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Two years after king Brothlander was defeated by the joint forces of the Mocinians, Zimbians and Bauthinians, King Lauihnio finds it difficult to believe the Elerian envoy that were sent by their leader King Waigni when they inform him of a planned reprisal attack by the same King Brothlander whose army was completely decimated two years ago in the battle of Harenia. However with his scouts confirming the information as true King Lauihnio is determined to take every necessary and possible measure in order to successfully defend his people from the incoming threat without seeking help from neighboring kingdoms in order to prevent an alliance which he sees as a threat to the sovereignty of his Kingdom, Bauthinia. However his uncle Lord Mordian is released from prison after being convicted for plotting a coup which was meant to usurp King Lauihnio's throne, a coup he plotted in order to protect the secrecy of the dragon egg. After being given this chance of redemption and after being convinced that his nephew was now a changed man, he is determined to help King Lauihnio in his administrative duties, win back the respect which he had lost and fulfill his dream of defending his country from its enemies. In this perilous times would Lord Mordian be able to successfully protect the secrecy of the dragon egg which contains a great power that is capable of sending the whole of southern Azaria into a state of oblivion if it is in the possession of evil king's, evil warlords, dark mages, dark elves or Bajans.


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"I will be on the Frontline." Said king Lauihnio. His commanders including Lord Garthine Polion gasped in surprise. "Are you sure you listen to yourself clearly your majesty." Garthine Polion asked. King Lauihnio rested his arms on the desk were the map with which they were to draw out their battle strategy laid, for the Quanian army was close and having lost the war against the joint force of the Mocinians, Zimbians and the Bauthinians, what stood between their leader King Brothlander and escape using the docks was King Lauihnio's army."But my King your life would be at risk when you are on the Frontline, you need no telling how fierce the battle is going to be at the front line, you are our -""And so are the lives of my men." King Lauihnio interrupted. "The Quanians wish to transfer every bit of aggression on us and King Brothlander would surely want to set an example of us - he knows he has lost the war and I swear by Oridon's mace that beast of a man is going to fight like a
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"Hold!" King Lauihnio bellowed while he and the soldiers tried to maintain a firm grip on their shields in order to not to break formation to prevent further casualties on their side. The hurling of javelins at them seemed to go one forever but King Lauihnio knew that with time the energy that the charioteers used to harass them would fade and their javelins exhausted. "Archers get ready your bows! - Arrows! - draw!" King Lauihnio waited to sense when the quickness of their efforts reduced. When he noticed that their efforts were fading he smiled. "Fire!" he bellowed with much intensity letting out some droplets of saliva.At this order the Bauthinian archers unleashed a volley of arrows that arched up into the clear sky and swept on the Quanian charioteers. A good number of them were struck by the arrows and this reduced their threat. "Return to your defensive positions and hold." King Lauihnio ordered when he noticed that a few archers were struck by the Quanian javelins in retalia
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King Lauihnio stood almost solemnly at the window gazing at the great mountains of Lahda, the evening sun about to set splashed golden Rays which lit up his chamber making it more admirable at first sight, it looked like the gods were passing by as the distant panorama was filled with elegance, perhaps it was a sign from the gods that all was well for the harvest was rich and plentiful.The people of Bauthinia lived in peace and abundance, love and joy, joy that was brought about by the never ending entertainment and banter especially among the male civilian folk who never saw complecancy as a beautiful enemy that had been responsible for the downfall of the numerous kingdoms, dynasties and civilisations that had dominated the Azarian world. From the ale House, whore house and inns to the combat arena at loeia the Bauthinian capital, great pleasure was never far away from anyone even the common man."You look troubled, anything the matter." His wife queen Lana asked, she had been goi
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The Elerian envoy were already waiting in the royal courtroom when the king entered. On sighting king Lauihnio they bowed their heads in reverence as the king walked to his throne and sat on it. Notable noblemen of Bauthinia were present of which were Garthine Polion the chief commander of the king's army, Lord Wemblewin baron of Laoia, the capital of Bauthinia which was located south of Bauthinia, Lord Spleyfico baron of Serdis which was located at the North Western region of Bauthinia, Lord Barthine Loust baron of Prodloust which was located at the North Central region of Bauthinia, Lord Meht baron of Vegia which was located at the North Eastern region of Bauthinia, Paulio grand cytix priest of Bauthinia, Lord Cantrio special adviser to the king and prince Cannio of Bauthinia the king's junior brother. All men present took their seats with prince Cannio, Garthine Polion, and Lord Barthine Loust fixing a Stern gaze at the five Envoys of Eleria. "long live king Lauihnio, ruler and d
