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By: Richard OngoingFantasy

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During the great war in heaven, seven entities battled against seven entities, and before their fall, these seven entities stole a sacred treasure from heaven that holds the key in restoring balance between the realms. Chaos broke out of its imprisonment causing havoc in heaven and hell, making it way to earth. But before chaos could devour the heavenly realm, the supreme rulers sent the remaining seven entities known as the seven virtues to bring back what was stolen by the seven entities. These seven entities were casted out of heaven as they wandered into the physical world to forever learn from there treason until they find redemption into the holy paradise. And these seven entities were known as the seven deadly sins.



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Fallen Angels
In the dead of night, somewhere in Los Angeles sprung forth immense bright light from the skies producing a meteor shower, hitting the atmosphere and creating a massive shockwave that devastated its entire surroundings. Rising from the burning ash were the seven deadly sins, each one with a mark placed on them representing their sins. They made their way, naked, into the city. Amongst them were four boys and three girls. Some onlookers stared at them, while others gave way, and some recorded with their smartphones. Suddenly, a group of gangsters approached them, being enticed by the female nakedness. The gangsters stupidly approached one of them and as one started touching her boobs, he was tossed aside with impact, shattering a kiosk beside him, breaking his back and bleeding out.The rest of the group members then charged ferociously to attack the sins but were confronted by a female sin, who singlehandedly defeated the thugs. Just then, the police arrived to t
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A Good Fight For Course
The demonic monster cloud that controlled the elements of nature battled furiously with the angels and with most of the cities having been destroyed, many lives were lost. The sins, alongside the virtues, battled against the monster who singlehandedly defeated them, but they were unable to lay a single strike on it, so the leader of the sins suggested with the leader of the virtues to combine their powers in other to take the monster down. At first, she thought he was referring to the unforgivable sin, which is a forbidden technique used by either of the sins and virtues.With the combined strength and might together with their divine potentials, both leaders’ forces were able to defeat the demon monster cloud. After they had defeated it, the seven virtues stood in one accord, according to the ways they faced their counterparts as both leaders stood in front."You know it's already begun, we can end all this", said Samsaveel. "But we need to put our differences aside
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Tales Of Legends (Part 1)
An immense aura began emitting from the earth's core, charging its way towards divine chaos, ready to unleash all hell at once that would vanquish creation out of existence. With the immense powers of divine chaos, the unforgivable sin was no match to put an end to their battle as they regained control and thought within themselves as they split apart, with all hands on deck they decided to work together to give it everything they had. They began battling against divine chaos, now fully prepared to launch his final attack. Azriel, the sin of pride, then launched her most powerful divine energy on divine chaos who barely had a single scratch on him, creating an immense roar that sent the angels flying in an opposite direction. Kokabiel and Uriel, assisted by Gabriel, charged towards divine chaos who launched his final attack on the angels. With the three working together, they created a divine shield, protecting the others from the blast, creating a path for Michael w
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Tales Of Legends (Part 2)
Six thousand years ago, in the assemblies of the divine realm, all gods gathered in one accord to decide the fate of humanity. The supreme rulers and other entities vowed to protect humanity and to send their creations to guild them. But few gods denied their suggestions, seeing that it would only lead to conflict of the human race as not to involve in human affairs. Their overlord, supreme ruler of the godhead, then proclaimed a tournament which involved the gods to partake in order to oversee their actions that will result in her final judgement and anyone who defiles her commandments would be punished and stripped of their godhood.The tournament took place in the trial of conquest and each god, according to their hierarchy, did face challenges of all kinds while others who failed were erased out of existence.The supreme rulers who had suggested earlier with the other gods as participated in the trial of her commandments which is above all the gods, and during thei
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Tales Of Legends (Part 3)
