The Billionaire's Order

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The Billionaire's Order

By: AtengAmnesia OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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"It was you all along," Tyron said, looking at the woman infront of him, sitting on the couch, with legs cross, wearing a red dress and an evil smirk plastered on her pretty face. "Surprise, surprise," The woman said, who look exactly like his Mi Amor, who died two years ago. "Thanks for the effort, babe, but I'll take it from here," she said, as she stood up from the couch walks slowly towards him. When she reach her destination in front of him, she leaned towards Tyron, giving him a kiss on his cheeks. "Thank you for the effort, sweetheart, I appreciate it," She said, leaving him unmoving and a betrayed feeling, and scattered heart.


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Tyron mockingly laughs at the man, whimpering on the floor clutching his stomach, as he coughs an amount of blood. "Telling me won't hurt your pride, you know, who ordered you to kill her?" Tyron said, playing with the gun in his hand, taking a glance at the wounded man. "Go to hell," the man bravely said, then grinned at Tyron. "You want to kill him? go on, you can't kill him, no one can," The man said, making Tyron grit his teeth in annoyance and desperation but he chose to calm his nerves. “Watch me, kill every single one of you,” He said, aimed the gun at the man on the ground before pulling the trigger causing the man to drop dead on the ground, he signal his men to dispose the body as he walk away from the room, leaving the scene with a scarred heart of the painful past he was regretting everyday. Thinking that if he didn’t leave her alone, she would still be alive right now. He closed his eyes, smiling as he remembered the way she smiled at him. I miss you so much, Mi Amor
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“Open the door,” Tyron ordered as he walked towards the prisoner’s pathwalk, with hands in his pocket, behind him was Jack who was clearly confused of what was happening. “Why are we here?” Jack asked. Tyron grinned and glanced at Jack, who was now walking beside him.“Just watch,” He said and walk towards the table where the torture tools were. “My patience is becoming little each day, so I did what I think would be easier,” Tyron said. “You know me, Jack, I don’t like complicated and shitty things,” He then added before walking towards one of the prison rooms with a hammer on his right hand, turning his back to see Jack.“This is not you, Ty,” Jack said, Tyron grinned and laughed a little. “I don’t even know who I am anymore,” He just said before returning his gaze at the prison door, he could see one of the men who killed Shierra, fighting for his dear life, hands tied and swollen face, wounded cuts on his arms. “I will do everything to find out the truth,” He said and walked towar
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CHAPTER 3 “No, please,” The sound of a desperate woman, begging for her life echoed, the whimper and sound of sobs slowly fading. He can feel the desperation, the hoarse and cracked voice. Like she’s been tortured, and wounded.Waking up with bullets of sweat, panting Tyron was catching his breath. He could feel the sweat running down his neck and forehead, grabbing a handful of hair as he leaned his elbow on his knee. “Nightmare,” he murmured before taking a glance at the bedside table, a light from the window was making it for him to see his Mi Amor’s picture, she was smiling while looking at him, holding a cup of coffee, it was a shot taken by his sister Arianne on the day of their second year anniversary, the day before the incident.He sighs and sets his foot on the floor, getting up off his feet, walking towards the small round table, beside the window where she used to sit and read her books. He missed her so much, but what could he do, he tortured them, making them beg for
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"How unfortunate," A woman said after sipping to her coffee. A man on his sixties crumpled the paper he is holding, hiss and looks harshly at the woman. "I told you it's better to dispose them, but you didn't," She added, looking confidently wearing her red dress and red heels. She place the coffee cup on the table and leaned on the sofa, looking at his father who is now sitting in his office chair, infront of his table looking pissed. "Let me handle it this time or else we will all be over," She said and stood up from her seat. "If you continue this foolish decisions of yours I have no choice but to expose you," She said before turning around leaving his father's office with a smirk plastered on her face, she signaled her assistant and continue to walk towards the parking lot. 'You should have let me died, Mi Amor,' she thought, a sigh escaped her mouth as she enter the car as soon as her assistant opened the door for her. "Where to?" Her assistant asked. "M&K building" She just
