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By: Ansah Hamzat Johnson OngoingFantasy

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Ryan Johnson the contract son in law for the Williams family grows up to know who he really was and his true Identity


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CHAPTER 1Ryan was busy cleaning the center table in the living room when Alicia emerged from her bedroom. He was in an apron and could be seen sweating profusely despite the full blast of the air conditioner.Alicia frowned her face when she saw him in the living room“Where is my sister?'' She asked angrily‘‘Oh you mean my wife, she has…''‘‘Don't you ever ever regard her as your wife'' Alicia cut him short even before he could complete his response‘‘I'm sorry ma'am, your sister has gone out with her friends.” Ryan hung his head low and mumbled. Now are you done cooking lunch?" Alicia asked, still angry.“It will be ready in a few minutes, I will serve it as soon as it's ready" Ryan replied in a shaky voice wiping a drip of sweat off his forehead with his thumb.“Better hurry up" Alicia said arrogantly as she climbed the stairs back to her bedroom.Ryan stared at her back view and wondered when he was going to get out of this mess. He doesn’t even know his origin.…….Ryan was a
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CHAPTER 2He stopped to listen to what the ladies were saying, he hoped to get a clue of what was going on and if possible know who Adriana was expecting.“He is such a handsome man, why will he sign up to be a househelp? ” one of the ladies commented.“ come off it girl, he is just a wretched poor orphan who my father adopted, now he is the contract son in law to the family, I don't know what came over my father to take such a decision, anyways he also pass for an obedient househelp as well” Geraldine replied and the group burst into a hilarious laughter again.…Ryan had had enough of the mockery, he came out from the kitchen, Adriana immediately changed the topic upon seeing Ryan enter the living room.Ryan left the serving tray in the center table and turned to leave“ Come on Ryan, at least you have some manners, why don't you serve us and our guests” Alicia said mockingly.Ryan turned around with an expressionless face. He poured the wine into the glasses, raised
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CHAPTER 3He was thinking about the answers he was going to give the lawyer and the Williams sisters if he refused to sign off the contract marriage.He sat down in deep thoughts for about ten minutes and he could not think of any explanation, he heaved a heavy sigh and stood up to get dressed.As he walked towards the dressing mirror his phone beeped, he checked the notification and it was from his online teacher.… .Ryan had been taking an online course on how to repair cars and some pretty good skills about cars. Although he could drive, he wanted more than that, he took online classes on theories and practicals on how to repair cars He had video games he always played on the phone anytime he was less busy.Now he believed he could fix a car although he had not had the chance to do so. … .The message read “Hello Ryan, we will be having class by 9pm, the Lamborghini Aventador has been launched and we will be learning about it. See you”He smiled. And dropped the phone on his bed
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CHAPTER 4Ryan walked to see who the driver was and what he or she wanted. As he neared the car the driver opened the door. He stopped to see who it was, a few seconds later, a leg in high heels came out, followed by a hand, and the driver finally came out. Ryan was glued to the spot. He stood in awe as he watched the driver of the car come out.He was too shocked to say anything. He stood there as she walked past him and entered the living room. “ How did she get the money to buy this car?This car was launched only Three days ago and Worth millions of dollars. How did she get to buy or even drive one”. Ryan murmured Although the Williams were a rich family, he never thought anyone could afford such a car. At least not now that their father's property has not been shared for them …. …Adriana got down from the car and walked past Ryan who was busily staring at her and the car. She entered the living room happily and shouted “ I'm home with the car”. Suddenly, Geraldine screamed with
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CHAPTER 5 Ryan remembered he had not seen Mrs Williams in about a week. On a normal day she would be seen in the kitchen getting something from the fridge every three days.Her own room was ensuite.She had her own kitchen, bedroom and washroom.So Mrs Williams came out only when she needed something.She had her own part of the mansionMrs Williams despised Ryan so he was not allowed on the woman's side of the mansion. Only the Williams sisters had the authority and permission to go there anytime they wished.Ryan knew the woman did not like him just like her daughters but he was worried as to why he had not seen her for a long time.He knew if he got to the woman's side of the mansion it was going to land him in trouble so he dared not , but after much contemplation he set off.He took courage and went to the woman's side of the mansion. He walked to the door and gently knocked on the door. There was no response, he knocked again and there was no response.He turned around to leave
