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What if, I said the MC has a system? Well, that's the norm these days. But what if his system gives weird missions like, "DANCE WITH THE ARROGANT AND COLD PRINCESS OF LUX CORPORATION TO GET +7 IN INTELLIGENCE AND +3 IN APPEARANCE " The system AI introduces itself as Dance system. Easy to make a person dance with you ,right?


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My name is Darren Potter, and I have a system. Not too surprising, is it? I am not dead, nor I have reincarnated. I wasn’t hit by lightning, nor did I get run-down by our favourite truck-kun. Not even, was there some mistake by some heavenly being. I got this system, just like that. Not understanding, why I have a system with an AI to assist me, I am carrying this system with me. Unlike some people who might think, having a system is a dream come true. I am an otaku kinda guy, who mostly spends his time in his small apartment, and read novels online and plays games. Cursing hundreds of players online, daily. So it is also a dream come true for me. And I was excited when I got the system. But when the AI introduced the system to me, I knew I was damned.Like every other day, I woke up at ten in the morning and immediately went to the washroom to get ready for the school. Well, I still have to go to school, even though I am an otaku. When I reached at the school, our class teacher, I do
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 I cast a thankful look to both Christy and Carol. But obviously I spoke no words, because from the looks of it, Arnold was probably angry with me. So I decided not to test his patience. Just when Carol said those words, someone I least expected stood up and said, “Mr. Arnold. Carol is a kind person. She would always think that others are good, because she is good. But let me be frank. This guy, Darren, has always been the one to disturb the class.” Although most of the class had good relations with me, but they didn’t dare to go against the person who spoke against me. Gritting my teeth, I glared at him.It was John. That sick son of a bitch. Carol glared at him, and was about to say something, but she was beaten to that by Christy. Christine said with hateful eyes, “Well, I also think that Christy is a kind girl. But both of us agree you are the worst student of this school. Except those marks, you have nothing good. You are just a
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 I climbed up the stairs to her room. Her door was not locked, so I directly walked inside. Christy was lying face down on top of her bed, with her head deep in the pillows. I jumped on the bed and laid beside her. This sudden action frightened her, and she screamed in fright. I couldn’t help but laugh when I saw her pale face, and she was so frightened that her eyes were wide and she was biting her lips. When she saw it was me, she instead of getting angry, like I had thought she would be, she hugged me.“Hey.. What’s wrong, Christy?”, I asked worriedly. This was the first time, she had done something like that. I felt her shoulders shaking and my t-shirt was already getting soaked in her tears. I just remained there, hugging her. She nestled in my arms and whispered, “I am sorry. Because of me, you .. “ She broke down, and started sobbing again. I hugged her tightly as I whispered back, “Hey, it’s alright. I
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 Christine nodded slightly, as she walked towards the wardrobe, hiding her face inconspicuously to hide her blush. But I saw her blushing face and was about to tease her about it, but then I chose not to. I remained sitting on the bed, waiting for Christy. But then Christy shouted from inside the bathroom, “Darren, you can go down to for breakfast. It will take me sometime. I have to wash my hair properly. “ I was reluctant but thinking that it would worry mom, if we’re not to go down right now, I hurried downstairs. Moreover mom had a habit of misunderstanding me a lot. I don’t want her to think there is something going on between me and Christy. It’s not because I don’t like her or anything. There is someone else I want to propose. She had been my crush ever since I was eight. Weird, but it’s true. That’s someone from the class beside us. The only reason I felt sad was because I won’t be able to
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 Soon, three days passed in a wink of an eye. Thankfully, I wasn’t lazy during this time and had been following a tight schedule. Writing the school rules, studying ,then training in the room, and spending time with Christine and even Carol. She came on the third day, and we spent mostly in this new ice cream parlor that had just opened. And we spent our time talking, while eating our ice creams. I woke up early in the morning on the fourth day. Since I was bored doing the same thing at home. In school, at least I get to hear others talk about some stupid things. I was mature for my age. That’s what everyone used to tell me.So, I just listened to them, speaking about weird, yet funny incidents. After breakfast, I hugged mom and dad, and then entered the bus. Christy was also with me, since she was at the gate waiting for me. Both of us sat beside each other, and we were talking. That’s when the school bus stopped outside John’s hous