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"No, please!" The man pleaded, coughing an amount of blood, the sobs of a woman on the side, as she can see the suffering of her husband who is now lying on the ground with swollen eyes and lips, his clothes are covered with his own blood, and the metallic sort of smell was mixed in the fragrance of an expensive perfume. "I will give you the information you need just please don't hurt her" He continued, in exhange for his wife's safety and their unborn child. "I knew you would spill some tea, but why did you have to wait for this to happen?" Tyron said, he clicked his tongue and walk towards the man, the guards immediately hold both of the man's arms as they tried to pull him up, to face their boss. "So, tell me what do you know," Tyron continued as the man was now facing him, with weak and heavy eyes, the man tried opening his eyes, tired and weak from the turtore he managed to survive. "Jessica Chan, that's all I know," Tyron's forehead creased as he took a glance from Jack who's
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Her assistant grab the bag and the trolley before walking outside her door. Shierra sighed and looks at her place on more time, she glance at her assistant before speaking."Are the papers ready?" She asked. Her assistant nodded her head and then motioned the folder she was holding, she nodded her head and then they walk towards the door that leads to the pathwalk of the condo. They walk towards the elevator and waited or the door to open after pressing the button. They both entered inside, she dialed a number with her phone, having a second thoughts about her decision, she sigh and lock her phone instead. 'I'll miss you, I still miss you' she thought. The elevator's door opened and they walk towards their car, her assistant opened the door while her other assistant carried the bags. She hopped in inside the backseat and settled herself, her breathes are calm but the thoughts inside her head always bothers her. Flashback two years ago the day when she was kidnapped."Miss Shierra Al
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The morning came, Alora and Shierra had tea together, after finishing their tea they had a little amount of breakfast before getting ready for their spa day. Shierra finished dressing up, she was picking up earings when she decided to call Benedict, letting him know that she will bring Alora to the spa for a girls out, he immediately agree and she ended the call. Benedict doesn't care about what Alora does unless it concerns about her going out the gate.After she finished doing her make-up, picking and wearing her heels she grab her bag and walk outside the doorm, she walk towards Alora's room and knock on the door before opening it, she saw Alora putting on a nude lipstick on her lips, she's wearing a white dress, and black heels, partnered with a black shoulder bag that she gave her. Alora immediately smiled when she saw Shierra, her curly hair was tied into a ponytail. She took a final glance on her mirror before standing up, the regal and elegant looking woman who stood as her m
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The night is young and they are free to enjoy but before starting to have some fun, they decided to eat at The Bay Side Restaurant. While waiting for their order, they are talking about what they should do and enjoy first. Shierra's assistants sat on the table beside them since the restaurant's table was just made for two persons. Shierra's assistant, May, was busy reviewing her schedule for this week. She grinned when she read Jacks's name on her schedule for tomorrow. Their order was served by the waiter, the smell of the pasta's sauce craved her to dig in the food and taste the well boiled pasta. They thanked the waiter before picking up their utensils an started eating.They laugh and talked more, she share most her experiences these months and Alora shared her when she was Shierra's age, while enjoying their food.After paying, they headed towards the The Tequilla's and Shots just a few walks away from the restaurant. They showed their id before going in and headed towards their
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Morning came and the maids are busy, in her night robe she walk towards the garden and sat there, holding a book and a cup of coffee for her good day routine. She clicked her tonguewhen she saw Alora that is busy talking to the event organizer, while his fake and bastard father was enjoying his nights and morning with some bitch that he probably got when they are hanging out in the clubs. "Miss Shierra, there's a package for you," The maid said, she was holding a little brown box, the mad handed it to her before bowing her head and left her alone in the garden. Her brows creased and immediately cautious of what's inside, she carefully use her nain to tear the tape off before opening the box, she saw a little ring box inside and a note written in a little piece of card. She flip the box but there is no information of who was it from.She put back the box above the coffe table and before opening the box of ring and the letter.The letter has only one word written on it. 'Gotcha' the w
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