Soul Immortal

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Soul Immortal

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After a tragic incident, Zhang Fei's soul was transmigrated into a sacred body in a world of mortal cultivation. His tragic life continued when his new parents, along with his relatives, were killed in the hands of the beast demon clans. In this world where only the strongest survives. Fei's only solace came in the spirit form of an ancient cultivator who resided inside his body. How would a spirit work together with Fei to survive the world of powerful cultivators, deadly beasts and ancient demons? Live the tale, and tell the story.


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418 chapters
A Memory From The Past [I]
Zhang Fei's ancestral home was in a small mountain village in Tangshen City of Fushen Province. It was quite far from the city of Tangshen, and was surrounded by mountains. The life of the villagers was very poor, but Zhang Fei was not born there.Soon after his parents got married, they went to Shanghai with a group of young people from the same village. It was at the beginning of the country's reform and opening up.After a few years, the couple started to pick up the tatters, and slowly started a small business with the money they had saved. Later, the business gained a certain foothold, and the couple finally settled down in Shanghai. And then, Zhang Fei was born.Fei had been very smart since he was a child. He was also quite handsome. He had always been a top student in his class, and was also the school's most recommended sports student.Originally, Fei had a bright future, but unfortunately it didn't last long. When he graduated from junior high s
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A Memory From The Past [II]
That evening, in a van, Fei drove Da Meng and San Shun from the village to drink at Donghai's house in the neighboring city. Donghai was the carpenter in their team. This craftsmanship was inherited from his ancestors, and what he was crafting were called a masterclass! As soon as the car got off the highway, San Shun, who was sharp-eyed, found at a glance that the driver who paid money next to him seemed to be the long-lost Boss Zhang! Even though the man was wearing a disguise of toad mirror, he recognized him from the voice and manner of his speech! After paying their own money, Fei stepped on his van's accelerator, pursuing Boss Zhang's Audi car. The Audi was a good car with great performance, and there were not many cars on the road during this Chinese New Year. So, Boss Zhang was running at great speed. Fei continued to step on the accelerator, and the van continued to shoot forward with great speed too. Now, they could see the back of the Boss Zhang's
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Rebirth [I]
Fei didn't know how long had passed since he lost consciousness. He realized it might just be a short time, or a rather long time had gone by. As he was wondering, his chaotic awareness suddenly sensed a strange but powerful aura. He felt as if there was a force-field around him, squeezing his body to death. It was as if he was about to suffocate to death. "This is agonizing. Where am I? Am I dead? Is this heaven or hell?" Fei asked himself in apprehension. He tried to open his eyes in order to check his surroundings, but couldn't open them. Instictly, he took a deep breath, trying to calm his mind, but found that he couldn't breathe at all. Wei was shocked and began to struggle in panic, but his hands and feet seemed to be bound by something. They couldn't stretch out in anyway. While struggling, Fei vaguely heard the voices of women screaming. The voices sounded so close, yet so far. He couldn't help but be shocked. "Damn it. Is this really hell? Wh
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Rebirth [II]
"What are you doing inside my body?" Asked the voice of an old man. Hearing the voice of the old man, Zhang Fei was curiously shocked. He wondered where the voice was coming from. But thinking about what the old man said about the body of the baby being his, Zhang Fei was apprehensive. Could he be dreaming? Secretly, he mumbled in his heart. "Obviously,  the voice of a delusional old man. How could my body be his?" He secretly mumbled in his heart before saying. "This is my body, not yours, old man." "Yours? I reserved this body for myself, long before the universe thought of creating you. So, this makes it mine, isn't it, small baby?" Slowly, his apprehension dissipated. Zhang Fei couldn't help himself from laughing. "Long time ago? Well, old man, as you can see, I'm not old like you. So, I'm the rightful owner of my body. Moreso, where are you talking from?" The old man suddenly sighed. *Oh, this baby doesn't know anything yet. Since there's no
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Rebirth [III]
Taoist Mo was distraught for hesitating at the beginning when he had the chance to send his consciousness into the blank body of the unborn baby. This had now caused him to miss the opportunity of having his own sacred spirit body.  When Taoist Mo's divine consciousness was about to enter this baby's blank sea of ​​consciousness and take over the body, he found that the baby's blank sea of ​​consciousness had already been occupied by Fei. Taoist Mo could decide to forcibly wipe out Fei's consciousness from the baby's sea of awareness, but doing so would only cause damage to the baby's sea of ​​consciousness. It would, irreparably, turn the baby into a dumb person. This was also a great disaster for Taoist Mo. Hearing this, Fei couldn't help himself but said. "Great Taoist, I think this is just a dream! After a while, I'll wake up and all this would no longer exist to me. You may be able to control this baby's body by then!" "Huh? Dreamland?" Taoi