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 When she saw me, the middle-aged woman looked at me with an appraising look. Then she spoke in a motherly voice, “Son, your mathematical skills are too good. You can solve a problem, which just one scientist had solved. But it took him about two months to solve this problem. But I heard from Arnold that you solved it in less than ten minutes. How?” I shrugged and said, “I just know how to do it, I guess. I am not a genius or something. This is the only topic that Uncle Arnold had taught me personally. My memory is good, and I still remember his lessons. “ The middle-aged woman chuckled at this , and looked at Arnold and said with a little emotion, “You haven’t lost your ability to pick up talents, huh?”Arnold smiled and said, “Anissa, I just taught him how I would have taught anyone. That kid is so smart, he just doesn’t enjoy studying much. “ Then he looked at me and said, “See kid, I told
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 Obviously Max won’t be able to say those words loud, because it would just be seen as an excuse by the students from other classes. I smiled at the way; he stood there uncomfortably. Patting his shoulders with both my hands, I asked, “So, sir you want something? Coffee? Sandwich? Mrs Emily makes the best sandwich, you would love sandwiches made by her. “ Then I shouted, “Mrs Emily, can you please be a dear and give Mr Max a sandwich? It’s on me. “ Now, Emily was an Afro-American woman, who had come to our country with her grandparents, when shet was going crazy in America. She learnt to cook from her grandmother, and then she joined as our canteen chef. She was a kind lady, and both of us were close because of many reasons. One of them including the fact that I and Uncle Arnold know each other. She doesn’t have any children, since her child died when he was born. This school made her feel close with the students, since sh
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 Meanwhile, I rushed home, directly ran inside my room, and closed the door. Thankfully, mom wasn’t at home, nor was dad. “Fk. “, I whispered, as I sat on my bed. This was terrible. John was just using Vanessa. I liked her, so I couldn’t stand John using her like this for power. So I have to speak to her about this. I sighed as I laid on the bed, with my legs out of the bed. Soon, the doorbell rang. Picking up a baseball bat from my room, I walked towards the door quietly. If it were John and Max, I would smash their heads with my bat. “Fk it. “, I whispered as I peeked through the key hole. I sighed in relief when I saw the person standing on the other side of the door. It was Christine.I opened the door and immediately hugged her in relief. She was surprised with my sudden actions. I noticed her face turning red, but I still held on to her. Taking a deep breath, I stabilised my thoughts and released her. She looked at
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 John stood there, his face paled, as all the blood was gone from his face. Then his eyes cast on me and he said angrily, “Yes, you are just playing with me. I saw you and that bastard Potter enter an empty classroom alone for over fifteen minutes. You like him, so you are finding such an excuse to break up with me. Or else there should have been no problem in showing me the evidence you  speak so much about. “ He had a proud look, since he and his brother had found the smart phone of the guy who had recorded that video. And they had been chasing him and had their eyes on him, that they didn’t see him even sending anything. That guy just looked straight and ran. It should be that the guy had just said those words to her. And Vanessa believed him.I smiled to myself when I heard his words. He was really a fool. If he had said the truth, it would have been easy for everyone. But now, he was just taking this to the next level, and all th
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 Rio seemed to understand her words, and he moved from Arnold’s arms, and pulled his clothes lightly towards the dining table. At least that’s what I could think of, because Kathy was taking me in the same direction. And since she had just told me about how she was taking me to the dining room for breakfast. I saw Mrs Anissa, who had an apron on her, and was serving pancakes on the plates arranged beautifully. Seeing that I was looking at the table, Anissa asked me to sit and enjoy the breakfast. Kathy chimed in, “I was the one who had arranged the plates. “I couldn’t help but raise my head to look at her, only to see her blushing. I shrugged and sat on the table, because I did not know on what to say as a reply for Kathy’s words. Seeing that I sat down, but didn’t give her any reply, Kathy sighed in distress and sat down beside me. Arnold sat on the other side of me, while Anissa sat beside Kathy. So, it was in th
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