After the battle between chaos and the revolting monster, seeing how desperate it was to become the ruler of the underworld, chaos made another proposal which was very intriguing, with the monster being defeated by chaos and under his mercy was granted free will to rule the underworld."I've made you the prince of hell", said chaos. "Take dominion over all and wait for my signal".As the new leader of the underworld, he was given a name above every other demon: he was called "Malignant". Chaos departed from their presence.On a fateful day, the sins and virtues who were assisting the Pinyins (except for Samsaveel, who was usually asleep all day doing nothing). Just then, Ariel came in, saying;"You need to get up your butt and give us a helping hand. You can't just sleep all day; your sins are so pathetic".Chi-Chi then came with a plate of food to serve Samsaveel. Ariel, seeing this, became very upset and Chi-Chi calmed her down, but insisted that
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Tales Of Legends (Part 4)
The angels were sent back in time in an astra form by Stadorman as both sins and virtues could see their previous lives’ events, each and every one of them could see the past, even that had happened, and as the virtues could see what the new archangels had done in overthrowing the heavenly realm as they were been sent back to their current event. Ariel finds it hard to believe but the leader of the sins isn't surprised at all."You saved our previous lives and transformed us", Samsaveel said. "you knew that the archangels were up to something, killing every heavenly host in other to seize power"."But that's not all", Stadorman replied. "It's up to you angels to protect mankind from extinction, you're not just fighting against chaos alone, cause the bridge between the two realms have been split apart, imbalance the void of existence"."You'll need your wings of glory", Stadorman said. "You're different from your past lives and its time to make your own dec
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Flaws Of Victory
"How did he get that from you", Ariel asked, while looking at Samsaveel."It wasn't that difficult after all", Ertael replied. "I had always watched you all, how pathetic it was thinking we could achieve the same course". "For thousands of years the battle never ends Only chaos can bring peace to humanityBreaking the curse that was laid upon usThis was my destiny to fulfill, to bring balance between worlds". Ertael said. "You fool...", Touriel said. "You're gonna free the ten commandments"."You don't have to do this, Ertael", Uriel said. "We can save both worlds and humanity".Ertael laughed at them, seeing how foolish they were. Despite their ignorance, he told them that the ten commandments never existed. Rather, it's a divine energy bestowed upon every heavenly host, including chaos herself. And in order to transform chaos into perfection, all commandments must assemb
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The Old Gods
They appeared at a mysterious place only to see other beings with whom they were not familiar. They stood in the presence of seven entities: Armers, Batraal, Saraknyal, Hanjobadiel, Setaouël, Lezmegadiel and Abrasax.They stood in front of the angelic beings in luminous light, for they could feel divine presence as their knees were sent to the ground. This feeling, this immense power, it was unfathomable, glorious."Arise", Setaouël said in her calm voice. "Where are we", Ariel asked, for none of the angels had seen the place where they stood."Fear not, you cannot be sensed by chaos", said Abrasax. "This is the holy sanctuary created by us"."Is this another form of heavenly realm", sai Samsaveel. "You saved us, but why?".The gods looked at one another as one appeared out of nowhere whose name was Aurora. She was very delighted to see the angels. Aurora was a cheerful goddess amongst the eons and pantheons."Oh my go
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The Veil
The angels battled against legions of demons under the command of Ertael, who fought against Ariel as he informed her about their weakness and blinded pledge towards the heavenly realm. Ariel was able to defeat Ertael without much effort in their battle, but the demons kept increasing in numbers as they charged towards the angels who were surrounded by them. Just then, they began hearing a loud roar and a battle cry heading toward them. Without any doubt, demons began approaching them as they were led by malignant, whose rage was upon chaos and the heavenly realm. The demons who were in support of Ertael could not withstand the powers of malignant as they began submitting to his will, leaving Ertael with no one under his command. Now under the command of malignant, as he revealed his plans to overthrow the heavens and the earth as his main purpose was to exterminate chaos. Ertael tried to fight back but was pushed aside easily as he avoided death with the help of Raphael dragging hi
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The Chosen (Part 1)
As she drained them of their godhood, taking all to herself, she acquired the pleroma from them and the one that had gone out of ying-yang. She took upon herself and molded in her image a being of light and dark, as she called Elyawthoim. Meaning the god of the world as she sent him to the depths of the earth possessing the tree where the hallucrint was born out of.The people of Los Angeles, California and the entire world became at peace once more and for over a decade all was peaceful, until twenty-five years later. Somewhere in Africa, a massive meteor hit the atmosphere, making its way to a deserted location, causing a massive shockwave that leveled its entire surroundings. It was accompanied by a mighty rushing wind so great that it produced horrifying sounds. Making its way around the city, it looked for a host to dwell upon. Somewhere in Washington, D.C., U.S.A., another meteor hit the atmosphere, landing on earth, filling the surroundings with dust which revealed its
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