Supreme Doubler System

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Supreme Doubler System

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Aiden an average boy wakes up one day to find himself in a strange world of magic and system, where science is regarded as fiction. Once a poor boy with average talent in academics, he swears to become a cultivation genius and reign supreme over his peers.


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13 chapters
"And for the one in last position.. Aiden Cray, with a score of.. what?! Six?!" the home room teacher read out in alarm. The whole class instantly burst into unsuppressable laughter. At the rear end of the class room, a teenage boy with an handsome face but dressed in a school uniform with various patches, laid his head on his desk. He was Aiden. The one who scored six in the mock enterance exam. "Is Aiden here or not?" the home room teacher said, looking displeased. The fat on her face rattled like waves in the ocean. "Present" Aiden lifted his hand up. The whole class focused their gaze on him and burst into another fit of laughter. However, Aiden remained calm, completely ignoring the scorn. "Take it" the home room teacher said, waving the examination sheet. Aiden calmly walked out and took it. His shoulder and face were high, like a military general who just crushingly defeated an enemy kingdom. "You are nothing like your father" the home room teacher whispered, with disda
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New world
Just a few distance away from Cloudy High school was a stall selling snacks and soft drink. The stall owner was a middle aged man with a bald head and a lean frame. He was in the midst of setting up the snacks into the show glass, when suddenly, he saw a figure from the corner of his eye. "Aiden!" Aiden who was just passing by the stall heard his name. He glanced sideways and saw the lean stall owner waving at him. Naturally, he waved back and walked towards the stall. "Is the sky falling or what? how come Cloudy High school notorious late comer is arriving at school by this time? it's barely eight" the stall owner gwaffed. Aiden made to speak, but shut his mouth eventually. Infact, he felt it weird. The last thing he remembered was being struck by lightning before finding himself by the roadside. He was about taking the busy road route home when the stall owner waved at him. "Why are you looking at me like that" the stall owner noticed his weird expression."Uhm, what time is
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Social Heirachy
The city of Pyn was regarded as a third class city, boasting of six provinces ruled over by six great clans with powerful mages. They were the Carter clan, Hooks clan, Stahk clan, Haies clan, Monterho clan and Ortegha clan. Located at the heart of the Carter province was the Carter family estate. It was filled with expensive looking buildings and well tarred roads; the grandeur was quite apparent. Located at the rear end of the estate was a small settlement of old loghouses, numbering twelve. These log houses belonged to the servants of the Carter clan. Currently, Aiden was standing in front of one of these log houses, looking crestfallen. He got transmigrated into a new world, but how come his poverty stricken situation worsened? infact it even worsened a bit. Staring at the dirty looking environment, he clenched his fist and swore to become a powerful mage. Landing a soft knock on the door, it immediately opened and Aiden saw an extremely familiar face."Father? what are you do
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The awakening ceremony
Aiden returned home heavy hearted. He wasn't even in the mood to head to the library. The words of Jared kept constantly ringing in his head. How dare that old foggie call him a wastrel. "Just you wait old foggie. You're going to eat back those words very soon!" he balled his fist. Suddenly, he remembered something. If Jessiy could awaken her magic attribute at the age of thirteen, what's stopping him from awakening his? afterall, he was fifteen already. Without wasting any more time, he took a ladder from the backyard and climbed up, sitting on the roof of the log house. According to the books he read, an awakening consume a large amount of world force. Sitting at a high point like this would definately expose him to an even denser amount of world force. Aiden sat in the lotus position and shut his eyes, entering a calm state. He remained in this position for a dozen minutes before snapping his eyes open, looking fraustrated."What is it that i'm getting wrong? According to the
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Rising prodigies
"The awakening ceremony is about to start!" "Thank goodness. I was starting to get impatient" "This is it! our time to shine is nigh!" the hundred and something participants broke into an uproar. "Hmph. Don't think this is over. I would like to see how you'd disgrace yourself when you faile to awaken an element" Erwin snorted. But he didn't continue making it difficult for Aiden. However, Aiden felt uneasy. After hearing Erwin's words, he began doubting himself. Was he really going to fail the awakening? afterall, this wasn't his original world. At that moment, a dense layer of earthen halo appeared in front of everyone, condensing into a platform, with a man standing on it, holding an orb. This man was the principal of the school; Obyto. However, this was merely an earth clone. "Whoa! that's the earthen clone!" "I heard it's a stage two spirit condensing rank spell" "The principal is this strong?!" naturally, the participants were amazed."Silence" the principal's clone snort
