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By: THE MAD AUTHOR OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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After the prime mages discovered that the world no longer needed them for protection. Clinton, the overall leader of the prime mages, decided they go separate ways to curb chaos in the multiverses. As the leader of the prime mages, he decided to remain in our universe as he never wanted to leave the world of oz. After many years of peace and harmony, the demons that were locked in hell for long, were now breaking free and Clinton knowing their plans, teams up with a half demon girl and together with other mages, they must strive hard and fight hard to stop the demon king from returning again. What do you think might happen? Can their combined powers, stop the great demon king? What happens when the demon king returns? Will he wreck havoc like the first time, or will he be stooped?

1 chapters
Ch. 01: The beginning
5000 years ago, in the new worlds of the universe. Chaos has reigned and order was nothing to be spoken about. The human race were gradually fading as demons from the underworld were tormenting and killing them so as to make the universe, a world filled with nothing but demons and demons alone.The heavens saw this, and so the arc angels decided to come intervene in the issues of the universe, but no, they were not allowed to intervene in human issues without proper approval from their creator. And so, this torment continued and became even more worse than it used to be.When the heavens noticed how ravaging the demons were becoming, they knew that if they didn't stop this, somehow, someday, these demons will rise up to attack the heavenlies and it may be so hard to stop them, seeing how powerful they were becoming everyday.And so, the arc angels decided to create a personified version of themselves, using their energies to create a power source known as magic, these energies were tr
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