Stuck in my Game World.

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Stuck in my Game World.

By: Goodluck Ernest. Updated just nowFantasy

Language: English

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Due to the brightening of the sky and the sunlight that shone on Eric Claus, he opened his eyes only to find himself lying on the bare ground in an unfamiliar environment. It was not like the regular world which he knew, it was as though he had gone thousands of years into the past. The environment he found himself was just like the one he was designing for his new game, only that this one was very real. He stood to his feet and tried to take a few steps towards the building which was before, but then he staggered and fell back to the ground. He could feel pains all over his body and then he had some flashes of the accident which he had. The injuries on his body were still fresh and he was still wearing the cloth which he wore on the day of the accident. So a lot of thoughts came into his mind, as he asked himself a series of questions. "Where am I? What is this place? Why am I here?"


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1. Where am I?
Mr Chase Stevens, the owner of a famous game programming company walked into the programming hall from his office. His numerous staff were seriously focused on their work with their computer system, when he called aloud, "Mr Eric." "Sir," Eric Claus stood from his desk. He was in his mid thirties, thirty five to be precise and he was the manager of the company but he would love to join in the programming of the fun games, also because part of the development programs of the games were his ideas; he would have to put some of the new staff through, directing them on what to do to enhance the gameplay. "I need you in my office right now, let's have a word." Chase said as he turned back in the direction where he came from. "You now know what to do." Eric said to the new kid whom he was putting through some things and then went after his boss to the office. As he came in, Chase was already seated so he said to him, "Please have your seat." He sat down as he was told. He was not curio
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2. The journey begins.
When he woke up again, it was already midday and he found himself inside the house which he had seen earlier, and there was this young boy staring at him. The sight was blurry at first, but later became clear after a few blinks of his eyes."You are finally awake?" The kid asked him. It was obvious he had been unconscious for a very long time."Where am I?" He repeated the question which he had asked himself when he was still outside.Instead of answering this question, the kid ran out of the room to call his father who was in the field close to the house."Father! Father! He's awake." The boy screamed as he ran to his middle aged father.The man in his late fifties turned to his son who kept screaming in his name. Hearing that Eric was awake, he dropped the garden fork which he was holding and ran towards the house.He came inside the room again with his son and saw Eric struggling to get up on his feet, so he said as he helped him lay back in the bed, "Easy, you are badly injured."
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3. Welcome to Raychester castle.
Being good at tracking the smell of flesh, the three trolls that had come out to hunt and were making the noise which they heard came to the location where they had at this time covered themselves with leaves and grasses to avoid being seen.They were certain of the spell they were perceiving but they could not sight them, yet they refused to leave that location until they'd found what had drawn them to that place.While the trolls persisted in not leaving the location, a moose ran past the place and the trolls were quick to catch it before running past them as they concluded it to be the flesh that had drawn them to that place. So they had to leave with the animal they had caught even though one of them was having the feeling that what they had caught was not what attracted them. It could still smell flesh, despite the one they were with.But its company called it that they should leave since they had gotten a meal for themselves. It did not mean that they were not getting the smell
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4. The prophecy.
After a long time of waiting for almost two hours, Morgan walked back into the court with an elderly man, who looked eighty years old. The man's heir was completely white, and he wore a white garment holding a staff. His eyeballs were white, if not looked carefully, one will think that he had no eyeballs, and jaw was covered with white beards.When he had drawn near to them, Luca said, "Welcome wise one.""Your majesty, why have you called me out of my chamber?" The seer asked Luca. He still had not taken notice of any other person in the court. This was because he was not seeing clearly so he usually focused on one person at a time."We have someone you should meet. He claims to be Eric Claus from New York."Now Eric did not have to wait to be given the chance to speak before speaking. "I do not claim, rather I am Eric Claus. If you have any problem with that, then you should tell me directly?" He did not like the idea that the King used that world claim. He saw that words to indirec
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5. Realizing where I am.
