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By: G. Chelangat OngoingUrban/Realistic

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Julian Hayes was the live in son-in-law of the Cromwell family. He was hated and despised by everyone especially Tim Cromwell, his father-in-law. When Tim was murdered, everyone accused Julian. Only his wife supported him. Julian thought he would spend his entire life in jail but was saved by the family he never knew he had. With the best lawyer by his side, he set out to clear his name, find out who committed the crime and create an amazing life for his loved ones.


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The loser
CHAPTER 1“Where is that useless husband of yours?” Tim Cromwell asked loudly.When Julian heard the loud voice of his father in law, the empty mug he was holding fell from his hands and hit the floor before shattering into pieces. Abandoning his cold food, he stood up and grabbed a broom from the corner of the kitchen.While all the Cromwell family members were enjoying Saturday lunch in their lush dining room, Julian Hayes having his in the kitchen. Whenever he sat with the family, they would keep making derogatory comments about him which made him unable to enjoy his meals. For that reason, he had decided to eat in the kitchen that day. He didn’t know they would also have a problem with that. It looked he would never win.“I think he is still in the kitchen,” Julian’s wife Rosie Cromwell said. Julian smiled when he heard the sweet voice of the most amazing woman he had ever met. She was the only source of joy in his life.“Shouldn’t we all be rejoicing that the stinky loser is not
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The party
The house had been turned into a heaven of bright lights and beautiful decorations. The crème de la crème of Ainston city were present with all sorts of luxurious gifts for the man of the day. For Julian, the highlight of the party were the performances of Ainston’s top female musician Jordana. When it was time for Tim to speak, the whole room went silent. It was around seven o’clock.“Good evening, everyone.” He began, flashing a beaming smile to all the guests in attendance. “Thank you for coming. You have made me so happy today. I would like to thank everyone that worked hard to make this day a possibility. My wife, my children Jake, Kylie, Rosie and Mia and my dearest mother Carol.”When their names were mentioned, they waved to the crowd. Of all the people who lived in the mansion, only the son-in-laws had not been mentioned. It was Julian and Jim Monroe who was Kylie’s husband. Tim continued. “Above all I would like to thank the person who worked hardest, my dearest son-in-law
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Being in jail
The jail cell was cold. Moreover Julian’s cellmate was a buff guy who looked like he could kill him with one flick of his finger. Julian couldn’t stop shivering in his bed as thought about the day’s events. Everything had happened so fast. He couldn’t believe that he was going to pay for a crime he didn’t commit. He couldn’t think of anyone who could bail him out. He was sure the bail amount was going to be high and Rosie wasn’t going to be able to raise it.Rosie. His beloved Rosie. He missed her a lot. He loved seeing her beautiful smile and sleeping next to her. Now he was lying on a cold hard bed, covered by a thin sheet. The only things that made him happy were memories with her.Two years back, twenty-two year old Julian had met Rosie Cromwell in the college where they still studied. Rosie Cromwell was the most beautiful and richest girl in the class. Unfortunately, she did not do very well in class which made other rich kids bully her. Most of the other rich kids either bribed
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The truth about Julian
“What is going on here?” Julian asked.“Your real name is Julian Sharpe, the grandson of the tech billionaire Carl Sharpe.”Julian knew the famous billionaire. Carl Sharpe of Sharpe Tech was the brains behind the best software in the world. He had created an accounting software while in college, and it had gained a lot of demand because of its efficiency and simplicity. Carl had made so much money from it. This pushed him to create software for other sectors. In a short time, he had catapulted himself to billionaire status.Julian sighed. “Not funny. My parents were not related to Carl Sharpe in any way. Kevin Hayes died last year, my mother is in hospital, and we barely have any money. If I’m Carl Sharpe’s grandson, why has he never helped me?”The lawyer chuckled. “You’re wrong. Your father is the late Hubert Sharpe. When he broke up with your mother, she took you away in revenge, she gave you away to the Hayes family and paid a monthly fee for your upbringing. After that, she went
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Shopping for Rosie
When Tim Cromwell found out that his beloved daughter had married a poor man without his permission, he took away most of her privileges including her car, a silver Porsche. Rosie and Julian had relied on taxis and walking when they had no money. Julian was tired of that life and now that he had money he wanted to fix it immediately. He sent a message to Lance Truman to come and pick him. A few minutes later, he received a message.“Let’s go,” he told Rosie who was finishing up her make up. She was looking very beautiful already. In fact, Rosie did not even need make up because she was a spectacular natural beauty. “I have to call the taxi guy who always takes me,” she said.Julian shook his head. “No need. I’ve already called someone to pick us up.”Some maids were cleaning the foyer. When they saw Rosie and Julian, they began snickering. “Miss Cromwell can marry any man she wants, so many rich and powerful men want her but she chose this idiot. What a pity. If a rich man wanted me
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Payback is sweet
Rosie drove the car around the city for a while before going home. The gateman reluctantly opened the gate. When the car pulled in, Kylie and her husband Jim were standing in the yard. She was adjusting his tie and it looked like he was heading somewhere.Kylie gasped when she saw the couple getting out of the car. Wide eyed, she came closer. “Oh my goodness! Now I really believe it. He killed father. Can it be a coincidence that he bought a car right after father died? Come here, Rosie, did you rob father so you and your useless husband can have a car? How could you do betray your own family for this stupid trash?”“Be careful about what you say?” Rosie said. “I know Julian didn’t kill father. Maybe it was you and your husband.”“How dare you say something like that you little traitor.”“Actually thank you for bringing the evidence home,” Jim said, pulling out his phone and snapping several photos of the car. “We are going to use this to put this useless man where he belongs.”“And a
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A terrible misunderstanding
When he was walking, he remembered that he and Rosie had not eaten dinner because they fell asleep. When he thought about food, his stomach grumbled. He knew Rosie was hungry as well. He pulled out his phone and ordered some Chinese food then went to the living room. He gave in Rosie’s name so that the food would be given to her. He on the other hand went to the kitchen and made himself a sandwich. He was still there when one of the maids walked in.“Hey Julian.”He froze when he heard the voice. While the rest used to insult him endlessly, Mira was always trying to seduce him. She said she didn’t mind that he had nothing. She wanted his body not money. Julian had always felt uncomfortable around her but he didn’t mind it too much since it was different to what he was used to. The only woman he wanted was Rosie and he had always told Mira so. “Hi,” Julian said. “Why are you so cold to me?” she said, appearing right behind him. She touched him and he moved away. “Stop.”“Why?”“You k
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The headline
The dean’s office was one big mess. The man, Tom Manson was tall and middle aged. He wore an immaculate suit and looked so put together but his office looked like a chicken’s coop. Julian couldn’t understand how that was even possible when he had an assistant. Jonathan was wearing a smirk the whole time. As soon as they got to the room, Jonathan sat on a chair. Julian respectfully waited to be offered a seat but it never happened. It seemed the dean was only interested in reprimanding Julian.“You look like one of those scholarship kids,” Tom Manson said. “You know that you don’t deserve to be here but still go ahead to do the most stupid things. I called you here to let you know that we will be informing the scholarship board about what you have done.”“Yeah,” Jonathan retorted. “You don’t need to be in class anymore because you are going to lose the scholarship. They don’t take attempted murder that easily.”“Attempted murder? I don’t know what you’re talking about. Anyway, the boa
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