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There are countless people that are unhappy and always complaing about their life and always envious about the rich they think that money will solve their problems. Do you think that money will solve all your problems then you're not entirely wrong it'll solve 90% of your problems. Only 90% This a story about a man named Rein and his circumstances he's powerful but he don't want to expose and show off the fact that he's powerful and rich to his loved one's There are countless people that's been ploting to kill him yet he's calm the only thing that can make him angry now is if anything happens to his loved ones then he'll become ruthless and cruel Does his wife know that he's the hidden ceo ? No, she doesn't. Does his close friend and his friends family know that he's the the boss of the greatest gang ? No they don't Only a selected few know who he is.


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Do you guys think that the world equal for everyone...If you think that then you're wrong. Do you know how many people are starved to death every day, No every hour more like every minute?How much food we waste each day how much water we waste? And we're protesting against the government for not reducing the amount of plastics and not clean the waste.No one take out the trash and blaming others for that.I don't think this earth is gonna last a while.I can't even do anything for this planetWell I'm not an almighty God.!( Hey Rein, why are you keep mumbling about environment pollution. We only ask you to clean the class room with us because it's our turn to clean and you ditched us last time we're not going to let you go until you finish this )Rein Sean just let me talk with my imaginary fan's they're watching meSean : Just shut up you dumbass, you're always in your imaginary world. Why are still clinging to that imaginary world like a kid? Rein : Sean you know about me, About
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Who am i
[[ There's always someone who will trust us, So don't be sad ]] There are several thoughts that have been going through rein's mind, And he did try to ask Sean's parants but he didn't get the right timing. But lastly the time has come. He asked Sean's parants, Rein : Uncle and aunty do you know any of my relatives? Shern : why are asking that now ?Niya : Did anything happens to you? Did other kid's bully you ?, Sean what are you doing on class i clearly told you that you should take care on rein. Sean : mom there's nothing like that happened on school, ohh now I remember there's a new transfer student who make fun of rein saying that he didn't have parents but i did beat him up tho. Niya : I'm going to school tomorrow and talk to your principal regarding this matter.Shern : Yes honey you should go to school. Rein : Aunty it's not because that i don't care what others are saying but I....I just want to know more about my parents and know if there's any relatives they had. She
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