The stare into his palms was beginning to take longer than expected and it made Eric get scared as it was obvious that the seer could see something bad about his future and that happened to be the reason why he hated seers and fortune tellers.His mind began to skip the most as despite his actions to tell the seer that it was enough, he still would to let go of his hands. Instead, he would even look more closely into it.He finally got sick of this action, so he did not want the seer to continue with the stare, so he withdrew his hand. "What did you see?""Hmmm." He hummed. That was a sign to tell that his mouth was very heavy to say what he had seen. But the way all eyes were fixed on him, he had to speak up. "I am afraid to tell us that he does not have the hands of a swordsman. It bleeds my heart to say that it could be impossible for him to master the sword.""Does that mean the prophecy was false?" Luca asked. He could not bear to hear that the prophecy was false because the news
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6. Training.
Weeks passed with the continuation of their training and it happened that the revelation of the seer was coming to pass. Eric was finding it extremely difficult to master the sword. Even young Harris was better than him and this seemed to frustrate him but whenever he remembers that without passing that stage, he can not go back to the real world, his zeal will be increased yet it was not yielding any improved result.One of the days when Zachary left him to keep practicing with Harris under the sun while he takes a rest inside. Harris said to Eric. "I remember what the seer told you.""Of course, I also know what he said but I am going to prove him wrong." He replied thinking that Harris was referring to the impossibility of him knowing how to use the sword.Harris knew that was what he was thinking from that response, so he had to go straight to the thing which he was referring to. "No, I'm not talking about being a swordsman.""Then what are you talking about?" Eric asked because h
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7. The dragon's attack.
Now with the staff, Eric Claus was able to fight. Within a few days training with the staff he was now able to win Harris in a friendly contest. Unlike the time when he used to make use of a sword, Harris would be gaining victory over him. With the great improvement in his skill since he started making use of the staff, Zach now saw ther new to engage in a friendly fight against him instead of his son who was no longer a match for him. Proving the fact that he had been fighting for a very long time, he beat Eric in the contest although it was quite difficult. There was now proof that he had been undergoing training from one of the best warriors in Palind.He still continued his training, because he was still no match for his master, Zachary Hawkins. And Zach on his part loved the idea that he did not cease training and with the motivation of Eric, Harris also was improving greatly in the use of the sword.One of the days, while Eric and Harris were in the field doing the normal train
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8. The burning forest.
Eric ran a very good distance away from the village and came to the woods where he took shades from the dragon. The trees there grew too close to themselves that it was impossible for the dragon to fly inside the forest. So it flew above the forest and began to burn the trees so that Eric would come out due to heat and smoke.But Eric maintained position in the woods since the dragon could no longer sight him. What he did was keep avoiding the fire that had consumed the forest.The forest was large one but it did not stop the dragon from making sure that every corner was set ablaze, and when it was done ensuring that there was no part of the forest that was on fire, it vanished into the air with the hope that Eric must have been consumed by the fire.The fire in the woods was everywhere that there was nowhere for him to hide anymore. He tried coming out of the forest since he sensed that the dragon was gone.As he made his way out of the forest, coming to its edge, he could no longer
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9. A simple code.
The people of Hillcrest kept saluting King Luca Cole as he moved around the place with his eyes on the ground while he looked out for the people that had brought him there.At the end of some minutes, he noticed that the people did not know what had brought him there and their thoughts of why he was there was a real good one so he had to pretend as though their thoughts were right about his coming so that he would not make the people see him as a selfish person. Luca and his men had to assist the people a little for over two hours before asking after the men that had brought them there. First he enquired about their chief because that would be the person who would know about the people living in the villa and if they are to get a first class information about Zachary, then that would be the person to tell them what they want to know.They were led to the chief of Hillcrest, who was also at a point putting some things in order for the structure of the village to come back to its origi
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10. Let the trail begin.
As they proceeded back to the main village where they would divert to the path that led out of the city towards the fortress of Warcton, they came across a young lady who was coming up to the hill and was heading for the woods which was behind the house of Zachary.As they headed towards the direction of the house without the knowledge that she was heading for the woods behind it to get some dry wood for cooking. They all stopped and followed her towards the house again making her curious and anxious since she did not know why the king had seen her and followed her towards the direction which he was already coming from. Despite her curiosity, she did not have the courage to ask king Luca Cole why he was following her. All she believed was that at some point, he would have to state the reason why he was following her.Neither king Luca nor his men asked the woman any question, they followed her till they came to the back of the house and she proceeded into the forest to pick up the fir
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