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"Your majesty our economic records here shows that we made gross profit from the sale of wheat, barley and corn, a profit higher than any we have recorded in our history." The King's economic adviser said. "With the demand for these cereals increasing three times higher than last year, we made more coin from our cereals than we did our gold and diamonds.""I think our men at our mines need to step up their efforts or instead we could improve labour there at our mines, because with this shocking news, it shows that our export of gold products which have been our main economy over the years is losing its place to agriculture." Lord Cantrio said. "So do you Lord Cantrio think that recognising agriculture as our main economy is a bad idea?""The success of an economy based on agriculture is determined by the weather, extreme workforce and quantity of products which could lose it's value over time, gold never loses value, so I say we improve our labour at the mines, I say we continue to r
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"I am sure you have forgotten the centaur's ode." Queen said as she dipped her fore finger in some Ash that was mixed in some holy water, after which she rubbed the mixed Ash on her husband's forehead. She drew a circle and a straight line below the circle to represent Oridon's mace. She did the same to herself then dropped the bowl of mixed Ash on the floor. "These ashes come from blue coloured ferns that I got when I went on pilgrimage to Sergia, the ferns are called Fermishia. In the whole of the Azarian world they are found only in the temple courts of the great Oridon temple." The King knelt down on a mat in front of the statues of the five gods. The statue of Oridon was about ten feet tall, it depicted a man with burly structure and full black beards and a well trimmed black hair, he wore a golden toga and he held a golden mace which represented his dominance and authority of all things that transpired in the realm of the Divine, the realm of the living and the realm of the dea
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King Lauihnio and the captain made for the entrance to the dungeon. Beyond the large Boulder was a dark walkway with multiple torches positioned strategically providing light along the walkway that was covered with broken stones and moss. At the end of the walkway they branched left, walking along a path that was characterized by twisted trail leads, pillaged rooms and cells that contained prisoners. Suddenly they are able to sight Lord Garthine Polion beside a large iron door. With king Lauihnio being a few paces away from him Lord Garthine Polion bowed his head. "Greetings my king.""So have you been able to get a word out of him?" The king looked anxious. "I am afraid not my king." His tone showed some element of resentment. "It is either he is stubborn enough to keep the secret with him or he doesn't know the identity of these spies. But my king we have done everything we could to get this man to talk but we haven't gotten anything reasonable from him." Garthine Polion whispered
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"Then how did one of your envoys inform us about the presence of spies in these lands?" King Lauihnio asked. "King Waigni himself directed us to inform you about King Brothlander's plan of a reprisal attack, and the presence of spies in these lands. I personally asked him for the identities of these spies for he knew them, but he said it was not necessary. As a Bauthinian by origin, I did everything I could to get the identity of these spies even offering some of the scouts who fed him with information about King Brothlander good money, but they all refused to accept my bribe. They said it was the king's order to remain silent about the spies in Bauthinia. However I understand your frustration, and I would not be surprised if in your rage you plan to torture me to death even though you are aware of the consequences that would befall your kingdom if such happens. In other words I beg you king Lauihnio, as a soldier myself, I do not wish to die defenseless, beaten like a thief, give me
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The news of king Brothlander and his approaching army spread across Bauthinia. It was an extremely bad news, a tough one to swallow with some Bauthinian citizens believing that the end of the peace and prosperity that was enjoyed for over a hundred years was nigh. Fear and panic gripped the Bauthinian citizenry and with uncertainty registered in the minds of the Bauthinian people many of them entertained the idea of migration to neighbouring kingdoms while rumors spread of king Lauihnio's greed and lust for wealth as the motivating factor for him joining the Mocinians and the Zimbians to wage war on king Brothlander which they believed was the reason king Brothlander planned a reprisal. "The thought of these spies makes me sick." King Lauihnio said as he gently swung a silver shafted xiphos to the left and to the right trying to find balance and precision. "ha! ha!" he thrust the sword forward to thin air as he tried to mimic a warrior fighting on the battlefield. "I wish those blo
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"You know I have been thinking my king.""What have you been thinking Lord Garthine Polion?" king Lauihnio asked. "I am thinking, maybe your uncle has a hand in this - maybe king Brothlander invading this lands is another plan of his to usurp your throne, to strip you of your crown. Lord Garthine Polion put up a sad look making him look extremely disturbed. "I doubt that possibility Garthine Polion, my uncle Lord Mordian is locked away in one of our most protected fortress in all of Bauthinia and guarded by our most trusted soldiers." king Lauihnio said with assurance. "however I wonder how my uncle is very good at winning the hearts of men, only Oridon knows how many men he must have won over before he was convicted of treason.""Five hundred men your majesty." Lord Garthine Polion said. king Lauihnio raised his eye brows in amazement. "five hundred men - I assume most of them are dead - however I doubt anyone would want my crown especially at this time.""Are you sure of that." Lo
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