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Forest Of Ruinic Relics
The Hunted Ruins Forest was one of the most diversed forests on the Sacred Spirit Continent. The hills here were undulating, with a vast area, stretching tens of thousands of kilometers in length and width. There were three big rivers passing through the entire forest, which were several miles wide and of magnificent looks. There were also countless small rivers and gullies in the forest.The reason why it was said to be the most represented was that the terrain in this forest was complex and changeable. With more than half of the tree species on the Sacred Spirit Continent, and it was named because of the ancient relics in the central area. But because the forest was occupied by demons, and there were more powerful monsters in its central area, very few people ever ventured into the forest.It was just that many monsters with powerful cultivation bases were generally entrenched in the central area of ​​the forest. The closer they were to the
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It Was A Level Two Bear Demon Cub
When the two women heard this, they stopped, but the man yelled as if he hadn't heard them. "Fei, are you hurt? Stay right there, I'm coming."Seeing that the man was about to run towards the giant tree, the raised his hand, pointing at the branches of the tree. Before the man realized what the boy was talking about, it was too late. He found his legs being caught up in some rope while a big net sprouted from the ground ground *hula* and quickly suspended the man in the air.The boy shook his head and walked over to where the net was hung and said. "I told you to stop, uncle, but you didn't stop. You know it's not my fault you get caught up in a trap-net."He was about to walk towards Zhao to release the ropenet when the two women ran to him, one after another. The woman wearing the white headband grabbed the boy's ears with both hands, and pulled his small face fiercely, shouting. "Fei.... If I find you next time time run out by yourself, I will tear your ears
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The Ironwood Tribe
"Hey, Zhao, men who are of the same age as you already have many children, but you don't even have a wife yet. And you still have a face to say it." Qi Shuang said with a smile as she walked along Qiu Hong. Adjusting the ropenet, Qiu Shuang sighed softly. "Which girl in the clan doesn't like a strong man who is also great at hunting? But look at Big Brother Zhao, how can a girl like him? Won't she be hungry every day?""Not really, sister. Zhao's arrow skills are outstanding in the clan. But no matter how his hunting appears, Zhao's harvest is not less than others. How can he make any woman hungry?" Qiu Hong said softly.Qiu Shuang couldn't help laughing when she heard this. "If brother Zhao is so good, why don't you marry him?"Qiu Hong immediately scolded. "It's you who need to marry. You have to marry him. I only have time for our Fei."Hearing what Qiu Shuang said, Zhao originally felt blood rushing up to his head. But Qiu Hong's words were like a bas
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Cannon Powder
Seeing that his father had relaxed after his journey, Fei asked. "Father, did you find what you were looking for in the city?" After hearing his son's question, Mu Tuo couldn't help himself from smiling mysteriously, and said, "My dear son, what do you think this is?" Mu Tuo, suddenly, raised his hand and the sapphire ring on his finger flashed brightly. He turned his palm over, and from the thin air, a stone box suddenly appeared in his hand. The stone box was about one foot square, and was bare of any decoration. "Long live father." Fei uttered. He immediately stretched out his hands excitedly, wanting to take the stone box from his father's hand. Mu Tuo swiftly raised the stone box higher in the air, before it could be snatched by Fei, and said repeatedly. "Be careful, son!! Don't grab it. This thing is very dangerous. You must handle it cautiously." Then, Mu Tuo carefully handed the stone box over to Fei. Fei held the stone box firmly but
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To Be A Spirit Master
"Huh? Don't let me catch you, or I'll have to tear your face off." Shuang said as she furiously shook her fist in the direction of Fei's departing back. She gritted her teeth and turned to her sister. "Huh. You know, this time, this boy is being too slippery, and ruthless. Oh, this is so uncomfortable." Hong murmured. "Sister, don't blame Fei'er anymore. We should blame ourselves for not paying attention. Next time, we'll have to be more careful. Anyway, it is time for Fei'er to practice his cultivation." Shuang raised her hand to wipe the tears from the corners of her eyes, and groaned, "You know, I really don't know what kind of cultivation technique the boy practices, but it was totally a different thing for us back then. We started practicing at a much more older age, and it was after seeing a spiritual master. I've never ever heard of a child who cultivates at such a young age like him. What kind of thing will you call this?" Hong replied, "It would be g
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