The Arcanist

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The Arcanist

By: K.B Wedderburn OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Jo was just a rat trapped in the undercity, until their life was forever changed by a myserious stranger. In the time inbetween... They met her, Flare, the adopted daughter of the Lower Plates most influencial crime lord, the overlord of the Lower Plates. Jo, a non binary bystander, did the dirty work of her father and was assigned to work under Flare for a few recon and guard missions... But nothing good can come out of easy money. But then a stranger, the leader of a rival gang and the King of the Aristocrats reaches out a hand, the offer is power, freedom and support for Jo's younger sister but there is always a price to pay and this time it may be their beloved Flare, or perhaps themselves. But Jo would sell their soul for the power and face the danger it brings. But when has danger ever stopped someone from greatness? Massive chapter drops at each milestone!

1 chapters
Mouse Trap
They saw her from the windowsill, where they rested against mossy wood which was prone to share its splinters after the heavy summer rain.With the humidity and grime of the lower plate nothing escaped deterioration, including the crudely built wooden shacks that lined the river bank… and including Jo. For years they tried to find an honest job; picking at junk in search of recyclables, carrying coal or fresh water half way across the city, bartending, lap dancing (fine, this isn’t the most honest occupation.) But the pay was never enough and could never be enough for them.Not enough to fend off the ambitious daydreams and maladaptive tendencies which took up more than enough time in the day, and night.It wasn't enough to support their little sister Angela either. Or to pay for the elite private school she went to. They had really had to bust their ass to bribe a way into that boarding school on the upper plate. But it was a marathon not a sprint, with the education she would receiv
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