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By: Jamung Joel Yenumi OngoingWar

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Lena, after 27 years of recovery of herself, returned to the city to take back what rightly belong to her family. But the pillars that holds up the roof need to be broken. Lena had a network of her college friends who joined forces. But can this task be easy for Lena and her college mates? Hmm! The bureau are on the hunt for the reason behind the splash of blood and the culprits.


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Chapter 1
November 1999TV news report;Another splash of blood.Fifteen lives were lost, and more others were in critical condition. That is barbarous. The bearing of the murder is too horrible and disheartening for portrayal.That is another hit and run, or we should call it coincidence. A similar incidence happened in the previous month on the same 19:00 hours GMT at state hospital junction.A heavy-duty track fully loaded with goods ran into a crowd along Wawa street and splashed blood everywhere. The identity of the driver is unknown. It was only a baboon that was found dead in the truck. Checks revealed that the baboon went missing from the stat
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Chapter 2
November 21, 1999Male news reporter;That is so unbelievable!What is happening to our country? Our security system has become too porous."This is the country which was, ranked first in terms of security systems in the whole continent three months ago.""I doubt if the country is even wealthy to be ranked last in terms of security.""Last night, the state director of finance escaped an assassination attempt at about 22:15 hours GMT but was injured badly.""He was admitted, at security hospital under high-security surveillance, but this morning at about 03:15 hours, he was found dead with a knife buried deep in his chest.""The unconfirmed information we have gathered is that the type of knife used in the previous killing is the same as the one the suspected assassin used.""The splash of Blood sticker; was also found at the crime scene. The police intelligence unit and the CID department have declined to commit, though the media has reached out to them."
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Chapter 3
At Hotel de Romana, in one of the biggest cities in the country.Lena opened her eyes and stretched her legs at the sound of the alarm clock. She got up, sat on the bed, and gave out a sigh.She then got up waked and looked through a window. She muttered to herself, "it is December 1, today. The weather is changing gradually. the streets are also being occupied with activities gradually."As she watched the street, a Mercedes Benz came and passed with registration number Blink 7 - 99 followed by two Jaguars with registration numbers Blink 5 - 99 and Blink 6 - 99.Lena smiled to herself and muttered, "I am not lost. I am at the right place." "He stays around this area. He is off to the office. He indeed leaves home to work at 7:15 hours. It is 7:18 hours."Lena went and sat at the hotel study table, removed her puzzle from her handbag, and started turning.She finally put down the puzzle and smiled, and picked a medium-size diary in her handbag. She flipped
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Chapter 4
December 15, 1999, at Farewell Cemetery.A Priest in his early forties dressed in Priestly garment dropped sand on a casket in six feet pit and said, "and the dust returns to the ground it came from, and the spirit returns to its maker."The priest continued our sister met her untimely death that night. A night I described as dark if I have my way, l would curse that day never to ever appear on a calendar again till the end of the world.The people around wept bitterly. A man in his late fifties took the shovel from the priest, dropped sand on the casket, and said, "Farewell, my dear.""This is the time we have started building our empire. How can you leave me on the midway?""I swear, I will assist the police; to search and arrest your killers. I don't care whether they are shadows! or a splash of blood!"The man and the two kids were; consoled by the mourners who were present at the burial.December 18, 1999The Jestus' residenceThe la
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Chapter 5
"It was then that I got to know that 'The Daniel's estates' painted their balance sheet, which almost cost our investment. But thanks to my late wife, who saw it ahead and refused." Said Mr. Jestus."Our checks revealed that you went to court for the takeover of the business, but the court refused and threw out your request on the basis that you lacked the necessary documentation to prove the ownership of the Jestus'. How true is that?" added inspector Mavis.He replied, "my going to court was in line with having to compel my late wife to consent with the take takeover of 'The Daniel's estates."At Hereford VillaLena had just watched a piece of news. The news reporter said Mrs. Hannah Jestus was; laid to rest three days ago. Mrs. Hannah Jestus was allegedly murdered; by the splash of blood assassins.The reporter added, "a similar knife and a sticker of the splashed of blood was recovered, at the crime scene."Lena became confused and muttered to herself,
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