The Banished Son-In-Law!

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The Banished Son-In-Law!

By: KhoaVu OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Due to Sienna's debt of gratitude, Randolph married her and became White's son-in-law. While he was here, he was always banished and shunned by the White family. They even wanted him to go to jail instead of the only son of the White family. But then Randolph found out that the man who saved his life when he was young was not Sienna but another girl. It's just begun!


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7 chapters
Chapter 1: Be Incited To Divorce!
"Randolph Alexander, you have to divorce Sienna today! Your worthless son-in-law, who's been in our house for three years, has cost us our White family more than you! Get out!"Hilton Hotel, in a luxury hotel room.White's relatives are constantly scolding a young man dressed in plain clothes.Randolph faced a lot of harsh words, and his face was sorrowful. Somehow he didn't expect to be treated like this on the very day of his three-year marriage.After a while, Randolph turned his head, looking at a wonderful girl. He asked: "Sienna, what do you think? Do you want to divorce me, too?"Faced with this question, Sienna White remained silent.The wedding three years ago shook the city.Sienna White, Blue Sea's most beautiful girl, did not expect to marry a poor man. With the beautiful face and background of Sienna White, who pursued her, there are countless, including small masters with billions of dollars, power, and wealth.Who would have expected that old White would have wanted Sie
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Chapter 2: Indignities Do Not Stop
Compared to the millions and millions of enemies on the battlefield, what are these thugs?But the people next to him who saw Randolph Alexander's calmness thought this was pure fear, no more feeling."That's the boy!"Kane Wang pointed his hand at Randolph Alexander, revealing the atrocity, saying, "This guy dares to steal my woman. He doesn't know himself! Could you give him a lesson? Break his legs.""Yes, Mr. Wang! Make sure to please you!"Guy's got the head of the chest, making sure."Okay, this place is yours. I go first." Kane Wang said as he opened the door of the Porsche on the side of the road and left.After Kane Wang left, ten thugs surrounded Randolph Alexander with fierce looks and evil eyes that wanted to kill them.This place fits right in the corner of death, and there are no cameras around here.Even if they beat Randolph Alexander to death, no one will notice."Don't blame us, kid. Blame yourself for bad luck. Blame Mr. Wang! Being obedient can save you a little p
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Chapter 3: Warrior Victory?
"Joyce Walsh, hello, Warrior Victory!"Warrior Victory?Hearing this word, everyone was so dumb that they couldn't believe their ears.It must be known that this Sun-EF has only a total of ten Warrior Victory, each dominating hundreds of thousands of troops, who are the leading figures in a region.But no one would have expected that the Big-Tiger rank five would call a useless one "Warrior Victory.""Oh, my God! What the hell is going on?"In addition to Roger Brown, who has just been promoted to Warrior Victory, the youngest Warrior Victory is over 40 years old! Randolph Alexander is 20 years old. How can he be the Warrior Victory?"That's not true. Three years ago, Warrior Victory Storm Sky disappeared strangely, and he seemed very young, too.""Haha… do you think this useless Randolph Alexander is the Warrior Victory Storm Sky 100 wins? That's ridiculous.""If he's Warrior Victory Storm Sky, why are we stuck on him for three years in White's groom?"Each White family has one sente
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Chapter 4: "Sell The Wife!"
Twenty minutes later, Randolph Alexander returned to Sienna White's house.In the house, the light is on, and the door is not locked.Is the party over, Sienna's back?Randolph Alexander stepped forward, trying to push the door in, when he heard Kane Wang's voice coming out from the inside, instantly causing his anger to flare up violently."Sienna, don't struggle! Be a good girl and serve me!"Outside the door.Randolph Alexander foamed at the mouth, tightening his fist, causing the joints to crack.He couldn't believe that animal Kane Wang dared to break into White's house, trying to trick Sienna White, "Mr. Wang, don't do this. I'm married."Sienna White begged, her voice trembling a little."You mean that useless Randolph Alexander? I'm telling you the truth, and I've already sent the wrong hand to him. He still sees the sun tomorrow or not, ha ha ha…."Kane Wang laughed, laughing in the room "What?"Sienna White's heart was frightened.Although she hated Randolph Alexander in ev
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Chapter 5: Life Saver
After years of fighting, he stood on the brink of life and death, going through countless battles with countless serious injuries.But this slap is more than a hail of bullets, creating the worst wound ever.In the hotel room, Sienna White thought he was impersonating the Warrior Victory, so she gave him a piercing.If the reason is affection, he doesn't blame her.But now, Sienna White hits him for another man, which makes Randolph Alexander's heartache.How about three years early together, not as much as a Kane Wang guy?Suddenly, Randolph Alexander felt himself a little funny.He gave up his power to the skies and returned to the Blue Sea to secretly protect Sienna White.But what he's given up, in the eyes of the other person, is worthless."Randolph Alexander, I married you that year because of my grandfather. But you haven't made a penny for three years; you've been humiliated. You've made a mistake, even implicated in Mr. White's house. Today, we'll divorce if you don't get do
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Chapter 6: Confess Sin For Brother-in-law
The following day, Randolph Alexander ran to the Civil Service and went through divorce proceedings with Sienna White, who suddenly called."Randolph Alexander, I was a little hot yesterday, so I said divorce, don't keep it in your heart. Today, I had a party at the LifeWay Hotel to apologize to you."Sienna White's voice is so sincere, and it's like taking it wrong with him.Hearing that, the fire in his heart immediately went out.He doesn't know if he misunderstood her.Three years of affection anyway can't be said to give up, is can give up."Okay, I'll be there."Randolph Alexander hung up the phone and took a bus to the hotel.The LifeWay Hotel.This is the famous five-star hotel in Blue Sea, having a meal of at least $10 million, and for apologizing to him, Sienna White considered investing as well.Randolph Alexander walked to the front of the room, and the door wasn't closed. They could hear some people talking inside.That's Sienna White and her parents."Sienna, do you thin
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Chapter 7: Divorce Decision!
Asher Thomas had just finished speaking, the cell phone suddenly rang."Ring Ring"As soon as he got the call, he heard a scream: "President Thomas, something's wrong.""Eight financial corporations in Clothwood suddenly attacked our company's stock, which has lost several trillion won and has not stopped falling.""Frozen."These words were thundering in his ears.Although he's a billionaire in the Blue Sea, he's no match for eight financial corporations in Clothwood.Who would have guessed that at the moment, these financial corporations suddenly attacked his company without warning?This is weird. But soon, some of his juniors called him."President Thomas, the city, sent someone to check our finances. They said there was a problem with our books and invited you to coordinate the investigation. They just sealed our yard and said they had to check and replace the fire prevention equipment. James' house, Joy's house, and Tremblay's unilaterally stopped cooperating with us."Hearing t
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