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The borderlands, where the badlands and the elysian terrains met. It was a safe house for no man's land exiles, and criminals getting away from the unforgiving law and order in Skycloud space. Since it was not piece of the sacred regions, the elysian fighters didn't engage in trivial issues. Nonetheless, because of its vicinity, the scourge of homicide and double-dealing that tormented the badlands couldn't flourish. Despite the fact that it couldn't be said that the borderlands were untamed, life was considerably less prohibitive than residents on the opposite side of the wall needed to persevere. Indeed, that was previously. Conditions in the borderlands had begun to change. The justification for that was Ice de Winter's conflict against the Dull Particle. Throughout the previous three years, Skycloud's distinguished demonhunter had driven many missions through the wilds, uncovering the fear based oppressor cells as he tracked down them. In a little while, a big part of the Dim Iota's powers had been disposed of. It was the most terrible disaster for their soldiers in 10 years. Then came the Slaughter of Greenish blue Edge, a sensationalized account executed by pagan barbarians. It comprised the bloodiest misfortune to occur inside elysian lines in years. It caused a tempest among individuals with profound ramifications and worked up exceptional contempt toward the psychological oppressor association. It was a premonition indication of the extending struggle among Skycloud and its foes. The lead representative and his kin involved this as support to build the area's guards, and their capacity to retaliate. Part of that remembered elevating their concentration for the borderlands. Line fighters were expanded by something like 50%, and innumerable more designated spots were laid out. The Shoal became one such designated spot.


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Chapter 1
The bursting sun resembled an eager dictator, wantonly releasing its destructive intensity upon the badlands and wicking away what little dampness it had left. The vast sands loosened up into the distance, so huge as to induce despair as it gobbled up any remaining tones with its own dreary yellowness. Rushes of sweltering air moved throughout the parched badlands, kicking up dust storms that periodically abrogated the actual sun. The whole world was in a condition of ruined bedlam, and it appeared to be like the skies and the ground were of a similar dull variety.The ground was loaded up with pieces and pieces of rubble that clustered together to frame little mountains. There were a huge number of these things, and they seemed to be steel dinosaurs that had been covered inside the sand with just their backs noticeable. The entry of innumerable years had gradually consumed them, making patches of rust have shown up all over the place. This spot was loaded up with scar-ridden structur
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Chapter 2
At times, Kyle begrudged the others. Nonetheless, the old folk had let him know quite a while in the past that on the off chance that humankind disposed of its last pieces of fairness and ethical quality, the whole human race would genuinely be ill-fated.He was so ravenous he could scarcely walk.Kyle hauled his thin edge through the remains, seeming to be a strand of straw that was being thrown about by the breeze. He felt like he could implode without warning. The scroungers had some time in the past scoured the remnants clean. To find food was no simple errand.Could he bomb in this undertaking once more?Could this be his last time seeing the sunset too?Kyle plunked down dormantly. The sunset was advancing down past the skyline, painting the vestiges with its crimson sparkle. He saw a goshawk taking off through the skies, winding around its way through the mists, and he couldn't resist the opportunity to uncover a smidgen of envy in his look. At the point when he had given himse
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Chapter 3
Kyle kept on moving through the opening, just to find that he had proactively arrived at the end. There was no place else to go by any means, and the monster behind him was at that point snarling as it arranged to send off its assault.Everything held tight a string. This was the crucial point in time, the second when desperate would be chosen.Despite the fact that he was loaded up with despair, Kyle didn't hold back as he turned, metal shard close by. The dull structure was jumping straight towards him, its crimson eyes glimmering fiercely in the murkiness. Its teeth were pretty much as sharp as blades, and it was going to dive into the piece of prey that remained before it, then, at that point, destroy that piece.Kyle let out a low, savage thunder as he wounded fiercely... furthermore, his metal shard just so ended up diving straightforwardly into the animal's eyes.The animal let out a struggle yell as it hammered straight into Kyle. Its sharp hooks left a few ridiculous gouges a
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Chapter 4
The radiance of the moon streamed into his tunnel, conveying with it a frigid cold that simple covers couldn't avoid. He was cold to the point that he nestled into a ball, yet the injuries covering his body made it unimaginable for him to nod off.All things considered, Kyle decided to sit up. He got a metal box, passed over the layer of residue covering it, then, at that point, lifted it up and gazed at it like he was gazing at the most important of fortunes. Gradually, cautiously, he pulled out the brilliantly shaded objects from inside the crate.He gazed intently at these photos, his look far off and marvelous. These were pictures which the old folk had relentlessly gathered throughout numerous years. They were a demonstration of the way that the Bygone eras genuinely had existed, however the entry of incalculable years had started to make the photos blur and become unrecognizable.Each time he gazed at them, his young heart really wanted to revive its thump.Each time he gazed at
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Chapter 5
