Super Rich Man's Revenge

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Super Rich Man's Revenge

By: Calendula OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Joseph Geez is the only son-in-law of the Smith family who doesn't have a wealthy fortune. Everyone always calls her a useless son-in-law, and he is always humiliated by all of his wife's family. One day, Joseph returns to his family home and becomes his father's substitute as a billionaire. Then he announces to everyone who has ever insulted him, "I AM NOT A POOR MAN!"


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2 chapters
Joseph is sitting at the corner of the table. He is eating alone and so alienated. The people there also ignore Joseph, they are busy joking around, but no one talks to Joseph. This is because Joseph is a son-in-law who lives in the house of his wife's family, the Smith family. Apart from having no wealth, Joseph has no position or dignity in the Smith family. Today is Mr. Barta Smith's birthday. The entire family was present to celebrate Mr. Barta's birthday. Many of them were looking forward to the opportunity to mock and insult Joseph. "Honey, please eat this pork soup," said Katty handing Joseph a bowl of pork soup. She is Katty Smith, Joseph's wife, and Mr. Barta Smith's youngest daughter. Katty's eldest sister, hearing that, immediately sneered, "Katty, I made that pork soup, especially for our family. Not for such a poor and useless person like Joseph!" Hearing her eldest sister's words, Katty put the bowl of pork soup back on the table. She looks down in shame. "What Jenn
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The small box was a pitch-black, slightly cracked wooden box that looked cheap. If Joseph gave such a cheap gift in front of all the family, it would embarrass Mr. Barta. That's why Mr. Barta refused Joseph's gift. Joseph was silent when his father-in-law rejected the gift he was about to give. Joseph kept his head down while still holding the gift."Keep the gift! What kind of gift can a poor man like you give?" Mr. Barta looked at Joseph sarcastically."If you give me an expensive gift like Lucky's, I'll accept it. However, if you give me a gift like that which is so cheap, of course, I'll refuse it because I don't want to be humiliated! You poor man!" Mr. Barta's eyes were perfectly rounded as he stared at Joseph and insulted him. "HAHA!" All the family laughed after Mr. Barta spoke.Katty was furious at her father's words, but Joseph always forbade his wife to speak. So, Katty could only remain silent while holding back her anger. After the birthday party was over, Joseph and K
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