Son-In-Law: Birth of The Alchemy Emperor

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Son-In-Law: Birth of The Alchemy Emperor

By: OmnipotentDad OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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A loser, useless trash, a failure, a wastrel. Imagine being labeled like that throughout your whole life? That's what had happened to this person called Charles Bane, it's not that he couldn't be something, but he had tried his best. He had done everything he could, but it seemed, life, wasn't really on his side. But as the eldest brother of the family, he had thought of committing suicide many times, but just the time of his sisters and mother crying shook him to his core. His father is the only one working within their family, but even with lacking of almost everything, they could still smile because of the two cheerful sisters, his younger sisters. As Charles Bane got fired for the 24th work he was hired that year, he happened to find it, a book, a black book that he couldn't understand what's written on it. At first, he wanted to ignore it, it looked rather creepy, so why would he approach it right? Well, he still picked it up, for some reason, it felt like this book is calling him. But as he picked it up, something happened! [Welcome host, to the Alchemy Emperor System.]


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Chapter 1: Charles Bane
9:00 PM, Reudo City.Within the slums of Reudo City, a man is currently sitting beside a dumpster just outside a rather small restaurant.It's pouring rain right now as the wind blows many signages out. Banging sounds of metals can be heard yet, this man is just looking at the ground silently, not paying attention to anything else.The man sighed, glancing at the last twenty siars(1) on his hands.This man is called Charles Bane, and for a year, he had been desperate to find a job and work his very best.He smiled with a saddened expression as he uttered: "It's the 50th job I was fired this year..."It's not that he's bad with his work, rather, for some reason, shit continued to happen.Just now, he had gotten fired for some ridiculous thing that he didn't even do.A waitress was clumsy enough to nudge one of the food containers, this food container wasn't even worth anything more than 1,000 siars, so it's nothing much.But what the food container is sat beside isn't cheap.It's a tow
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Chapter 2: Another Place
Charles ate his dinner while his sister and mother both went to their room to sleep.His father is just a few meters away from him and the room is steady and silent."You've been fired again?" His father asked.Charles flinched for a bit before nodding his head: "Yeah."His father nodded his head and smiled: "Was it you or another employee?""Another employee, I was blamed again." Charles replied with a solemn tone.His father nodded once more: "Just focus on your studies then, since you've got a scholarship in the Dragonsoar University, it'll be great if you graduate there. I heard school will start in""Don't worry about the finances, your mother and I can cover for our family."Charles remained silent.Their family wasn't doing bad before, actually, they were earning 10,000 siars a month, which made them live a rather average life.They have a stall that sells vegetables and fishes in the market, but then, five years ago, a huge mall was established just near the marketplace, hence
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Chapter 3: Yuma City
Charles felt an extreme pain assaulting his brain.His eyes opened widely as he couldn't believe what is happening, it was a pain he couldn't even explain properly.A few hours had passed for him, he was currently lying on the ground like a lifeless corpse."Haaak!" Gasping for air, he jumped up.[Transferring Information Complete.][Information transferred:-Basic Alchemy perfection-Basic knowledge of medicine: complete compilation of mortal grade-Basic knowledge of poison: complete compilation of mortal grade-Basic knowledge of combination: complete compilation of mortal grade-Basic knowledge of the mortal body: illness, poison, etc.-Acupuncture technique complete edition.-Compilation of all mortal grade abnormal status.-Complete knowledge of body's physique, constitution, and spirit sea.]Charles read all of it like some trick, yet, he couldn't think of it like that, after all, he had experienced pain beyond his imagination.[All knowledge necessary for transferring host is
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Chapter 4: A Helping Hand
Charles decided to think of something to earn some money or buy some food.But other than finding a job, which nobody will probably hire him for, he decided to turn to his system: "Hey, is there any way I can earn money in this city?"Ding!*[You have your knowledge, use it well.The system had answered the maximum number of questions that it can answer and will sleep for the next two weeks, good luck to the host. End of weekly tasks.]Seeing this, Charles' eyes widened in shock: "What the hell, why didn't it say that it has a limit as well?!"Charles felt cheated, if he knew there was a limit to how many questions he could ask, he would've limited his questions to the most important things he needed to know!Then, remembering the words of the system, he had received a lot of knowledge, for starters, it should be enough.In his world, it's like getting the knowledge for a certain job or having great skills for certain works.In any way, it seemed like he has knowledge of being an alch
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Chapter 5: Miraculous Needles(1)
It became awkward for a bit till the old lady laughed. "Hahaha, kid, you could barely keep yourself fed, what do you mean a helping hand?" The old lady chuckled and shook her head: "Well, working for free ain't gonna cut it, I'll probably need to feed you as well." "Well, just look around, we don't even have any customers other than you for the past few months, you think we need more people?" She added. Charles immediately shook his head: "No, no, what I meant was, about your daughter's situation." Hearing her daughter's situation being called out, the old lady's expression darkened: "Hey kid, you should leave while I'm asking nicely." Her smile vanished as she glared at Charles. Charles immediately placed both of his hands up: "Hey, give it a rest, I have nothing but good intentions here, other than this inn, you also have nothing, what do I have to gain, right?" "I mean, you're her mother, shouldn't you jump to any opportunity to help your daughter out?" "That's exactly it,
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Chapter 6: Miraculous Needles(2)
After just thirty minutes, the old lady returned from the market.She placed all of the herbs and the set of needles on the table: "All's here, I also bought more if you ever needed some extras."All in all, she had spent 8 silver coins, which is quite a lot for an average person of the outer city.Charles smiled and nodded his head: "Next is mortar and pestle."The old lady nodded and got back with the tools."Here.""Thanks." Charles replied and immediately started his work.Immediately, his expression drastically changed, like an alchemist that had done it for many decades, it's all thanks to the information that the system had given him, every piece of information, experience, and knowledge was drilled deep within his bones.For some reason, to Charles, it felt like he was doing exactly what another person had experienced.As he kept pounding the herbs completely focused, he asked the old lady: "I'd need two more sets of mortar and pestle."As he uttered, he returned to mix the he
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