The six monsters had six riders on them, all wearing abnormal outfits. Their indiscriminately sorted out outfits were made out of different pieces of metal, wood, calfskin, bone, rocks, and other obscure materials. In all likelihood, they had gathered as many things as they could, then designed an unrefined suit of 'protection' from them. Thus, every individual had an alternate 'uniform', and one of them who had just a single arm had really united a metal stuff onto himself as a prosthetic appendage. Someone else had joined a rough sawtooth cutting edge onto himself. So, every one of them was overflowing with the air of the badlands.One of the bigfoot bird riders vaulted off his mount, then differentially opened the vehicle entryway and welcomed the husky man inside.The husky man was wearing a sleeveless calfskin coat that was trickling with machine oil, and he was safeguarded by a coarse, exoskeleton-like reinforcement that seemed to be a monster bug which had slithered over him. H
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Chapter 6
The badlands riders who were mounted on the bigfoot birds all started to laugh out loud. A high school kid was clamoring to proceed to battle the sweepers? When Cullen saw the kid arise, he frowned at him and roared, "Might you at any point try and lift up our fucking weapons? Simply fuck off!""I need to go battle the sweepers!" A steely look was in Kyle's eyes as he said, "In the event that I can endure the battle, you want to satisfy your commitment and remove me from this spot!"The husky man had a bizarre look all over. "Do you truly need to leave that much? Remaining alive matters more than anything!"Kyle said, "I need to be a digger. I would rather not be ravenous any longer, and I would rather not be exploited by anybody any longer."The badlands riders generally laughed out loud again. Such adolescent words could emerge out of the mouths of oblivious youngsters! "Remaining alive in an insane period like this one ain't simple. It is significantly more enthusiastic to Live wit
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Chapter 7
Kyle's whole body was pretty much as downright frigid, and he was unable to stop the shuddering. A look of disarray and fury was on his young face as he scowled at the chunky man. "W-why... for what reason would you say you are doing this?!"Scroungers likewise killed others, however that was just when they were starving. It was a demonstration of franticness that they just completed for endurance! These earthmovers didn't need food. They were doing this in vain more than unadulterated entertainment. Kyle just couldn't comprehend the reason why they were behaving this way!"Hah! None of your fucking business." The hefty man spat noisily. "Also, you don't know poop. These are drifters! Killing them is doing a favor for the badlands."The four primary 'associations' in the badlands were the foragers (scavs), the earthmovers (diggers), the wanderers (drifters), and the sweepers.Foragers were at the lower part of the command hierarchy. When a gathering of scroungers figured out how to wo
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Chapter 8
A weak, cloying smell exuded from the wax paper, attacking his noses with its scent. It was an inebriating feeling that would cause a man to feel like he was dreaming.Two slices of extreme dark bread, and a jug of delicately debased water. The foragers had never at any point seen such excellent food previously, and each and every scrounger was lost in a condition of mind blowing delight.Kyle's hands were shaking as he gradually opened up the waxy paper, seeming to be a dedicated explorer who was opening up a holy item. Very much like that, the two slices of hard bread showed up before his eyes. Their scent developed considerably further than previously, making his mouth very quickly water. Bread. This was bread!He had seen photos of this before in books. He never would've envisioned that such an unbelievable delicacy would show up in his own personal hands. In the remains, these two slices of bread would merit a man's life. No. They would merit the existence of ten men!Kyle cautio
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Chapter 9
"You pointless piece of poop!" The scar-confronted man spat hard, then, at that point, told different scroungers, "We should kill those diggers, then, at that point, return and manage this piece of garbage.""Okay!"The twenty or more backhoes started to move as one, their eyes loaded up with quiet horridness. Each and every individual who lived inside the badlands knew precisely the exact thing that troubling look meant. The foragers had changed into a bunch of wolves… or, to be exact, they had turned into a bunch of hungry wolves following their prey.Remus Jadis was neither apprehensive nor anxious. He just kept on puffing on his cigarette like the bunch of hungry human wolves before him didn't exist.He filled a look to the youth who was quietly hunching down close to the wall, biting on a slice of bread. That specific scav was a fascinating piece. He was very astute and sharp. The youngster's look had been practically inhuman, loaded up with a specific obstinate ferocity. He had
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Chapter 10
CRUNCH.The cervical vertebrae were neatly cut off!With respect to the actual head, it was really buckled under the man's chest by the unnerving power of Remus Jadis' strike. The incomprehensible force of this strike really penetrated the scrounger's legs into the ground, practically like a nail being pounded into the earth. He remained there, unfit to tumble down… and obviously, he was deader than dead!"Ahahah!" Remus Jadis' savage face was loaded up with crazy joy and a look of outright inebriation. It was like he had proactively lost unlimited oversight of his brain. "Hey now, keep it up! I haven't had a great time at this point!"The two hired fighters moaned intellectually when they saw this. The supervisor had entered one of his crazy states, which was inconceivably hazardous. This was the motivation behind why his epithet was 'Remus Jadis'!Neither one nor the other freshman hired fighters really thought about moving excessively near him!The scar-confronted man lay there on
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