The Become God System

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The Become God System

By: Blentkills OngoingSystem

Language: English

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Kai Hiro refuses to believe his parents are dead. He pursues the strength to become an Enlighter and discover them. Too bad he quickly discovers he's the weakest amongst all other Enlighters in the guild, but after his first raid - tired and wounded a voice speaks out to him. " So, DO you WANT to BECOME a GOD?"


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4 chapters
1. Entrance Test /Prologue/
Author’s note: Words written in ***ITALIC BOLD and are marked with *** are the main character’s thoughts.***I saw it on the news. The recent portal which opened had closed, leading to a great number of people being lost within it, forever. My mother and father - among them.*** Taking yet another push on the shoulder which put Kai to the ground, he mumbled. “This is just wasting my time. Screw you. Haven’t you had enough already?!”***Even though I had already gotten used to this, they should have had their fun already. Every single day. Why? Nothing different happens. “Shut up, small-fry. Never learned your lesson to behave, eh?” A tall and blond high-schooler cr
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2. The System Activates
Reis Hellon, the self-proclaimed leader of the raid, reminded once more. “Nobody should stray to the side! It might be full of low level creatures in here, but we don’t want to risk anyone getting hurt. Stick together!”Everyone nodded and advanced forward. “Since it’s a low-level portal, the creatures are usually pretty dumb, so they might even charge at us at random, calling out their own doom. Be on your guard.” Someone spoke from the crowd of Enlighters. ***Okay, great. So this might mean that it’s an easy money grind. Having a level 4 among us is great. I might learn something if I observe him.*** All around the group, of approximately twenty people, were tall gray trees with ironically green lea
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3. Punishment Protocols
<SO, do YOU want to BECOME A GOD?><A: YES><B: NO> Kai read the system message once more.After spacing out for what the clock on the wall counted as ten seconds, he laughed.“Pft. Hahahahah!” Kai facepalmed. “I really must’ve hit my head hard.” Moving to the side, blinking repeatedly, scratching his eyes, clearing his cracked glasses, and still - the message remained.“Ugh. Fine. I choose ‘B: NO’, who the heck would want to be a God, anyway.” <Warning! If you cancel the sy
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4. Gym Fun
Kai walked into the gym, his sports Tshirt revealing the effort he had put for the last few years.Not confident with using the equipment, he decided to go for the treadmill and warm up. He sweated for half an hour, though his tempo wasn’t too steady.***Maybe I’m too tired? But nah, this can’t be it. I took that potion. Maybe it’s just the difference because my system abilities haven’t activated? Nobody even glanced at him. He decided nothing would impress anyone more than lifting a big amount of weight. Used to training with ten kilogram weights, he took the dumbbells and exercised.All of a sudden a message appeared before his eyes.Read more