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Magic System
"It's the fire attribute!" Aiden suddenly heard a voice say. Looking over, he saw a large amount of students trooping into the hall. Richard just happened to be among the crowd. Seeing Aiden's hands placed on the blazing awakening orb, his heart sank. Why was it him! "It's that kid?" the principal's clone who was hurrying over gasped. Never did he expect that one of the most notorious lax students in the school turned out to become a darkhorse, and an astonishing one at that. He hurried over to Aiden's side and inspected the blazing awakening orb solemnly. Siii He was dumbfounded. This student turned out to become an eight star genius! "Interesting. Fantabulous. Great" the principal's clone showered heaps of praises. Aiden squirmed. This was probably his first time of being praised. But he kind of enjoyed it. He even almost gave in to the urge of revealing he had dual magic attributes. However, he restrained himself.He knew that if he revealed his talent, it would cause more
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Under Attack
The next day, cloudy high school became the center of attraction in the Carter province once again. The school's huge gates was open wide ajar, allowing a huge amount of crowd to troop in endlessly. However, all these crowd of people wore a token wrapped around their waist. After the awakening the previous day, those who managed to awaken their magic attribute were each given an identity token, differentiating them from those who failed. Today, the identity served as a way of screening out those who wante to sneak into the compound by blending with the crowd. Aiden just happened to witness a mortal who tried sneaking in being thrown out. "Hmph. You think this is a gathering place for wastrels?" one of the school guards snorted in disdain. Although he was a water mage and a weak one at that, he felt that mortals were beneath him. Aiden shook his head but minded his business. He entered the school compound without a hitch.He staring around, trying to spot Samir, but all he saw was
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First Encounter with Magic Beasts
The novice mages were in a stampede. Everyone only had one thought in mind. Flee! Although they were now mages, they knew their limitations. Squictopus! it was a very dangerous specie of magic beast, especially those with the affinity of lightning. A squictopus with two tentacles represented a novice tier magic beast and those with three tentacles were at the peak of the novice tier!! "Aaah!" a male student screamed as he got struck by lightning, from one of the many squictopuses. "This can't continue. We must fight!" it was unknown who spoke, but it helped to bring the anxious students back to normal. Yeah! although the squictopuses were powerful, they were barely up to hundred. Meanwhile, their side numbered more than five hundred. Although it was uncertain if numbers could beat strength in this case, the students were eager to try. Atleast it was much more better than fleeing with their backs exposed. Richard was the first to make a move. Dashing at a Squictopus, he connect
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Broadened Horizon
The night came and passed. Soon it was dawn. Aiden yawned as he stretched his limbs. Heck! the previous night was something he wished to never experience again. Dusting off the grass on his body, he parted open the tent. "Seems i'm late" he mumbled after seeing a large amount of students walking around. Some were washing their faces, while some just discussed within groups of fours' and sixs'. "How was your night dude?" a male student teased his friend. "Mtcheew. Can't you see the eye bags under my eyes?!"* * *VROOM! VROOM! VROOM! After a whole two hours wait, the students finally heard the horns of vehicles, much to their joy. Very soon, twelve train sized buses came to an halt in front of them. "Gather around!" a voice boomed from above them. Looking up, the students saw their teachers hovering mid air, while utilizing their various attributes. The students obeyed without grumbling. Within mere minutes, they gathered themselves together."Lym, count them" Clinton ordered.
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Unusual Entrance Exam
Aiden groaned lazily as he got up from bed. He felt comfortable all over. Compared to the tent he slept in the night before, it was like heaven. Glancing at the bed side clock, he sighed in relief. It was barely eight pm. Clenching his fist, he felt excited. He was finally a student of Star magic high school - though a mere outer region student. But hey! that was progress! He jumped out of bed and hurried to the toilet to take a leak.* * * "So many people?" Aiden was bewildered when he got into the massive dinning hall. He thought he woke up early, but it would seem that some people woke up even earlier. He grabbed a plate and walked over to the chef behind the counter. After getting his plate filled, he walked over to an empty table and began to eat. The food was hot and spicier, just the way he liked it. He was anxious to finish eating and see just how much exp for his fire attribute would be rewarded. While Aiden ate, a figure holding a plate approached his table. It was
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