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CHAPTER 6The doctor explained Mrs williams’ situation to Ryan calmy.Ryan heaved a sigh of relief“ She will be transferred from the emergency ward to the female ward very soon as she is stable now,” the doctor added.Ryan nodded and the doctor left.A nurse approached Ryan and asked for the details of Mrs Williams, Ryan provided her with the details and that of himself.In about half an hour Mrs Williams was transferred to the female ward.Ryan stayed beside her in a chair until he slept off from tiredness.Around 3am the next day, Ryan was awakened by a noise he heard. He opened his eyes to see Mrs Williams awake and looking at him.“ Johnson, thank you for helping, you saved my life. I think it's morning now, you should go home and do your chores. My car key is in front of my dressing mirror, pls cook something and come with the car, `` the woman said in an appreciative tone.Ryan was surprised by the way the woman spoke to him. On a normal day he would have spoken to him harshly
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CHAPTER 7Ryan got to the hospital and went to Mrs Williams ward.She was being attended to by the nurse.When the nurse was done with her work she left them, Ryan opened the lunch bag and brought out the food. Mrs Williams signaled him to stop.“ Johnson I haven't seen any of my children in a while, where have they been and why have they not been here yet? ” Mrs Williams inquired.Ryan heaved a heavy sigh“ ma'am they are all fine and they are at home, they were when we were bringing you here yesterday and they were asleep when I was coming here. They don't know yet that you are admitted here, they went out in Adriana's new… ” Ryan, who realized he was going too far, stopped talking.Mrs Williams raised an eyebrow “new what?!!!” Mrs Williams asked Ryan knew he had already been heard so he had no option than to say the truth“ Well Adriana has a new car, the Lamborghini Aventador, she brought it home yesterday and her sisters joined her out. ”Mrs Williams frowned “New car? Who bough
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CHAPTER 8Ryan left the ward and went to the hospital’s garage to take Mrs Williams' car. He drove through the gates and headed home.There was no traffic on the road so he reached home in no time. He quickly parked the car and set off to clean up the house.It was a very tiring work as the whole house was in a mess. *****†*****Mrs Williams was laying on her bed, Geraldine was beside her and Adriana was sitting on the edge of the bed.Alicia had gone out to talk to Ryan. Within a few minutes she came back in and stood beside Geraldine.The woman asked her daughters to help her sit and they did. She now sat in the bed with her back resting against the headrest.She spoke to them in a questioning manner.“ Now can any of you tell me why Ryan has grown so lean and bony, I know we are not on good terms with him but he looks very bad. What did you three do to him? ”The woman askedThe three girls stared at her shamefully, Alicia was thinking seriously“ What did Ryan tell her? How do I
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CHÀPTER 9Mrs Williams paused for a minute and silence engulfed the room.Footsteps could be heard approaching the ward. Mrs Williams heaved and was about to speak when a knock came on the door. A nurse entered after they asked her to come in.She asked to see one of them outside and Alicia followed her out. After they got out Mrs Williams continued her interrogation.“ Now answer me Adriana, who is this man in question?. ”“ He is the son of the multimillionaire business Mogul Mr Andrews Wilson.” Adriana said.Mrs Williams opened her mouth in shock.She adjusted her sitting position and.At that moment Alicia entered. She noticed the look on her mother's face She looked at Adriana and then Geraldine, the look on her face carried a question ‘ what's wrong’.Mrs Williams ignored her and asked Adriana“ How did you come across him? Don't you know the Wilson family are our deepest rivals? How listen to me Adriana. That your relationship with him will never hold on to grounds; firstly
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CHAPTER 10Adriana passed out from college as a medical doctor. Her father told her not to look for a job because he was going to make her the head of the largest hospital in the country with his connections.Unfortunately for Adriana, a few months after her completion from the medical college, her father passed on. Adriana also resorted to staying home with her older sisters. The two older siblings brainwashed her that she was too big to look for a job. She joined them in squandering their father's money and maltreating ryan.…. … .. Because Mr Edwards had no one to help run the business, it took a heavy toll on him. His health began to deteriorate gradually and after some years he passed on.The Wilson family took advantage of Mr Edward's demise to overtake the Williams family to become the richest family in the country within a year.Surprisingly, the Wilson dropped to the sixth richest family When Mrs Williams saw that the family business was down, she persuaded Alicia to learn
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