The CEO's Ten Million Dollar Wife

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The CEO's Ten Million Dollar Wife

By: R.C.BRIE15 CompletedRomance

Language: English

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One night of boldness leads to a marriage of convenience. Just a plain agreement. No commitment but a lot of sex. She is liking the setup until the 'right one' came back and she needs to leave. Without a fuss, she left, bringing the memories and another heartbeat.


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95 chapters
Chapter 1 Dumped
Drunk...? No.Tipsy...? Yes.Only had four glasses of wine but I already feel intoxicated.I want to get drunk...I want to get drowned...My heart is fucking painful. Or is it my pride? Whatsoever, I am pissed.It's Valentine, but I was dumped. My two-year relationship ended exactly on hearts day.We are supposed to be celebrating, but here I am, left alone in an almost empty restaurant. Contemplating my broken heart. "I am not frigid, I am not a prude..." I kept on convincing myself."He is just an asshole, wanting to score on me" I whisper, gulping straight the remaining liquid in my glass."Is 25 years old must be devirginized?" I ask at no one. Of course, no one would answer me...I'm alone."Is it a requirement to put a dick in your cunt once you turn this age?" I ask the woman reflecting on my glass. She had a crazy smile on her face. "Is it?" I raise the glass and talk to her but she just smiles at me.
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Chapter 2 Her First
Yes, it's the boss. The reason she was sprawled on the bed while being sucked hard down there. Her thighs were held upright. Her legs dangled on both sides of his head while his face was buried between her legs."Ahhhmmm" she tried to suppress her moan but the delicious tension building inside her is undeniable.Moving to a rhythm, her body seemed to slow dance to the tempo the man had set. She could vividly feel his tongue, drilling and sucking her. Holding tight the necktie tied around her both wrists, she throws her head back, arching her body. The pressure is blowing her mind. She never expected she will have this kind of night. After she was left alone by the man who led her upstairs, she had quite a surprise when the first man she approached appeared. His drilling eyes were fixed on her as he made himself comfortable on the couch. Their gazes locked, her, following his every move. Feeling like cheap merchandise,
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Chapter 3 Proposal
Stirring from sleep, she instantly feels all her aching limbs. She feels battered. Her lids were too heavy, she stops trying to open them. Failing to wake up, she drifted to slumber again.The second time she stirs from sleep, she took several deep breaths as she tried to recall her last night's activity. She wanted to understand the excruciating pain in her body. Recalling some bits and pieces of what happened, she groaned and buried her face in the soft pillow. But grimaced from the pain that shoots up from between her legs."What have you done, Lexie" she spat on herself.Remained unmoving from her spot, she tried to recall everything but only got some vague memories of last night. She was so engrossed mulling with her predicament, not realizing someone else's presence inside the room."You slept the whole day away" a deep voice interrupted her contemplation.Slowly, she raised her face and turned towards the direction of the voice. Reaching th
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Chapter 4 Closed Deal
"I need a wife, name your price" he casually announced.The words rang in her ears but she was unable to discern what he meant."Pardon Mr. Wright?" she asks. Confusion fills her face."I need someone to pose as my wife. Here's the entire agreement" he handed him another document.Reluctantly, she receives the paper and blankly stares at it."I need to be married to make my girlfriend come back and stay for good to marry me. Here is the divorce agreement" he continues casually before handing her another document."Once she is back, you will sign the divorce paper and peacefully leave. I will pay you, just name the amount" he added.She stared at him trying to digest everything he said. Her brain was not cooperating, leaving her empty-minded.She heard the rumor about a ballerina betrothed to CEO Lucien Wright but left the country to pursue her dream to be the top-tiered ballerina of her time. After her departure, the CEO had been seen several
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Chapter 5 Lion's Den
It's been a month since she's secretly married to CEO Lucien Wright. She gave up her small apartment and brought only her traveling bag. Investing in things was not on her list. She doesn't want to worry about leaving something behind if she chooses to go home. Her bag was enough to fit her clothes, which is not that many. She doesn't fancy having a lot of clothes but after her marriage to Lucien Wright, she tried to dress appropriately as not to destroy his image, though their marriage was just a secret. "Wow, you look great again, Lexie" one of her co-workers greeted upon entering the office. She is working in an advertising company and sometimes she got the chance to model in a few of their projects."Thanks" she playfully replied, smiling sweetly at Trina, her friend, and sometimes agent."We got a new account and it's a big one" Trina raves as she faces her."Really? Wow, that's great news" her eyes sparkle in excitement. A big ac
