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"When you enter THE OFF LIMIT, you can't get out again. The only way is to survive, and win. There is no losing. You must survive." Ethan Mannon got the game THE OFF LIMIT by accident. The game significantly changed Ethan's life, who was on the verge of death. However, THE OFF LIMIT is something very dangerous. Will Ethan survive to get his wish or try to destroy THE OFF LIMIT controlled by The Vetiti system?


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"Welcome to the OFF LIMIT game."The voice resounded across the empty room with its bright lights and shiny white walls. The young man was dressed in a worn-out black T-shirt and knee-length plaid shorts, which stood out the white floor and the young man’s attire. There was simply Ethan’s standing, bewildered figure in the middle of the room. Something unusual was going on in the unfamiliar area the young man had just arrived, and his adrenaline started to race."Select your weapon."Walls were line with drawers containing a variety of weaponry as the robotic woman’s voice rang out."The first battle will start in 30 seconds."Ethan’s eyed widened.“Thirty second? What kind of game is this? Tell me about it?!" The young man screamed loudly."29 seconds."“Damn," Ethan said.He had just started playing an odd game. There was no time to learn more about the game since he had to choose a weapon, and Ethan wasn’t sure which one to choose. He went over through the many tools, each with a d
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Have no idea how long Ethan ran, but even he was amazed at his ability to run so far. Ethan had never worked out in his life, not because he was lazy, but because his body was so frail. He was playing a game, thus he was obviously able to perform actions that he would never be able to in the real world.Up ahead, there were ropes dangling from above. When Ethan peered up, he could make out a wooden house perched atop a tall and huge tree. To reach a safe location, it appeared that the players tried to climb the ropes right away. They scrambled and worked quite hard to climb up. Ethan opted to seek for a different hiding spot, concealing his body close to the bushes, since he could hear coyotes close by.Ethan witnessed the coyotes mutilating victims in the moments that followed. Nobody wanted to help as those who couldn't get up were assaulted and ripped apart. Even though everyone had a weapon in their hands, they were all only trying to protect themselves.Whe
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"Stealing?" Instantly, Ethan's eyes became wider. “Of course not. I told you, I got this from someone. Why would I come if I knew the game was like this?”"I'm just asking. Calm down," the young man replied lightly. He extended his hand. "I'm Dane."Ethan shook Dane's hand. "Ethan.""Everyone in this place is either entering the game for the first time. Or have used up their life chance, which is only three.""Then what happens, if their chance runs out?"Dane shrugged. "No one knows.""You really don't know yourself?"Dane remarked, "I mean, it's been said that when the chance runs out, each player is annihilated and never gets another chance. And no one has ever been able to explain. Or met in the real world.""You yourself? How many chances have you used?" Ethan asked curiously."Only once.""Oh, so you've already failed once in this early game?"Sadly, Dane laughed. “I'm not very skill
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Ethan nearly fell as he held the branch with both of his hands. He promptly raised his legs and crossed them over the limb so that he could hang from it. Ethan continued to climb steadily until he was able to perch on the branch in spite of the coyote's growls and barking.The four willing team members refrained from trying to catch up with Ethan, choosing instead to remain silent and act cowardly. How could Ethan expect there to be genuinely honest and reliable numbers in a game full of intense competition? He should have realized it right away, but he had assumed that these individuals would be kindhearted. Really, a big zero. When he was unable to push them, Ethan just turned around and attempted to crawl while seated in order to reach a more sturdy branch.Ulrich yelled from the direction of the treehouse, "Run, Boy!" with a chuckle that was either amused or disdainful.While it may have been one of Ulrich's tactics to sacrifice someone in order to prolong t
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They hurried through the woods and along the trail to the blazing green beacon ahead. Ethan tried to keep up, but his injured leg caused him to wobble. Dane and Terry, in turn, carried Ethan. At that moment, Ethan thought there was still compassion, even if only a few people had empathy. Fortunately, he was still assisted."We'll be there shortly. Hang in there, Ethan," Dane advised.Ethan frowned. "Did you guys never reach the beacon before?"Dane and Terry both shook their heads."Why? Weren't you supposed to follow Ulrich?" Ethan said, surprised."If it wasn't for you, we probably never would have finished the first level," Terry replied."How could we ignore you?" Dane chuckled softly."Thank you once more," Ethan said, nodding."We're concerned about what may happen to the other men. I have a nasty feeling about Ulrich," said Terry. "He doesn't care about others around him. He is a selfish man who only wants to win.""Isn't that the essence of OFF LIMIT?" Dane cast a quick glance
