Soul Exchange System

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Soul Exchange System

By: Flower Spirit OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Iroha, a simple girl and a genius doctor was bullied to death, but now she turned into a ghost, a soul with superpowers and a system to support her. That soul was waiting for her perfect host for two years to take her revenge in her room. Emira, a carefree bird, the worst doctor ever, entered that room and become a host of that vengeful soul. Soul Exchange, the game starts when the duo help each other with their abilities.

1 chapters
Chapter 1
Being locked in the mortuary in the middle of the night, Iroha was struggling to open the door which was locked by someone from the outer side. "Help...!" "Open the door....!!" "Please..."She sat hopelessly when she figured out that the door will not be opened,It was completely dark, but just a beam of light from the street fell on her face, she was terrified, the windows were fluttering and making an awful sound, and there is no one around not even a single fly, the wind blows in and out making the fluttering sounds even worse.Each time it makes a sound, her heart skips a beat out of fear,Iroha was sitting in front of the mortuary door weeping helplessly,She was all alone and had nothing but a lot of dead bodies around her. she tried everything to get help. But no one, nothing seems to be working out there. "why me? why it has to be me? what mistake did I commit??" she cried out in disgust sheathe with fury, "They always do this to me...what I did to them...!" Suddenly th
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