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Chapter 6 Odd Man
With Lucien on a business trip, she has had a good night's sleep for two days now.Two months had passed but still no sign of Ellen Johnson returning to the country. Not that she was complaining, she enjoys the perks of being Lucien's wife. The sex is great aside from the money she enjoys. Never did it occur to her she will enjoy such an intimate act even before when she had Coby.Her life won't be as interesting after she will leave their secret marriage. Lucien, though rough and ruthless most of the time towards her, is a great man.Who would have thought, she is enjoying CEO Lucien Wright every night for two months now. Every woman's dream, the most eligible bachelor of the country. Previously, she could just watch him on different news portals and prints. A very intimidating businessman, cold and distant. Who would have thought he has one flaw, his sex addiction if she could call it that way. There's no day he will not take her. After the first time the
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Chapter 7 Possessiveness
Lexie together with other C&J Advertising personnel enters the huge hall where the victory party of Wright Pharmaceutical was held. As the advertising company that handles the new business venture of Wright Group of Companies, they were all invited.Elegant and sophisticated guests grazed the event as the group quietly joins. Donned in a black jumpsuit gown, highlighting her slender figure and long legs, paired with strappy four-inches heels, Lexie looks like a Barbie doll came to life. With a messy bun of her brown hair, her bare back was fully exposed. And a glimpse of her flawless supple mounts, taunting every man's imagination. Even Chris did not hide his admiration towards the girl, together with the rest of the men in the party. Lexie may not have realized her effect on those men, but she was fully aware of the drilling gaze set on her. She need not turn to find whose eyes it was. She sticks beside Trina and Cathy while Chri
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Chapter 8 Returned
It's been a week since Lucien hasn't come home, but she was sure he is in the country. Though she wasn't the kind to meddle with his affairs, it's puzzling how he could survive without her for several nights now. Unless something happened to him, which is impossible since she had seen him in the news earlier. More than six months married to the CEO and she is already not used to being away from him for a long time. With a confused mind, she followed Trina enter the restaurant. The woman brought her to celebrate her promotion as assistant manager. Engrossed with her thoughts she didn't notice Trina stopped midway, facing a group of people around the table."CEO Wright good evening" Trina's words made her snap from her stupor. She turns in the direction of Trina's eyes and there she met the piercing eyes of the man bothering her mind. "Good...evening... Mr. Wright..." she stutters but catches herself on time. A polite smile g
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Chapter 9 Signed
Already composed, she decided to go home. After her long stroll at the pathway from the gate, she entered and was welcomed by a warm smile. "Good evening, Lexie" Mavis greeted with a smile. The woman's cheerful aura lifts her spirit."Hello, Mavis, good evening" she greets back. If the older woman noticed her puffy eyes she was thankful when she didn't ask."You had your dinner, Lexie?" warmly, she asks."Yes, Mavis, I did with a friend. You can retire for the night now. I will be heading to bed. Goodnight" she sweetly smiles as he ascends the stairs. All household staff has their quarters at the back of the mansion. She is the only person inside for the night with just the securities roving outside. A rule, Lucien had imposed even before she arrives.Entering the huge bedroom, she was welcomed by silence. During the previous days, she didn't mind, but today, knowing where Lucien was, she feel suffocated. The room seems to be trapping her de
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Chapter 10 Without A Trace
It's before dinner time when he arrives at the mansion. Lost in his thoughts, he hasn't realized the vehicle has already stopped in front of the huge door.No one disturbs his silence as he blankly stares outside. But something caught his attention snapping him from his stupor, the opening of the huge door.Expecting someone to come out, he held his breath as he waited. Seeing who came out, he heaved a sigh. It was Mavis, smiling at him.Stepping out of the vehicle, he was welcomed by the woman's usual smile."Welcome home, Mr. Wright" she cheerfully greeted."Thank you" he casually replied, walking inside but stopping midstep."Has... Zia, home already" he softly asks without turning towards the woman."No, Mr. Wright" Mavis politely responded. Unmoving, he becomes thoughtful."Prepare the dinner" he announced before continuing to walk towards the stairs.He enters the unusually silent room and his gaze immediately wanders. Th
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