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"Terry's eliminated!" Dane shouted hoarsely.Ethan flinched, suddenly feeling guilty. That was difficult to miss, even though he believed he had calculated everything. Unless the primary colors were ordered alphabetically: Blue, Red, and Yellow. The fourth door would most likely be purple, the fifth orange, and the final green.Could it, however, be based on color? What if it was something else entirely?Ethan regretted having jumped to conclusions so quickly. His badass demeanor necessitated the elimination of someone from the game. Yet he’s unsure if Terry will be able to play the game again. But what if he doesn't? What would happen?Dane knelt and sobbed gently. "This is a nightmare.”Ethan approached Dane and sat on his knees before the young man. "Trust me, Dane, everything will be OK. I know I was wrong, but I’m going to try to figure this out.""How?""I'm not sure, but one of these doors is the answer.""Maybe the color thing was wrong, Ethan.""It should be alphabetical, blu
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"Well, what should we do now?" Dane inquired.They sat on the stairs next to the bar for quite some time, simply watching people come and go. The two of them were unable to enter the bar since the level was insufficient. As they tried to enter, the door would not budge. So Ethan and Dane could only be curious about what was inside the bar. Apart from what they knew, if it sold liquor in the real world."I think there are many places we won’t be able to enter here, if we haven’t reached a certain level," Dane added. "Isn’t that right, Ethan?"Before Ethan could respond, the red-haired lady who had before warned him and Ulrich exited the pub. Ethan rushed over to the woman without hesitating."Hello!" greeted Ethan, trying to be nice.The woman came to a halt and looked intently at Ethan. "Yes?""Do you know how we get out of here? I mean, back to the real world.”Despite the fact that Ethan did not want to do so. He couldn't, however, stay in the gaming world forever. Actually, Ethan d
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The lights in the room had gone out twenty minutes ago. The only light on was the dim nightlight on the wall above the bed. Ethan's could not close his eyes. He usually slept even before the room lights went off. However, that night he didn't feel tired at all. Something kept him focused on just one thing: the game.THE OFF LIMIT made Ethan feel "alive," despite his previous physical and emotional fragility. Despite the suspense and horror, the game generated a little addiction in Ethan that he had never felt before.The thrill.The game was still on the nightstand, and Ethan took another look. Both Dane's and Terry's statements stayed with him. There was no turning back once you entered the game. In actuality, though, Ethan might return to reality. There the hard truth was obviously real.Could there be a chance to retreat, early in the game? Would it be better if Ethan stopped before it was too late?Ethan's nose could be heard exhaling heavily. Coupled with the image of Dane that f
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"What do you mean?"The Mayor's words made Ethan's pupils widen."How do you know about my illness? What kind of game is this? Are you a secret organization? What?" Ethan began to get defensive."We're not obligated to explain.""I have a right to know who developed this game.""And you are aware that every player is bound by every rule we create. You have two options: continue playing or quit."It meant Ethan had no chance of getting his requests met. He remained silent for a while, unsure what to do."Ethan Mannon, you don't have all day to think." The Major's voice got lower but sounded frightening. "You don't have that much time.""I ....""Decide," The Mayor added.In Ethan's thoughts, a few possibilities emerged. One, could he survive and be the winner? Second, what would happen if he was eliminated? Thirdly, what could he do if he won and everything was a trick? Lastly, stop thinking about anything and start playing.Isn't that what he needs?Play.More time to make his life "l
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The Casual is a portal in THE MEDIEVAL's western edge. Its threshold curled into an inverted U and was fashioned of solid, earthy stone. A dark hole in the middle with no apparent edge. Dark.And there it was, the portal.Several players passed through the gateway. Several gathered around the gateway, as though expecting teammates or friends. Yet, many players decided to go solo, whether they were newbie to THE MEDIEVAL or experienced.Ethan and Dane stopped at the portal and observed the people who were there." Do we just go in?" Ethan indicated the portal's location."I think so.""You don't sound sure.""They just said enter The Casual." Dane raised his chin at the people entering the portal. "Just go in like that.""Alright," Ethan said, nodding.The two were about to walk towards the portal when Ethan's shoulder was gently gripped. As the young man turned his head, Miriam was already standing behind him."Newbie!" she said cheerfully."Hi," Ethan replied in nervous."I forgot yo
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