess to her even though she is very beautiful and appealing in terms of intelligence and posture. If she wasn't a scientist,
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